The truth about George Michael & why Sony committed financial Hari-Kari

Following on from my post a few hours ago regarding George Michael I must admit it’s left me with some bitter, sweet feelings. Most people in the UK know George Michael has been heavily featured on TV on the years anniversary of his untimely death. I’ve just watched the show FREEDOM which was great because it included contributions from some of the biggest artists like Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder & Elton John. For the artist there’s no greater accolade than when your peers appreciate & praise your work.

However what was truly sickening is how no feasible explanation was offered as to precisely why Sony committed financial Hari Kari by refusing to promote George Michael’s work. What earthly reason did they have to turn their backs on millions, something a big corporation NEVER does? The answer is simple: Since the Rothschilds possess between 30-50% of the world’s wealth; since Zionists control just about every major corporation then one must ask what did George Michael do to incur their wrath? Remember too, GM was one of the most generous people when it came to charities.


True to form, on every single program, not once were these two facts mentioned. Here it is in a nutshell folks & I’m afraid to say it’s the same old bloody story!


  • Neil Unwin

    Say no more Michael.. The bastards control everything, especially the mainstream media & politics.

  • jasonbrunette

    Sony will feature and promote whoever will draw the most sales. Some acts have timeless classics that stay relevant through decades or generations.

    Unfortunately, GM had many hits, but Wham Videos and reputation made his name mud. People feel cheated or duped that he was gay all along.

    His hit songs, Faith and careless whisper are classics, but I can’t really think of any other major mentions he released.

    In terms of reselling old songs to new audiences, Sony has many other artists with more hits and better reputation worthy of reselling over and over to new generations.

    Sure GM was an awesome philanthropist and activist, but those aspects don’t make Sony money, in fact interferes with sales.

    GM was brilliant and a hit machine, but Sony isn’t the best group to recognize musicians or artists for their tireless work.

    This event was funded and coordinated as a marketing a SN sales effort. They are showcasing what they think will make them rich again. Record companies are all about the money. GM is dead, so his library of music is open for tv show music or advertising music. It represents an era of musical history that was very conservative, gays were just bending gender roles and music was censored and made tame by executives and government agencies. It wasn’t terrible time in music history. Synthesizers, sax solos, big hairbrush, tons of makeup and pretending you are not gay.

    Wham songs are made fun of. They are not respected, or liked by today’s kids. The songs were so tame and massaged. Refined and produced. Not artistic freedom.

    It’s when music began to die. Parental warning on music, blacklisting from radio and media for expressing political views or activism,

    After this pinned down hairspray era of music came a revolution. The grinder scene. Fresh, raw, unedited, genuine and rebellious.

    It sparked a new life into pop music again. Sales were up again. People were moved by this new music era. A stark refreshing change from hairspray, makeup on guys, high fashion and censorship and giving Iin to corporate influence.

    The 80’s were replaced by the exact opposite. This is what is still popular today. Alternative and ‘indie’ performers. Underdogs, rebels, rule breakers and genuine musicians without overinflated egos.

    Everyday people on stage. Same problems and clothes as the audience. A sense of belonging and attachment to something real and not faked or produced.

    In comsz the era of noise, poor playing, screaming and telling, creepy and depressing lyrics, moody performers who don’t follow rules or care about hygiene or clean clothes.

    Now, just try to mix in GM into modern music or young audiences or playlists. Try to get radio play for GM. It’s too old
    Amanda oppressive and fake. I’m sure GM would’ve loved to come out as gay long ago and have
    Total creative control. But GM obeyed rules, gave the Rexord
    Company what it wanted. Bubblegum conservative mindless hit pop songs.

    Catchy, non threateningly and very gimmicky. By today’s standards, Wham was like the Culture Club. Confusing and unclear. Misrepresenting themselves in teeny boppy clean cut songs you can share with your kids, church group or grandma

    • venner

      The early Wham songs are not what George Michael is remembered for. Almost every big star out there has their own wham, an early, musically naive part of their career with songs that they probably wouldn’t have recorded later on.
      Secondly just because George Michael did not announce his sexuality doesnt mean he was hiding it. Are gay people supposed to make a press release announcing their sexuality to avoid accusations they are hiding it?
      I watched him in an interview years ago laughing about the wham era videos and saying he couldn’t believe the public had not realised he was gay, all dressed up in black leather etc.
      George Michael was one of the finest male vocalists of our generation by far, a great performer and a genuinely nice guy.
      It is a great shame Sony decided to quit promoting him the way they did, but those of us who were teenagers in the 80’s will never forget how George Michaels songs were woven into the fabric of our generation and will forever be a part of all that defines that era and all of us sorely miss him.

    • venner

      Also, if you want to talk about the genre that was replaced by grunge it was not by any stretch of the imagination, George Michael’s.
      Grunge was a backlash in response to pretty boy mainstream, tired and boring American cock rock. The likes of David Coverdale and Bon Jovi, Kiss and Motley Crue were the casualties of grunge, not the pop music genre otherwise how do you account for Britney Spears and Aguilara and all the boy bands that were equally as prolific as grunge rock, at the same time?

    • Thank you so much for your well put together comment. I respect much of what you say Jason because I believe you are correct – corporations only care about profit & making more money. I feel the 60’s was an incredible period; the 70’s rode on the back of that, particularly well up until 75. For me the 80’s were disastrous & the music business has, in my opinion, never recovered. What we’re fed today is garbage!

      For me though, it is undeniable – when a pop/rock star reaches superstar status, he or she will sell a shitload of records, no matter what. I know this might be hard to take but I contend most folk sadly have little or no idea what quality music is. Once they like someone they will make themselves believe they like what they’re hearing. Yes. When it comes to music, most people are complete saps!

      Moreover, I believe it’s largely been the case, whenever record companies interfere with the artistic will & direction of their star, often it is to the long-term detriment of the company & the performer. The Beatles were a classic example where artistic direction was always left to Lennon & McCartney & to a lesser extent Harrison.

      However, what I find most sad is it obvious you know much about George Michael & you know what you’re talking about….. yet you totally ignored the whole point of my piece – the fact he, like all anti-war protesters & those who stick up for the hapless Palestinians, are hounded.

  • venner

    @Jason Brunette,
    Culture Club misrepresented themselves in clean cut teenyboppy songs you could share with your kids, church group or grandma?
    What exactly do you believe they were they misrepresenting? Culture Club was a pop group not an advertising agency, what they presented is what they did, which is they wrote music and performed it in their own unique style with their frontman, Boy George, clearly not pretending to be anything he is not, or hiding anything he is.

    • Years ago I was in car. Jon Moss was driving; Johnny Rubbish was in the front; I was in the back. Funnily enough just last night I spoke with Johnny Rubbish! Anyway Moss was going way, way too fast down Frognal Lane, a short, thin winding road in Hampstead & he couldn’t stop or get out the way of a Jag that was coming up the hill. The Jag had already stopped when we careered head-on into it. Moss suffered some serious facial cuts because his head smashed into the windscreen. JR was fortunate to be wearing a seat-belt; I ended up in the front but was okay.

      Cut a long story short, Jon’s piece of shit father forced me & JR to write totally false statements so that he could sue the Jag driver’s insurance company. Originally, at the hospital I told Jon’s father straight – his son was 100% to blame for the accident. The guy in the Jag was totally innocent. Needless to say, with the use of his scumbag lawyer lying his arse off, Jon received an absolute lump (I think £30,000) basically for being unbelievably reckless. Back in the 70’s that was a fortune yet his father was a multi-millionaire. This shows you what these people are like. The last thing they needed was more money! Before the accident we were really good friends but that incident has always left a bad taste in my mouth.

      Incidentally, Jon used to bring all his music round to me. He had brief stints with a band called London & went on to join the Clash & the Damned. Everything he brought along to me – well, each time I said, ‘do you really want my honest opinion?’ He said of course. So invariably I’d say ‘no good Jon. Not all that! Sorry.’ Then one day he brought round a demo. We listened to it & I looked at him & said ‘I don’t like it Jon but it will go to No.1! I’ll never forget how his face lit up like a beam. It was as if he knew I was right. The song was called ‘do you really want to hurt me!’ All true.

  • music and me

    okay I fell for it and I went to your website ….but I can’t seem to get to your Facebook page to add you as my friend oh, that’s not right! 🙂 so about George Michael he was severely underrated here in the United States I always loved him and understood him and I think a lot of women understood George and not just because he was so damn hot!!!!! He had it going on and all the right places on the outside and on the inside, he was a brilliant talented kind and generous man! He was such a man yet he wasn’t and I don’t understand that but he’s so smart and he’s so perfect and I wish he were still around but I did come across your website or a comment about a year ago as I was making sure the news was true that he was really gone and I happened across your name and I enjoy the things that you write…. well I am either being too shallow or I’ve went really deep!! Well I do enjoy your stories and your news and thought I would tell you so.

    • Thank you. Much appreciate your kind words. For the umpteenth time FB have slapped a ban on me so that’s why you couldn’t add me as a friend. I now feel FB needs to be dumped. It was good while it lasted but it’s a waste of time now. I will be joining & contributing there very soon. In the meantime I will continue writing on this website. If you so wish you can subscribe…….. that’s if the subscribe button hasn’t been sabotaged again.

  • music and me

    You seem genuinely passionate and thatd5 an excellent quality to have!

    • I agree. Passion is a wonderful thing but it’s all about having sound judgement. People are genuinely passionate about religion & nationalism. For me, that’s daft. I believe, one has to care about what’s morally correct. In order to do this it’s essential one is able to place oneself in another person shoes, to feel their plight. Sadly we live in a world where those calling the shots are void of empathy.

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