The tide is turning against Zionist extremism.

I’ve always believed the Israelis are the most evil people on the planet & before I get inundated with lame accusations of anti-Semitism there’s a simple explanation – the Israelis are the most evil people on the planet because for the world it seems they regularly want to show everyone what bastards they are. Harsh words? Maybe. Justified? 100%! In fact they remain so far out on their own I often wonder whether they’re deliberately trying to be the most hated people on the planet.


This morning, for instance, I listened to a report on RT about how for 3 days the Israelis have attacked a Palestinian hospital & get this – they admit they are doing this because they want the medical files of a 15 year old boy!!! Like I said – they’re going out of their way to be despised. Scream & shout all you like – you could be the Lord God Almighty – attacking hospitals? I don’t care if they’re harboring Genghis bleedin’ Khan! Israel, the US & UK forever claim the moral high ground yet recently, hospitals have been bombed in Afghanistan, Yemen & Gaza. I’m sorry but there’s no justification whatsoever for attacking hospitals & anyone who tries to defend this in any way is depraved!


Holocaust survivor


Small wonder academics, sportsmen & celebrities like never before are stepping up to the plate. One cannot begin to stress how any criticism of Israel often results in one’s career being left in tatters yet all this blatant intimidation is counting for nothing. Here are some important links – 


Hundreds of UK academics announce boycott of Israeli universities – 

The announcement, entitled “A commitment by UK scholars to the rights of Palestinians,” was printed as a full-page advertisement in The Guardian newspaper.


JK Rowling speaks out against ‘brutal’ treatment of Palestinian people by Israel. 

Harry Potter author believes a full cultural boycott of Israel is not the solution to the injustice facing Palestinians –


JK Rowling


Palestinian Harry Potter Fan calls out JK Rowling for Backing ‘Culture of Co-existence’ Letter –

Thanks to Lesa Lal for this –


Here are a list of all those who’ve died in the recent troubles so far – 

Thanks to Joe McPhillips for this –


Here is the shocking story of yet another young Palestinian lady 17 who was summarily executed by IDF monsters.

They made sure she died too. The Israeli paramedics neglected to administer first aid even though DANIA ERSHEID was bleeding from the neck. Then a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance was denied entry to the scene and ordered by soldiers to leave. She bled to death. What am I supposed to say – nice people the Israelis? Thanks to Joe McPhillips for this –


Dania Ersheid 17


Israeli arms exports take dramatic hit amid growing boycott campaign – 

This is the good news. Hurt them in their pocket. No better way –


Last but not least, the tide is turning against Zionist extremism 

For years I’ve said the media will never inform us of the progress we are making. It is therefore imperative each & every one of us do our bit. Even if it means signing a petition or boycotting just one Israeli product, on a collective basis it amounts to infinitely more than doing nothing.




Realising Greater Israel


Each day I receive material from various Pro Palestinian groups including may I say the Jewish Voice for Peace who never receive any mainstream news coverage for obvious reasons. Today I received this from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign – 

Israeli Forces are executing Palestinians – men, women and children – in cold blood. More than 60 Palestinians have been killed so far this month.Amnesty International’s latest report documents incidents of summary executions of Palestinians.

You may remember the video of an unarmed Palestinian woman, surrounded then shot by Israeli police. Israeli authorities have confirmed that not only was she innocent of any wrong doing but the Israeli police officer who shot her will enjoy impunity and face no charges.

Palestinian women in Jerusalem have described living in a “state of fear and horror” as Israel “regularly executes Palestinians in the streets”, and have asked for “the protection of our bodily safety and security when in our homes, walking in our neighborhood, reaching schools, clinics, work places and worship venues.” There are reports of Israeli soldiers planting knives next to bodies, and Palestinians left to bleed to death.

Please write to your MP and ask them to help end these crimes. We are asking MPs to tell the Foreign Secretary to step up and act against Israel’s state killings.

Together we must send a clear message that the Foreign Secretary must employ the effective, non-violent tool of sanctions to counter the Israeli State’s weapons of violence, dispossession and impunity – to end Israel’s violations of human rights and international law.

Contact your MP today.

The more messages we can send to our MPs the more powerful our voice will be.

We are already making amazing strides in support of the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions. BDS is a peaceful yet effective way for us to support Palestinians as they strive for lives of peace, justice and hope

Boycott, divestment and sanctions is the most effective way we can make a difference.

Help us to pressure the Foreign Secretary to support sanctions on Israel

This week over 300 academics signed up to pledge that they will support the Palestinian call for boycott within their work. And that list just keeps growing!

Even one of Israel’s biggest cheer leaders, the  Washington Post is publishing articles supporting  a pro-BDS stance.

This week PSC has hit the Guardian printed letters with some of the compelling reasons why everyone should support this peace movement.

However, the BBC’s Director of Television, Danny Cohen, signed a letter, also in the Guardian, asking for Israel to be protected from boycotts.This is a breach of the BBC’s requirement that staff maintain impartiality on the subject of Palestine and Israel.PSC’s Amena Saleem examines the support of Cohen and other senior BBC figures, past and present, for Israel

Support BDS, support peace and support justice today. Email your MP.




Companies to boycott

Israeli bar codes


  • bevluco

    Israhell must be defeated !

  • Roberto Buxeda

    The sadistic manifestations of the sociopaths that rule in the false state called Israel must be stopped. Their pernicious behaviour is contagious as it brings out the cruelest and most bizarre in humans that otherwise would be reasonable and makes obligatory, as if it were a law.

  • Charlie

    How can you hate an entire country?

    • You’re the only person talking about hate. Anyone who supports Israel hates the Palestinians. You’re stealing their land. You’ve stolen NEARLY ALL OF IT! YOU’RE THIEVES & THEN YOU LIE! You blame everything on the Palestinians when you are the cause of all the trouble. Look how you’re treating these poor people. They are in a Concentration Camp! How can the Israelis of all people do the same to the Palestinians? …….. And all you can say is…….. “How can you hate an entire country?” Is that the best you can do? How pathetic!

  • Mohammad

    The Israelies saved my life and took me in. The suffer the terror of palestine every day now.

  • Patrick

    WOW! This is the absolute most hateful propaganda I have ever seen.

  • Freda Best

    It always surprises me how intelligent people can actually believe these lies, do you really believe that the Israelis have nothing better to do than to shoot innocent people on the streets? This dear ones is not Islamic state that actually sends videos of people being hacked to death for no reason. This is not the way of the Jews.The Israelis just want to live in peace but our neighbors openly threaten us, suicide bomb us and recently have decided to stab people just because they are Jews. There is no “concentration camp” for Palestinians. They work in Israel and are more free to come and go inIsral than any Jew who sets foot in the Palestinian authority. Start checking your facts before you spout hatred and antisemitism. I hope none of you boy otters are using cell phones or have stents keeping your arteries open because these are Israeli inventions.if you are going to boycott Israel do it properly

  • Karen

    I totally agree with ya PAtrick 100% garbage hateful propaganda!

  • Karen

    I totally agree with ya PAtrick 100% garbage hateful propaganda!

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