The US, UK, Canadian & French elections are all totally rigged.

This guy James Sears sure speaks my language. However, I believe four countries in particular, the US, UK, Canada & France have had their electoral processes perverted that much, I feel even if people see above the blatant lies & vote accordingly the elections will be rigged. This has been the case for some time now. As Stalin once said –

“those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

Note this perversion is a long drawn out affair. Their man is forever protected by the media while all the muck under the sun is thrown at their opponents. It’s one-way traffic for years. THEN THEY CHEAT because now it’s believable to enough people that nothing untoward has occurred. Of course any talk of election fraud is buried by the Police & media alike. Relatively few people realise their man has been totally robbed & a traitor who’ll now do anything for his overlords is in power – Obama, Cameron, Harper & Hollande are classic examples.


Remember too, it’s all about repeating the same lies over & over again. Sooner or later Mr & Mrs Bozo will repeat that lie to Mr & Mrs Brainless next door thinking they’re being clever. This subliminal brainwashing works a treat. It’s why people use the term ‘conspiracy theorist’. It sounds smart so people think they’re being clever. They’ve no idea they’ve lost control of their thought process. Their minds have been successfully programmed. I keep telling people the media decides when you should get angry & what you should get angry about. Thanks to Lesa Lal for this link.



Here’s an article from Whatsupic (not one of mine) that goes a long way to explain how elections are being rigged by the Zionists. Of course only they can do this because it requires media control & they most definitely are in collusion. Believe it or not, the US, UK, Canada & France have leaders where only 10-20% of eligible voters voted for. Worse still, this has been going on for 25 years at least.

The Canadian Elections: Cover-Up and Steal (Again)





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