The War on Terror, The Trans-Pacific Partnership and The Quest to End Net Neutrality Are in Fact Acts of Terror!

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The War on Terror, The Trans-Pacific Partnership and The Quest to End Net Neutrality Are in Fact Acts of Terror!

Whatsupic — There are several things going on which pretty much proves we have no-good criminals calling the shots. Companies like McDonalds, Wallmart and Amazon make untold billions yet when it comes to rewarding their employees with decent wages, they’re tighter than a camel’s arse in a sandstorm. But wait! We need our so-called elected representatives to get in on the act. However, instead of doing something constructive and long-overdue like raising the minimum wage, the government merely adds insult to injury. You see while normal folk graft and pay their bit to the IRS, these greedy, so-in-so’s are rewarded with tax loopholes wider than the Channel Tunnel so that those earning billions upon billions don’t pay so much as a bean in taxes. How can this be right? Our governments are doing this.

Then there’s Monsanto, a company that seemingly remains a law unto itself! Hardly surprising for decision-makers in the Food and Drug Administration often find themselves rewarded not simply by doing their job but by doing the exact reverse! Since when could success be achieved by doing everything one shouldn’t? Yet sure enough, every rule is broken so that safeguards specifically designed to protect the public are cast aside without so much as a whim. These criminals in the FDA are rewarded with multi-million dollar contracts. But wait! I forgot to tell you which company so lavishly opens its arms to these good-for-nothing vermin of the FDA – MONSANTO ITSELF – which incidentally happens to be the only company in history that doesn’t want you to know you’re buying their product! And while such blatant skullduggery occurs for all to see, our governments turn a blind eye!

Then there’s Chemtrails. Is that a bird in the sky? Don’t think so. Well maybe it’s a plane? Yeah, but what’s that they’re spraying all over us? It’s the government and its buddies in the Air-Force playing a new mile high version of Noughts and Crosses!….. What an absolute joke! How in the blazes can they do this? Okay big business bribery may be obvious to the deaf and dumb but we can actually SEE THIS! And what kind of a lousy mass-media do we have? How can it ignore something that’s occurring on such a grandiose scale, something which it’s hard to imagine cannot affect our health, the climate or perhaps both? How can something like this even take place just once without the media demanding “why aren’t we being consulted as to whether we want this?” Could our governments after all be poisoning us? Whatever they’re doing, the fact this is all being done on the hush up means what they’re doing reeks to high heaven!  

Then there are the constant wars on countries Israel doesn’t like. Is this ever going to stop? When is someone going to say – ‘hold the goddamn phone. Why the hell are we washing Israel’s dirty laundry all the time?’ Or what about the sudden spike in indiscriminate shooting of civilians at the hands of the US Police Force? Why is no one asking the most patently obvious question – since this upsurge in Police brutality coincided with the US Police Force seeking advice from some of the greatest thugs in history, ie Israeli experts in riot control, mass-murder and Genocide, isn’t anyone going to point the finger at Michael Chertoff or some other dual national Zionist who you can bet your life is begging for civil disorder to break out in the US! Small wonder the media’s keeping schtum – they’re run by Zionists too. No need to explain why our governments are allowing all this to take place!  

But if I had to name 3 things where I feel we are being taken for one ginormous ride, none of the above even get a look-in! Here are the 3 that make the podium – The War on Terror; which as the great John Pilger so succinctly puts it as the War OF Terror, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the quest to end Net Neutrality! If these 3 things were brought to an abrupt end, then there can only be one result – WE WIN; THEY LOSE! 

The war on terror is a complete and utter con because the biggest terrorists by far are those who moan about it! The truth is you are far more likely to die at the hands of a trigger-happy Copper! No war on the old Bill though! Yet I can’t for the life of me understand why there isn’t a war on peanuts! You see whether you like it or not, more of us die from these little monsters than all those nasty terrorists out there. Why isn’t there a war on those bolts of lightening from the sky that year in and year out strike down more humans than terrorists could ever manage? Why for that matter isn’t there a war on Cancer?……… Truth is, more people die every HOUR from Cancer than they do in a year of fully-fledged terrorist activity! Same can be said of Heart disease! Don’t see no war there! 

The TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership is basically a deal that involves only big business. We are not allowed to be told anything about this because it only involves big business! In fact you have to be seriously big just to be a player in this here ball game! What we’re not being told is what they want to do is make sure they control everything and we control nothing! For example, things like water is not ours but THEIRS! …… to give to us only when they see fit! They want to be able to apply a similar version of testicular strangulation to food, electricity, just about all the things that matter to us. No prizes for guessing why they want to do this but isn’t anyone going to say anything? I’ll say this – our governments, on the sly, are making this happen!

Finally, the Internet. Here we have the one thing that has well and truly pulled the rug from under these toe-rags! If it wasn’t for the Internet I for one would be pretty much clueless as to what is really going on and more to the point what we’re not being told. Of course they want to destroy the Internet as we know it – revolutionary, efficient and above all, permitting the option to research the truth, rather than be constantly lied to by the Zionist controlled media! The authors of this abysmal fake neutrality bill being put before Capitol Hill, Fred Upton and Greg Walden, just happen to be two of COMCAST’s greatest recipients of handouts ie bribery merchants, so please remember these two repulsive creatures. Needless to say Comcast wants Net Neutrality to die a death! Our governments aren’t just allowing this to take place – THEY ARE DOING THIS!


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