The West will Never Reveal the Truth about MH17. Prepare yourselves for another white-wash.

Tomorrow apparently the Dutch are releasing their ‘findings’ on their inquiry as to who or what brought down Malaysian Flight MH17. I wonder if they asked David Cameron –

“er excuse us Mr Prime Minister but I don’t suppose you can give us a peek as to what’s in the Black Boxes?”  

Obvious bullet holes

I mean how pathetic can it get? So I wrote this piece –

– & I can make a cast-iron guarantee & say there will be more truth in any one paragraph than the whole of this bullshit Dutch inquiry. I’ll also stick my neck out & say –

1) The Russians or the rebels in Ukraine will be blamed.

2) No a word will be said about how the plane was diverted 200 miles south by Ukrainian air traffic control.

3) Not a word will be said about how the media in unison within an hour after the disaster blamed Putin.

4) In the photo below, doesn’t that look suspiciously like bullet holes? Well I’ll bet we’re told a missile brought this plane down. 

5) The obvious perpetrators ie the Z word will not be mentioned even once.

6) There will be no talk of what the victim’s families think of this cover up.

7) Everyone involved in this latest white-wash will have received a nice Zionist backhander…… 

More obvious bullrt holes

There. How’s that? Have I stuck my neck out enough. Well I trust my judgement though I will tell you now, I sincerely do hope I’m proved so badly wrong. For those who are interested here is a link about the Malaysian High Court ruling that Israel is guilty of war crimes.


  • Mo Sheik

    You 100% spot on.!

  • Like my father used to, you look at the mainstream media and like a detective you don’t let it sway you in any direction. You seek other sources and even dislocated connections like a complex puzzle you look in every direction. If you look at every possible clue even the opposite of what was officially stated. You can find the truth.
    With the Mask of False witness and possible false flags together with who else possibly gains or even vengeance, if your clever enough you can find pure honest truth.
    Michael your a clever man your insight and multithought processing amazes me.
    You have a gift Sir.
    PS that was a long read but every word was worth it thank you your friend Olly.

  • Andrew Francis

    Anyone with any understanding or intelligence could surely see that this is a blatant false flag set up to justify military action against Russia, which has been the Zionists intention all along.

    • Yes indeed Andrew though I maintain making an enemy out of Russia began when the West overthrew Yanukovitch. For me the timing of this crash fell into Netanyahu’s lap & we know this guy is a psychopath.

  • David A Palmer

    You analysis is 100% correct. I am a former military aircraft engineer (and private pilot) and have some experience of this. It is as plain as the nose on your face that MH17 was hit by 30mm Cannon fire. END OF STORY. The rest is USA/CIA and UK Whitewash, they are determined to ensure that the Russian Federation is held responsible and in particular their President, Vladimir Putin. The biggest problem today is that social media shouts the lies – and the truth, form the tree tops, and the liars in Washington, London and Evil Union cannot escape this.

    • Thanks David – it sure is great to see there are a lot of people out there who know this plane was brought down deliberately & that the Russians had nothing to do with it. I remember when it happened as soon as I heard the tanks were rolling into Gaza within 30 minutes of the plane going down I wrote a piece on FB saying I’d like to bet good money the one maniac on the planet that is capable of doing this is Benjamin Netanyahu. Yet to this day the Zionist connection with every facet of this heinous act has never once been mentioned.

  • David A Palmer

    BTW – I too studied all available information from dozens of sources to come to my conclusion and added to personal knowledge and the laws of Physics.

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