The truth about Israel, Zionists & the Khazarian Rothschild banking dynasty

If only people realised just how ludicrous the accusation of being anti-Semitic is. The dawning realisation quickly reveals the ungodly level of media complicity & the fact media barons have a vested interest to keep the public oblivious. The continued success of Zionists & those wishing to establish a New World Order depends on maintaining outrageous deceptions like this. You can be sure there are a whole host of them but this one’s about as gut-wrenching as it gets. The truth is, around 80% of Israelis, including each & every one of their Prime Ministers, originated from KHAZARIA. Since this region is in Eastern Europe, it remains unequivocal – these people are void of Hebrew blood & so have no ancestral rights whatsoever to any land in the Middle East.



Of course, I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been called anti-Semitic. For me, it proves one thing – the person I’m talking to is an ignorant, brainwashed, belligerent, blithering idiot! You see, Iraqis, Syrians & Palestinians are Semites as are all folk from this particular region of the Middle East. Do I have anything against these people? Why should I? They’re having the proverbial shit kicked out of them! Yet though the truth shows up this incessant bleating of anti-Semitism for what it really is – a ruse to deflect criticism by stifling discussion, if anyone mentions Israeli crimes, even though they’re totally within their rights, the label anti-Semitic is sprayed around like confetti. Small wonder Israel continues to display a wanton disregard for international law.



Saying we’re being taken for an almighty ride hardly cuts it. Again if only people realised just how long they’ve been at it & how successful they’ve been using this formula of deception, lies & forever making out they’re the victim. As a result, they now possess unimaginable wealth & power. Like I’ve said a zillion times – WE’RE ALREADY OCCUPIED TERRITORIES! What people perhaps need to understand though is these Khazarian Zionists don’t give a shit about Jews or anyone for that matter. In fact they’re the most racist, anti-Semitic people on the planet! Crucially, what they want is total control…… everything…… & they won’t stop until they get it & you better believe there’s nothing they won’t do to achieve this goal. 



It is essential people realise all they’ll ever hear from the media is lies. The truth can never come out. We’re already as good as worthless to this lot. However, the one thing we still possess is ‘strength in numbers’ & it’s this power that they ultimately want to nullify because it’s the only thing standing in their way. Here are two articles pertaining to this. Thanks to Khawar Afroze Rana for this one. It’s not been edited too well but basically, it says all the rights things & notably includes Benjamin Freedman’s incredible speech in 1961 about the Rothschilds & the creation of Israel.


Khazarians Then, Khazarians Now


I thought I’d include this article too. It is also from Veterans Today. I must admit the title or should I say the word ‘still’ gave me a chuckle.


Is Netanyahu still a psychopath and pathological liar?


Is Netanyahu still a psychopath and pathological liar?


Gimme a break! It really is important for people to realise, that’s all he’s ever been! I particularly liked this paragraph…..


No matter how you cut it, Netanyahu lacks the moral and political backbone to be a head of a state. If the Jewish community in Iran even approves a nuclear deal, then how can Netanyahu really say that Iran has “a ruthless commitment to murder Jews”? This is one reason why Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein calls him “a maniac.”


There’s always something I should have included in any post but this time around I made the glaring error of not mentioning how it was mainly Russia & Persia who for literally centuries voiced concern over the diabolical level of Khazarian criminality. They were the ones who stood up to them. So, all these years later it’s hardly surprising both Russia & Iran have suffered the brunt of being labelled the bad guy by the Rothschild mass-media. 


Furthermore, quite how I left these out I’ll never know. I’ve had them for a while, specifically saved for an appropriate post. So belatedly here are two more links – a rather interesting article from Press TV & a great piece about Palestine & Zionist terrorism.


Shattered Glass Houses of Zionist Pawns


Shattered Glass Houses of Zionist Pawns


  • Linda

    I’m not religious in any way shape or form but yesterday something sparked my interest and I dug out my mums little bible for a bit of research. Something that I never knew that Moses (after his Hollywood epic The Exodus”which sees the poor Jews fleeing persecution???) then goes on and obliterates almost the whole Middle East, mass slaughter for generations, plundering, taking the land and dividing it up between 31 Jewish families! All done with the “Lords” backing apparently! Somethings never change!

    • The Jews will never change – they’ve not stopped at the Middle-East – they have their sights set on the entire world !

      • stevor

        in general, there’s a giant war for the world (universe). God created it all and Satan is jealous. Satan wants to steal the world (universe) to feel more powerful. Satan how much power, especially through infecting the minds of humans (look how many people, especially politicians and people in the “entertainment industry”, even admit that they’ve sold their souls to Satan to get their money/power.

    • Yes indeed Linda. The so-called victim is actually the greatest mass-murderer in history & really that is no surprise since the Ashkenazi Zionists originated from a conglomeration of Turks & Mongols a la Genghis Khan. As I said in the piece there is so much more hidden from public gaze. Apart from understanding what evil people these Khazarian Ashkenazi Zionists have been, my main hope is one day humankind will see how the Rothschild Zionists have totally perverted history & importantly will make strides so as this can never happen again.

      • Astraea Shaw

        Watch the Youtube video called “The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down.” Itwas made by John McCarthy, the English journalist who was held hostage in Beirut for five years. It was posted ti Youtube by Julian Schoeman.
        Jerusalem was never anything to do with the Jews or Hebrew – and neither was the ancient little kingdom of Israel!
        The SAudi “royal” family are Jews and their Wahhabi cult is not Islamic but a strange kind of Judaism pretending to be Islamic – much as the Turkish power class is Jewish.
        This is from Wayne Madsen and it is important – I think very important, especially since that poor wretched servile servant of the Jews inAmerica’s White House. Shame on you America!

      • Maverick Hunter X

        Zionists are directly descendants of Genghis Khan.

        • Their is no question Zionists are predominately a conglomeration of Turks & the marauding Mongols of Genghis Khan. Early travelers literally took their lives into their own hands when they ventured into or anywhere near Khazaria. Russians & Persians often suffered the brunt of these vicious outlaws. So no surprise after a few 100 years Khazaria had such a bad reputation in 740 their king decided his people needed to ‘join’ a religion. They chose Judaism. This explains why around 80% of Israelis do not possess a drop of Semitic blood. One thing is for certain – there exists an uncanny parallel in the disgraceful way the Israelis & their Khazarian descendants behave.

          • Farcas

            King Bulan was forced by Russia and Persia to either convert to one of the three Abrahamic religions or leave southern Russia. They pretended to convert to Judaism, however after they failed to change their ways were banished from Khazaria and went to eastern Europe to create their havoc in the 13th Century.

            Also, the Saudi royals and Wahabis are mock Jews pretending to be Muslims in order to infiltrate and destroy Islam. They’re doing the same in churches, using it for their satanic purposes. Freemasons was mainly Jewish lodges until they opened it up to other faiths in order to have them follow satan instead. The Jesuits are the Jewish mafia henchmen for the vatican working towards their NWO which has been happening for some time now.

    • Mehmet Ay

      OK Linda, please say who persecuaded? Muslims? Impossible, you must know! If we refer to the story of ancestors, then “all” Americans must leave there Immediately… Please remember that the reference of what Jews claim is very old, about 200p years while the past of white Americans is about 300 years!!! If such rubbish claims accepted, noone can continue living where he/she lives (all around) the World !!!

    • EXODUS !
      What exodus ?!
      Either the biblical scholars have it wrong,or the (supposedly) huge numbers of Israelites being led out of Egypt were (somehow) greatly exaggerated !
      I remember watching a documentary on the Exodus perhaps some 3-4 years ago (i think if i remember correctly,it was on the History Channel),where (according to this documentary),there is really no sign left throughout the Sinai desert of the passing of (supposedly) so many people !
      If there had been that many who crossed this expanse of wilderness,surely some fairly significant signs of their passing would still be present to this day,despite the fact that evidence such as. the remains of cooking fires would have been buried beneath the desert sands over the centuries !
      According to the archaeologists (in that documentary) who examined the desert sands,searching for artifacts as proof of the exodus,claimed that they could find little evidence of the passing of so many people – supposedly somewhere on or around 2,000,000.
      And then they wandered the desert for 40 years under the leadership of Moses – really ?!
      Moses also supposedly parted the Red Sea to provide access to Sinai as the Israelites were fleeing Egypt – really ?!
      It certainly seems highly improbable !

      • Avi Shlaim ( The Invention of the jewish People) and non-biblical archeologists state there was no exodus, nor a king david or solomon.

        • justdatruth

          From what I have heard and read. There is no historical proof from that area or surrounding countries suggesting that David or Solomon existed. It’s the same with Israel 1845 I think when they started to use Israel as state or a country in antiquity

          • If Zionists & Jews are telling us the truth then what on earth have they to worry about? Meaningful research will undoubtedly show up any sceptic as a quack. The truth always stand up to scrutiny. Therefore the only question people should ask is – WHY DO THEY REACT SO VOCIFEROUSLY WHENEVER ANYONE QUESTIONS ANYTHING THEY SAY? There can only be one answer – the very fact they stifle discussion altogether means they’re lying – it’s as simple as that!

      • Connie Garcia

        They were looking in the wrong place.

    • Rattlerjake

      A non-religious person, reads some verses in the Bible and thinks he knows everything! First of all, it is Hollyweird who has helped with the misnaming of the peoples of biblical times. There were twelve tribes of Israel, only one of those tribes was “jews”! The “jews” were NOT the descendants of Abraham! Moses was NOT a jew he was Hebrew! There are two seedlines mentioned in scripture – the jews are the “evil” seedline! A website that goes in depth into the lineages is: Look to the right at the “Alphabetical Listing of Papers”, these explain the differences between Hebrews, Israelites, Jews, Arabs, and Negros (which are NOT in the lineage of man.

    • Paul Glenn Cawley

      This comment is SO ignorant of basic historic facts it is MIND BLOWING. You know NOTHING of what you speak. Like a little teenager who won’t listen because they “already know”… Pathetic. Just pathetic.

    • Debbie

      Moses was a Hebrew, not a Jew, Your Government, schools, medical establishment and churches have been corrupted, and the world is a wash with lies. The same people have been corrupting everything.

  • Linda

    I wonder how that “commandment “ thou shalt not kill worked out?for Moses? Thou shalt not kill another Jew maybe? But hey let’s chop every other man, woman and child to bits and take their homes and land.?

    • E. Dean Cozzens

      You should read THE OLD TESTAMENT ROOTS OF NON-VIOLENCE by Friesen.

    • Yes – that’s the way it seems !

    • Rattlerjake

      Again, Linda, If you actually KNEW something about scripture then you would know that in the Hebrew text the word is not KILL! The word is MURDER! That makes a huge difference. Additionally, GOD gave us three instances where there is no “BLOODGUILT” for killing a man — 1) Act of war, 2) Judicial punishment, and 3) Self-defense! By the way, the KJV of the Bible has around 27,000 translation errors; some of those errors give a false understanding of scripture.

    • Kodhai

      Linda, jews are in india too ,both from kazar and israel region (the 10 lost tribes of jews) hiding under the name brahaman, who came from 7BCE till 19th CE and settled down
      jews interbreed with ancient warriors to india like greek, mauriya, Kushan and gupth and started killing native kings by various means
      By 15AD almost all kings of natives were murdered
      jews created caste system based on talmud rules that placed jews and the descendants of greek, mauriya, Kushan and gupth warriors at the top and pushed down the natives into caste system – its 2400 yrs of bloodshed, massacre , inhumanity against the natives
      As the natives are placed into different layers in caste system in the name of God, natives history was destroyed or confiscated, natives surnames were changed , its hard to even find their lineage and the natives were banned from education
      because of the brutal nature of the caste system , the natives placed below jews won’t even think beyond but follow the rules of the caste system
      Portuguese , French , British (through east india company too jews came) colonizations actually helped one way,
      it helped the natives to study , so now 10% of the indian people are learning about the jews , for Indians its a long-way to go – please read about the caste system of india , only by reaching out to world people there will be a true freedom for india’s natives who are suffering in brutal caste system
      india’s Gandhi himself was a jew

    • Roberta Pate

      That is exactly what their talmud teaches.

  • Patrick Kavanagh

    It’s great to hear more voices and see more articles exposing the Khazars for what they really are, and how the hijacked the Judean religion and have used and abused it ever since, and never more so in the middle east and Palestine in particular. It’s also reassuring to see expose of the grossly exaggerated lie regarding number of people of Jewish faith (commonly referred to as Jews but never as Germans, French, Austrians, Hungarians, Polish, etc.) who died during the second world war. Several articles have exposed the so called “Holcaust” for what it was, and is, blatant Zionist propaganda, that since 1915, has been pushing the “6,000,000 Jews” narrative to further the hidden agenda of the invasion and conquest of Palestine and the middle east, aided and abetted by the Khazarian Zionist plastic Jews of the United States. Many people of the true Jewish faith have also exposed this lie and have stated that in 1936 only 3,500,000 Jews were recorded as living in Europe.

    • EXACTLY !
      In fact the 6,000,000 narrative actually arose quite some time before 1915 !
      I have even heard of one Jewish individual who was an inmate at Auschwitz, who claimed that there was no gas chamber in that camp !
      He passed away fairly recently,and the Jewish backlash was so great,that he was denied a funeral in a Jewish graveyard – he was finally laid to rest in a Catholic graveyard !

      • Yes Terence. In fact I have an example of the 6 million narrative as far back as 1896! And yes too, there were several inmates at the camps who flat out stated an altogether different story. It is also clear the vast majority of those who died in the camps did so in 1945 & not before. This was because being slap-bang in the centre of a war zone & with the Russians taking no prisoners, the Germans left the camps well before supply lines were completely cut off. Naturally this meant the camps internees were left without food & water. Most remained in the camps because where would they go? At least they had shelter & every reason to believe they would soon be rescued. Since Hitler fought to the death the war dragged on & so the people in the camps began to die of dehydration & starvation. Without energy to bury the dead, bodies piled up. This resulted in the outbreak of deadly disease which in turn exacerbated the dilemma. Now ask – WHAT DID ALL THE VIDEO FOOTAGE REVEAL? Did we see any gas chambers? NO! Did we see any mass burial grounds? NO! Everything we saw is totally in accordance with how I’ve just outlined events unravelled.

        • stevor

          I’d love to see links to articles/videos of “survivors” telling the truth about the camps.

          • There are many but as you probably know, an army of paid Zionist trolls see to it they’re taken down. I have a few clips. The problem is YouTube banned me from uploading videos. This is all part & parcel of the Zionist tactic of keeping the truth hidden from public gaze.

        • Yes – even the crematorium ovens,which were supposed to have disposed of so many bodies,simply could’nt have done so,due to their small size – i’ve heard usually not much bigger than a pizza oven !
          The logistics problem would have been far too great to perform,versus time taken to destroy each set of bodies – it just does’nt add up !

        • Rattlerjake

          The actual “gas chambers” were not used for killing people and were not big enough to do so. They were used to fumigate the clothing and bedding. The incinerators was for destroying some of the bedding and clothing to try to curb diseases like typhoid and typhus. Most of those who died had the disease, which causes malnourishment, which was seen in most of the photos of the bodies and survivors.

    • CORRECT & thank you Patrick. Of course all of what you say is the real history. I’ve always believed it is essential to keep asking questions & the one I often use is an obvious one & concerns a man who we’re always reminded of & indeed never allowed to forget – WHO FINANCED HITLER? Incredibly when one bothers to think about this – we had Germany deliberately dumped on the floor after WW I. The ‘winners’ made sure Germany was broke so could have no army, Navy or Air-force…….. and then along comes Hitler. Within 6 years, somehow Germany is able to cause unbridled mayhem, taking over an enormous chunk of Europe. So why don’t people ask where did so much money come from? Where could have so much money come from? When one discovers that the entire mass-media, as you rightly say, was pushing the “6,000,000 Jews” narrative well before WW II even started, then it all becomes obvious – only the ZIONIST ROTHSCHILD BANKING DYNASTY COULD HAVE FINANCED THE NAZIS! Only this way they could get their mitts on Palestine – kill Jews so that they gain!

      • stevor

        didn’t the US banksters finance Hitler? Then there were also the folks like Prescott Bush (father of 2 US puppets)

        • Please think about it Stevor. As I stated in an earlier comment, we are not just talking about the financing of an entire nations armed forces. In 1933 Germany was WORSE THAN BANKRUPT! The 1919 Versailles Treaty forced Germany into paying outrageous reparations to UK & France. They were in dire straits financially yet within just 5 years Germany was all set to take on & conquer nearly all of Europe! There is simply no way a few super wealthy US bankers could have financed such an undertaking. Moreover, what earthly reason would any US banker have for financing the Nazis?
          I’m afraid to say the financing could ONLY have come from the richest, most powerful family – the Rothschilds. Now one has to ask – DID THEY HAVE MOTIVE? Well, the end result of two world wars was the considerable weakening of most countries in Europe & Japan, as well as the creation of Israel. Since this is precisely what the Rothschilds wanted, I would think it’s beyond the boundaries of sanity to presume anything else.
          Sure, much has been said about Prescott Bush. Certainly, considering his son & his grandson both became US Presidents, the chances are he was involved some way or another. most probably as an agent for the Rothschilds. As I said, think about it – what could he have honestly done financially to help Nazi Germany? He may have been wealthy but his or any other person’s contribution wouldn’t have knocked the skin off a rice pudding. Bear in mind too, the Rothschilds control virtually all the mass-media & the one thing they’ve perfected is the art of being the governors-in-chief with very few people knowing it.

          • Rattlerjake

            You are leaving out one very important fact. Rothschild financed BOTH sides of the wars. Wars are where these scumbags make their money, because most of them OWN the weapons factories, and countries need weaponry, so they borrow to the hilt; that debt gets paid back by the losers. Germany and most of Europe paid billions in war reparations to the banking system over the last few decades. Additionally, there is also the wealth of what can be plundered from the countries that lose.

        • The banks that i know of that financed the nazis were – J.P.Morgan/Lloyds Bank/Westminster Bank – (now today NATWEST) – There might possibly have been a few others as well – i’m unsure of the exact magnitude of financial complicity !

        • Maverick Hunter X

          Not puppets, but sons.

      • Yes of course the Zionist Rothschild banking system would fund any cause that they feel would advance their own !
        Some of the UK banks,such as LLoyds & the (former) Westminster Bank (now today Natwest),also financed the German war machine !

      • There was a military historian on youtube, Veronica K Clark or VK Clark. She did a lot of interviews with Diana Spingola back in the day. I think most good discussions scrubbed from YT. She said Hitler despised the Rothschilds, even arrested one (first time that had happened). She said Hitler was financed mostly by wealthy German bankers. Makes more sense to me. Hitler was trying to kick out the Jewish/Communist control over Germany at that time. I’m thinking despite Hitlers dislike for the Rothschild banking cartel, he worked with the Zionist to ship off as many of the Jews off to Palestine as he could. There is a great video series, if you can still find it, also scrubbed off YT. Europa – The Last Battle. Try to find it on Google if you can. Excellent 10 vid series.

        • Thank you Bill. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I haven’t been well. Always good to hear people’s views on a subject that’s strictly taboo. I still believe the Rothschilds were behind Hitler. Such finance could really only have come from them. They long since mastered the art of hiding their involvement. Ultimately every banker falls under the whim of the Rothschilds. Most importantly, they had all the motive as well as means.

  • jerry wayne carver

    Most Jews within the Roman Empire were NOT exiles from Judaea, nor were they descendants of exiles. Although, in consequence of the Jewish wars, trouble-makers were enslaved in considerable numbers and elite elements fled or were exiled from their homeland, the majority of Jews (Judaeans) – peasant farmers in the main – remained in Siria Palestinia. Rome had neither the means nor the desire to exile an entire population (and hence such a migration appears nowhere in Roman or Jewish histories). In later centuries they were to be increasingly oppressed by Byzantine Christians and in consequence welcomed the armies of Islam in the 7th century. Gradually, these Jews converted to the new faith and became Palestinians (something acknowledge by the first Zionists).

    “The Jews as a self-isolating nation of exiles, who wandered across seas and continents, reached the ends of the earth and finally, with the advent of Zionism, made a U-turn and returned en masse to their orphaned homeland, is nothing but national mythology.”

    – Professor Shlomo Sand, Tel Aviv University, The Invention of the Jewish People.

  • jerry wayne carver
    Most Jews within the Roman Empire were NOT exiles from Judaea, nor were they descendants of exiles. Although, in consequence of the Jewish wars, trouble-makers were enslaved in considerable numbers and elite elements fled or were exiled from their homeland, the majority of Jews (Judaeans) – peasant farmers in the main – remained in Siria Palestinia. Rome had neither the means nor the desire to exile an entire population (and hence such a migration appears nowhere in Roman or Jewish histories). In later centuries they were to be increasingly oppressed by Byzantine Christians and in consequence welcomed the armies of Islam in the 7th century. Gradually, these Jews converted to the new faith and became Palestinians (something acknowledge by the first Zionists).

    The central idea of Zionism, that Jews should “return from exile” to a reclaimed homeland is starkly at odds with the demographic reality that very few Jews can make any legitimate claim to ancestral origins in the Levant. Even more alarming is that Christian Zionists energetically support the “return” of the Jews as a catalyst for the return of their own equally imaginary originator.

    “The Jews as a self-isolating nation of exiles, who wandered across seas and continents, reached the ends of the earth and finally, with the advent of Zionism, made a U-turn and returned en masse to their orphaned homeland, is nothing but national mythology.”

    – Professor Shlomo Sand, Tel Aviv University, The Invention of the Jewish People.

  • Benghazi

    Another anty semite BS. Just get you head out of your ass.

  • Jenny G

    Lucifer is their God…
    As Jesus said in the Bible, “ye are the synagogue of Satan”
    This was after throwing the Money lenders out of the Temple,
    He was then Branded a rebel rouser, and the “Priests” demanded from the Romans his crucification.

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    • Thanks but I don’t do this for money. Moreover the ADL has made sure my ‘traffic’ is at a minimum. To give you an idea in my first 6 months on this website I had over 1.2 million hits – something like 6000 hits a day. The past two years though I haven’t yet managed a million hits, so what’s the point. I’m better off not worrying about money & concentrate on telling people that Zionism is akin to the most virulent carcinogenic strain & all it does is destroy all before it!

  • Chris

    Well some of the truth comes up. The khazars king (from khazar) chose judaism. Then, mix with their satanism that made the talmud. Good for infiltrating, making counterfeit money and hjicking. They used them to rose in power (also by waging wars, doing slavery trade)..290,000 jews (died by starvation) Sad. But give me a break . The khazarian mafia cold bloodly killed millions of armenian. Millions of russian (bolshevik cheka made by the khazarians fake jews). Never forget the natives americans genocide too.
    Those khazarians are the ones who divide people because of the racism ideology. They are the evil on this earth.

    • Absolutely correct – they have cheated,connived,murdered,made wars for profit & destroyed nations for thousands of years now,while they still have the gall to foment trouble in the Middle-East & elsewhere,while still continually sounding off about the (supposed) 6 million who died in the (supposed) holocaust – they are the devil’s spawn – no doubt about it !

  • Terra Nova

    As I came from the middle of Europe I must stand up to people who proclaim that the Holocaust did not happen and about the ovens. etc. It all has happened , there were big ovens, small ovens , cellars with so called showers (where the gas Zyclon B came out. Mass graves, the same destiny for the gypsies, gays and some other minorities, may be you can’t inform yourselves because your government has closed you of from diverse video’s. So they do in Europe about many happenings.

    And I don’t care to whom they did it, it was against the whole humanity, everything you do to another human being, it is against or for us all. And nowadays, it is not a penny better than it was then. We have not learned anything. In evolution you can only move forward, we did not, we moved backwards, which means, we will destroy ourselves and are busy with it now.
    We have been destroying this world, robbing this earth, misbehaving against our fellowman, against animals, against nature, because it seems that everybody follows the money, no matter what the price is for the rest of the world. We follow blindly dictators, leaders and governments who don’t have a clue what to do and corruption celebrates!
    And I don’t care which race , color or what background you are from. You just have to respect others and all living creatures.
    Ascension will come and we will get presented with the bill and it will not be pretty.. What we sowed, we will reap.
    That is one of the biggest Universal Laws. You have free will, but Universal Laws, you have to follow.
    Everything is known by God, because God is in all of us, nothing escapes Him , every plan , deed thoughts. Everything is known, you can not hide, because there is no place in this Universe where you can hide. The Elite might think they can build bunkers in foreign countries and hide, but they can’t, no matter how much money they got, and in the end you will be asked what you did with your life and feel the pain of others and what you all did, the good and the bad, they will show you your life, and most of us will be sooo very ashamed. And after your body dies, your souls will always live on, and then you will be put in a place where all the people are like you. So think about that, you might want to change something in your life while you still can. Stupidity made us selfish and greedy for more and more money you can’t even consume in your life, and it made us feel superior above other people. You don’t have to believe me, but I know how it works, and I do not care if somebody believes me or not. Inform yourselves and think for yourself. Don’t run like sheep after the leaders,
    you will both fall into the pit, because leaders have no idea either. Ask the Creator to tell you what you need to know, and slowly it will come if you come in all honesty and your lives will change, slowly but surely.
    And be aware what is happening around you. Inform yourselves who and what you are, and who you want to be.
    Ascension will come I hope in this decade, but probably sooner. Then all the old systems will go, all of them, because they don’t work, no stone will stay on the other. Nature will fight backache will clean the earth what we have done to her, and nature always wins in the end, it goes along with the human a long time, but when it has reached her end, then this big clean up will come. It has happened before on this earth, and when you die, you always come back hopefully trying to do it better next time, and next time, we messed up, the Creator gave us this planet with everything on it to live a good life. Plant medicine in the Amazone are already destroyed by big Pharma, because they are afraid to loose money, if we, the people might find medicines we do not have to pay for, people who found long ago already cures for cancer, have all be killed and be found dead in rivers, etc.. Tesla knew this too, he knew that the banks would never give him the money for a new lab they promised him, so he kept quite, because he knew that he would and could give the whole world electricity for nothing, but they would not let him. People make wars for all kind of reasons, but always for the money.
    Nothing is what it seems. You have to have facts, but nowadays that is very difficult as so much new is not the truth, but the truth will always prevail, always in the end. I my self do not know this from books, but from years of experience and learning and it was never easy and at the same time it was. Every end is a new beginning of something else. God bless!

    • Thank you for this excellent comment. I agree with many things you say but I also stand by what I say. However, where we wholeheartedly agree is we’re the cause of all the pain in the world. We are not evolving. If anything we are going backwards!

    • Karen

      Exactly! We will reap what we sow. But some think they are above Creator and their god Satan will save them but they forget who created all things created Satan too and will be the judge of all. Satan cannot save those who have done this damage to earth , perpetuated wars for profit, abused and killed women and children and more, only the one true God can. He is a forgiving God too but he decides in the end who is truly repentant and worthy of forgiveness. Ascension will come but to a new dimension and a new earth restored and more beautiful and kind for those who pass the final test. Evil is done this time. And so it is, and will be.

  • Kwanzwa Entembe

    Fuck you bastards, you people are shitt. Stop posting this lies assholes. You bloody rednecks and muslims. Fuck you

    • I’m not Muslim you blithering idiot! You can’t even speak or write English properly. What kind of a pathetic comment is that? What is it’s purpose? You don’t raise a single point. All you do is spew out profanities. Guess what – you are garbage!

    • They’re not lies you idiot – do some research !
      If you disagree,come back with added research and debate the issue.
      Disagreement is everyone’s right,but there is no need to be abusive at the same time – it only highlights your ignorance & stupidity !

  • Mike Otway

    “Bibi”is titular head of the Khazarian banking empire that controls virtually all wealth on the planet through it’s banking empire. They are far from Jewish, as Michael says, instead worshipping Moloch by infant sacrifice and other atrocities. They seek not just power but a global holy war and were behind the burning of Notre Dame cathedral. They are nihilists and seek nothing less than the end of life on Earth.
    However, Christ and his coterie of angels are back, along with many helpers. Earth is indeed about to go through a transformation to a new and better way, as alluded to above. Do not not fear these Khazarian bankers, for they are nothing more than criminals and not long for this Earth.
    God Bless,

  • Bose bashy

    At last the light is shining and the truth shall be revealed. What could push humanity to turn against itself, sheer wickedness and uncontrolled greed!

  • Boasy

    Noah was possibly an albino nd he had 3 children japthet, shem and ham. Ham is known as the progenitor of the dark race but not the negros. Shemites are negros/Dravidian and are the decendents of Jacob (isreal) meaning shemites are the isrealites mentioned in the bible. The bible mentions that the isrealites will be enslaved and scattered all across the world as punishment for not following the commandments as given to them by Yahweh. And as such, throughout history, the shemites have been enslaved and held captive 7 times Egypt, Assyria, babyLon, Persia, Greek, Roman and America. Yashua meaning Yahweh is salvation was a shemite cos his progenitor king David was also a shemite. Yahweh created one race and not different race of humans. Meaning we humans are all coloured folks of different shades of brown ranging from extremely dark brown skinned to extremely light brown skinned depending on the presence or concentration of melanin. The paper we write on is white in colour but that’s not how Extremely light brown skinned folks otherwise known as white folks look. So, why do Caucasians or extremely light brown skinned folks refer to themselves as white? In effect so called white folks are just extremely light brown skinned due to the lower concentration of melanin in the skin. Yahweh created man (Adam) from the dust of the earth and the earth’s colour comes in different shades of brown. So it’s perfectly logical that humans will also come in different shades of brown. Those who coined the term black and white did so to instigate and promote divisions amongst us by focussing on our cultural differences rather than that which holds us all together ie we are all humans representing one race of humanity. Those who claim to be the Jews of today where kazahrians who adopted shemitic traditions. But they are not the original shemites who as mentioned in the bible are the ones who have been persecuted and enslaved throughout history nd are scattered all across the globe as punishment for not following the commandments as given to them by Yahweh. The history of the world is the history of the biblical shemites but this history has been whitewashed hence we have Yahshua otherwise known as Jesus Christ accepted as Caucasian in all the Christian churches of today. However, the Russians depicted Christ as someone with negroid features. Russians are Caucasians so why would they depict Christ as anything else if he was Caucasian as adopted by the Christian churches of today? Aside from.controlling the bankin system and all world governments, the khazars control everything else including the Catholic church and all Christian churches. They control all other religions as well and they aim to have a one world religion very soon.

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  • ZionNien

    MAN will always strive for the TRUTH! These FAKE jews who control the FAKE news outlets who always vote Democrat want to make the USA a puppet country full of robot zombies who will be dependent on these FAKES control of The Fed Res fiat $$$. Satan has them all in his hip pocket, and they do his bidding! They are anti-CHRIST’s and evil who will stop at nothing to cover up their shame via the TRUTH and play victim to do it. Shame & Blame, Lie & Cry is their go to and when that fails, as it is failing these days they play the race card and cry “anti-semite”. I’m not an anti-semite, I’m a Pro CHRIST-ian. Call them anti – CHRISTS and watch them squirm with a comeback. This is exactly what I did in a convenient store one day seeing a jew with his tassled shirt and kippa on his head. He commented “Oh I see you’re not wearing your mask – as I turned Oh – and you’re wearing a Biden sucks T-shirt hey we have a lot in common – we could be friends” I responded by reaching into my t-shirt and pulling out my gold orthodox Christian cross and replied – “Except for one BIG difference” to which he was stunned and squirmed “Well – but uh – umm.. hmmm.. I walked away at that point. These FAKE jews are the money worshippers. They are so rotten and evil and as their past proves they MUST avoid any and all who see it. They will pay a horrible price in hell, but they don’t care as long as they have their heaven on earth now. Their evil talmud is a vile disgusting book allowing them a fictitious right to behave the way they do/want. The porno industry, the banks, drugs, prostitution, gambling, the money making, the politics, the courts, judges, and their yidiot goys are all they will ever have. They really are quite pathetic when you look at the BIG picture. But their manufactured pride/ego for such control buffers any guilt their sociopathetic conscience might muster. Some day soon their money wont have value. Their stolen gold will be worthless, and people will not follow their lie based threats/orders. This day is coming and it is the end of the fake jews and the return of CHRIST+!

  • This comment is SO ignorant of basic historic facts it is MIND BLOWING. You know NOTHING of what you speak. Like a little teenager who won’t listen because they “already know”… Pathetic. Just pathetic.

  • Proud Zionist

    anti jew-zionists are on the side of the UN. Many are controlled opposition.
    Worldwide the Christians have been getting their asses kicked while the (((Zionists))) are holding the line with their children in harms way. BTW, how many statutes of The Virgin Mary have been desecrated worldwide?

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