The truth about Syria, Assad, the White Helmets & Israel

‘If like me you possess a yearning for the truth, a simple rule worth applying – whatever mainstream media says – IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!’


Check out this clip (7.52). Whether it’s an eye-opener or not is for you to decide. For me one thing is certain – the narrative being pushed by the media & Western politicians regarding Assad is complete & utter baloney. Unlike his detractors in the west, he’s an unbelievably popular leader among his people. 


And special thanks to Fredi Hazeem for this….



‘Drives himself. No huge convoys. No Armoured Cars. No Closed roads. Obeys traffic rules. Stops at traffic lights. Unheard of by any leader & in a country that’s been at war for 7 years. Does this look like someone that kills his own people? Of course not. There is extra effort on the part of intelligence agencies like MI6 & the CIA to wage propaganda & information war in Syria like they have done many decades before’ – Luke Murray



As for the White Helmets here’s the shocking truth. Media & Western politicians portray them as a ‘humanitarian’ organisation. WOW! If ever my rant about the media applied, it couldn’t be more appropriate than when referring to the White Helmets. The use of the word ‘white’ alone makes my blood boil for here we have a bunch of mercenaries who think nothing of murdering innocent folk. This is what they’re paid to do – KILL!   


A couple of things worth mentioning – there’s no finer journalist on this planet than John Pilger. I can put my hand on my heart & say you can be sure what he says is gospel. Also, at a time of severe austerity, UK taxpayer money is actually being used to finance these vermin. Doesn’t that make you crazy?  


John Pilger: The White Helmets Are A “Complete Propaganda Construct”


Thanks to Thane E Ahrens for this….



As for the recent US, UK, Franco bombing raid in Syria, I’m not saying I’m 100% certain of this. It’s merely a feasible scenario. When you stop & think about it, look how many dots connect. What if Trump, Putin & Assad actually worked together on this? What real damage did this attack cause? I believe the prospect of the US & Russian military operating within a hair’s breath of each other only served to galvanise opposition to more military intervention. As a result, could this attack have been a bluff simply to get the Zionist NeoCons & the US media off Trumps back? Surely if the Americans wanted to inflict some serious damage to Assad, they could have done so. 


However, I do agree with everything this chap says in this clip (5.17). Israel & the Zionist NeoCons are behind all this mayhem in the Middle East. The truth is the US, UK, France, along with Canada, Germany & Australia are OCCUPIED TERRITORIES. Politicians in these countries serve Israel’s interests first & foremost. This is why all this chaos & carnage is occurring. There is no other explanation.



Here’s an article by Gilad Atzmon which explains precisely why the Israelis are so desperate to remove President Assad. Very appropriately titled ‘OIL VEY!’


And of course, this was all planned well before 9/11….




  • Ted Duggan

    Great Michael AGAIN ….. The main stream idiots who believe the media really do need educating in the ways of Israel and the NWO & the Rothchilds.

    • Thanks Ted. You’re right. It would be great if people could understand that but I think what’s crucial is first people have to realise just how much the media is lying. Only then will they perhaps start to look at the bigger picture. Fortunately for us the media is telling so many whoppers they’re literally digging a whole for themselves.

  • john pike

    yes agree with everything on here,certainly something different about trump the media hate him,all the inquisitions trying to dig up dirt on him are only finding the opposite,and that info is being supressed

  • Alan Carter

    Generally when there’s a false flag I may see the usual few who see through it and many who are just not sure.
    This time because it’s such a blatant cover up of the truth, nobody with any kind of savvi believes it from the Trump supporters lime Alex Jones to ex Middle Eastern diplomats and military.
    Coming from so many different places but all agreeing that the alleged chemical attack on Douma., whatever it is, is not what 3 governments say and they are trying but badly to cover their lies.

    • Yes Alan. They’re getting so desperate they’re starting to make a pigs ear of everything. Personally, even if these false flags were carried out with military precision, I feel anyone who believes Assad would actually gas his own people has to be a blithering idiot.

  • Jan Holbrook

    My heart is absolutely broken to hear that this so-called humanitarian organisation are nothing but terrorists.. All I, and countless millions of other people, want is to live in peace. God bless you, Micheal, for exposing the truth of these events

  • Jerilynn L Gordon

    As usual , your excellent teaching .

  • Thane E. Ahrens

    I need to mention a possible correction. While many people have stated that the little girl is a victim of white phosphorus Syria, others have pointed out this is not correct. Some have stated she got a face full of shrapnel. Either way it’s horrible.

    The Atlantic has a page dated May 7, 2015 full of photos and among them is that photo with this for a description:
    “Walaa Hussien al-Hutroum, 9, sits in a hospital where she is being treated for injuries she sustained in an airstrike in Sanaa, Yemen, on April 25, 2015. The girl was hit with shrapnel from a missile that struck a nearby checkpoint on a road she and her family were travelling on as they were fleeing their home in Yemen’s northwestern province of Saada a week ago, medics said. #”

    As for White Helmets, Vanessa Beeley put out this article exposing The White Helmets. The end of the article says there will be a part 2 but at the moment, I am unsure if it was completed:

    “Investigation: White Helmets Committing Acts Of Terror Across Syria
    The supposedly Syrian NGO White Helmets were established in Turkey, not in Syria. They are largely trained in Turkey and Jordan, not inside Syria. They were established in March 2013 by a British ex-military officer with $300,000 in seed funding from Japan, the U.K. and the U.S.”

    And excellent find on that Assad video. That’s probably the safest way for him to travel. If he was surrounded by escorts, he would be stand out like a big fat target. One more thing to think about. I have seen many refugees from Syria interviewed and when asked about the dreams for the future, it’s often to return to Syria. If Assad is such a madman in their lives, why would they want to return? Something to think about.

    • Yes thanks for that harrowing photo of that poor young girl Thane. The double standards of the West simply beggar belief.
      Vanessa Beeley is just fantastic. If anyone wants to know the real truth about Syria just go to her FB page.
      And absolutely right about Assad. As I alluded to in the piece, he really does have the support & respect of his people. The West couldn’t be lying more if they tried.

  • Julian Payne

    I think we’re starting to see a conscious shift with people now. The lies are so far fetched that it’s just getting laughable now. There was an accusation of certain Twitter users being referred to as russian bots, sky news interviewed one of them claiming that that they had been infiltrated by the Russians and were carrying out their orders! It’s beyond belief, and a sign of desperation on their part. We need to keep pushing for the truth for the sake of humanity.

  • When Politicians lie they know the people have no chance but to believe it and knowing this makes it that much easier for them to deliver the lie.
    However, everything is but a distraction and there are so many distractions.

  • Venner

    This is what I think the plan was.
    1) MOSSAD controlled ISIS overthrows Assad.
    2) ISIS carries out attacks in Western Europe. (That was a very important part of the operation, no one seems to have figured out.)
    3) Once ISIS controlled Syria, an ISIS attack of some kind against Israel would be used as a catalyst for an Israeli invasion of Syria.
    4) The rest of the world appalled by the ISIS terrorist attacks in the West would not oppose the Israeli invasion of Syria and in fact would probably support it.
    5) ISIS would obviously capitulate to the Israelis because they were controlling and supplying them.
    6) Israel emerges as the hero for defeating ISIS and has control of Syria.

    • Yes. It’s certainly a possibility. What there is no question of is Israel controls ISIS. It is not an Islamist terrorist organisation but an Israeli one!. However, I think all they want to do is overthrow Assad but leave a vacuum – just like Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya. Destroy enough of the country so it can never recover. Apart from all the natural resources, the Israelis want control of Syrian air space. This way it will be far easier attacking Iran which let’s face it, Netanyahu is gagging for! I think taking over Syrian land is far into the future & it will happen when Israel is so powerful, they won’t have to lie to cover their crimes. They’ll just do it & say fuck you to everyone.

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