The UK Paedophile Scandal

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The UK Paedophile Scandal

Whatsupic — I often wonder whether or not people outside the UK are cognizant of what is nothing less than one of the greatest Paedophile scandals in history? It’s bad enough in the UK, for the entire mainstream media has been doing it’s level best to hush up the whole sordid affair. Indeed the very foundations of this scandal is inextricably linked to the BBC for Disc Jockey Jimmy Savile began his association with them in the mid 60’s. His eccentric, flamboyant manner would make him a household name. As well as presenting Top of the Pops, at the time a popular music show, his program ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ became prime time viewing, very much catching the imagination of younger generation! Here the somewhat outlandish wishes of children would become reality! For the largely unsuspecting public Jimmy Savile was fast-becoming an iconic figure; For the BBC he had become an absolute gold mine!

Jimmy Savile with Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother

It has to be said Savile’s philanthropic activities made him the very last person people would ever suspect of wrong-doing! His lifetime work fundraising for charities & hospitals amassed as much as a staggering £40 million! Small wonder senior politicians, Prime Ministers & even Royalty were attracted to him. Evidently he spent several Christmas holidays at the residence of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. It seemed he could do no wrong! Of course we now know nothing could have been further from the truth!

Savile’s association with children extended from his TV & radio shows to hospitals, which by now he had easy access to. Even before his close friendship to Thatcher & Royalty though, he was already well on his way to becoming one of Britain’s greatest Paedophiles. Many victims came forward only for the Police to take no further action. Other victims who threatened to spill the beans were warned off in no uncertain terms. I remember in the early 80’s reading an article which accused Savile of being a Godfather type figure. It seemed there was an altogether different character that remain perfectly hidden from public gaze!

Throughout the 70’s & 80’s the Police added case after case to their files. Quite why no charges were ever brought remains a moot point. The Police even admitted they had interviewed Savile on many occasions only to take no further action! Now let’s not beat around the bush here. Imagine you’re a victim of child molestation. Years later, as an adult, you’ve mustered up the courage to go to the Police & report that this man, Jimmy Savile had indeed molested you! Now what earthly reason would you have to make this all up? Bear in mind too, several victims have openly stated they would be only too happy to sit lie-detector tests!

Okay the Police may have argued their case by saying ‘lack of evidence’ or ‘your word against his’ you know, the usual baloney the public are often served up when a cover up is in motion but then what legitimate excuse could the Police have had when victim after victim, up & down the country came forward to say that Savile either molested them or put them in the company of someone who later would molest them? Surely just having two separate victims makes a compelling case – FORGET ABOUT SEVERAL VICTIMS?

Since an independent Police Force would have arrested Savile as far back as 1970, the only reason why this did not occur is because ultimately the Police take orders, as does the media for that matter! Therefore, one can only conclude those in the upper echelons of power had to have directly interfered with the case! There can be no other explanation! So why was Savile being protected? Again the only explanation is he simply had to have devastating information regarding the private lives of some very influential people. Well we know he was close to Prime Ministers & Royalty. It gets no bigger than that!

Jimmy Savile, who is said to have acted as a kind of marriage counsellor between Prince Charles and Diana. (Photo: Gary Calton/Observer)

Finally, due to untold public pressure, an inquiry into Paedophilia & Child abuse was set up some 25 years ago. This was an unmitigating nightmare for those in power because here was a situation where the truth could NEVER get out. It involved the BBC – several top executives were well aware of Savile’s grotesque activities! It involved senior members of the Labor Party, Lord Robertson, Greville Janner, Gerald Kaufmann. For the Tory Party it was an even bigger headache for several of their senior ministers & Lords had been implicated billionaire Tory Party Treasurer Lord MacAlpine, close friend to Royalty was one of the chief suspects, Lord Brittain, Ted Heath, Lord Hardie, Michael Portillo as well as prominent judges & indeed even members of the Royal family! Not to mention the role senior police officers & the media had played in the non-prosecution & the cover up, essentially allowing the perpetrators to roam free to this very day!

A 16-year-old William Hague addressing the Conservative party conference at Blackpool in 1977. Behind him is Margaret Thatcher. (Photo: Frank Barratt/Getty)

However, instead of this despicable affair being brought out into the open 25 years ago, William Hague, a high ranking Tory was appointed to head the Inquiry! Now what kind of an inquiry can it possibly be when you’re investigating your own colleagues? One of them allegedly was said to have murdered two young boys & then buried them on his estate! The Police had damning evidence, victims had come forward, sworn statements had been taken. Of course if one of these sworn affidavits were ever read out in court, the whole edifice would have come tumbling down. Even back than it would have been the greatest ever scandal! Needless to say in 1989 Hague closed down the inquiry citing there were no grounds to continue, blah, blah, blah………. & THAT WAS IT! The media played their part by saying nothing!

So one can imagine after this all died down, it wasn’t just business as usual – oh No! With so much evidence against them, these child molesters nevertheless had escaped justice! They now had every reason to feel omnipotent, untouchable! The system itself had proved to be totally inadequate when it came to arresting the wealthy & privileged! Quite how the victims felt is unimaginable. For the country as a whole what a sad indictment – the two people who could have brought this miserable affair to an end Blair & Hague – the former ended up lying so that our troops fought an illegal war & so was responsible for the destruction of Afghanistan & Iraq with the loss of over 1.5 million innocent lives; the latter continued in the same vein! Hague made millions with various shady companies & then lied so that we bombed Libya & then lied again so that we attack Syria! These people are making decisions on behalf of us?………. Those who protect Paedophiles! Can it get any worse?

What one cannot imagine is the incalculable damage caused to countless more folk who had their lives wrecked due to the fact these Paedophiles were not incarcerated! Our pathetic system not only allowed Savile to wriggle free & continue in his merry way; right up to his death in October 2011, it seems a well-oiled system had been put in place where children could be supplied at a moment’s notice. You see since Savile’s death, no less than 600 people have come forward providing Police with sworn statements. The Police now believe there could be up to 1,300 victims, several under the age of 10, some as young as FIVE! God only knows how many were killed! Incredibly, calls from people saying they were abused by Savile are still being taken by the NSPCC to this very day!

Once again the floodgates had opened. There was a public outcry! This time PM David Cameron was on the rack! From the word go it seemed it was all about damage limitation. Cameron appeared on ITV & was confronted by goody-goody TV presenter Phillip Schofield who surprisingly placed the PM firmly on the spot by handing him a list of those involved, saying “YOU KNOW SOME OF THEM! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?” Cameron was taken aback but then bizarrely said this was wrong making such accusations because it could lead to a witch-hunt against gays & homosexuals! WHAT? Straight away Cameron was fudging the issue – WHO WAS TALKING ABOUT GAYS? NO ONE MENTIONED GAYS! THIS WAS ABOUT CHILD ABUSE GODDAMMIT! When this happened I felt it was clear – instead of the media taking Cameron to task over his anger at Schofield’s actions & his nonsensical outburst about gays & homosexuals, they inexplicably gave Cameron an easy ride! What a world we now live in – the media is no longer interested in scoops! Well, they are owned too!  

Ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor

The very fact it has become increasingly obvious these people are above the law has encouraged activists such as David Compan to post Brussels common law court arrest warrants on the Queen, Cameron, former Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger and 27 other global elites. “We have enough evidence to prosecute and hold both the Prime Minister & Queen of England” said ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor. The two were charged with sexual crimes against children as part of an international pedophile ring. While this is great news it seems pressure can only be brought to bear if mainstream media grinds its teeth! We know this will not happen & therefore the big players will get away with it while the public will be offered a few sacrificial lambs. I suppose damaging reputations & making a few of these scumbags sweat a little, will for now, have to suffice. The best we can do is maintain as much pressure as possible! This is the very least we owe the victims. Just think how you’d feel if one of them was your child?

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