The Tony Blair scandal – will he ever pay the price?

I’m not sure what’s worse – the very acts of Tony Blair while they were unfolding, the fact he’s been rewarded so lavishly to this day for his criminality or the fact he’s so far managed to evade justice…….


Blood on hands


And he’s not saying sorry. HE’S LYING….. AGAIN. He’s blaming everything on the intelligence he received knowing that the intelligence he did receive was the same as GW Bush – Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. This is all part of another fob off job. If they were to admit the obvious then isn’t Cameron a war criminal too? Why do you think Cameron has made sure the Chilcot inquiry is indefinitely delayed? Oh don’t tell me you believe the media garbage that Cameron is annoyed about this? Please. Nobody is that dumb!



Here’s an excellent outline of Blair’s career. Shame it didn’t include his 1983 conviction for a sexual act with another man in a public toilet. Blair was fined £500 for that. Of course had the media done their job it would have been nigh on impossible for Blair to have remained an MP let alone become Prime Minister. But this is the beauty of owning the media – Zionists can literally pick & choose who they want to lead both political parties. We may have finally cottoned on with the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader but with the way Cameron is going full steam ahead with legislation that is affront to our democratic rights it looks like the Zionists are going for broke while the perfect traitor is in No.10. Our country is in the hands of a foreign entity. People better understand quick that both Blair & Cameron are a product of Zionist skulduggery.




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