The West will Never Reveal the Truth about MH17

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The West will Never Reveal the Truth about MH17

Whatsupic — I believe I already know the truth. It was obvious after half an hour but tomorrow the Dutch ‘investigation’ will reveal it’s findings on what may have brought down Malaysian Flight MH17. I’d like to bet every last bean this investigation is simply going to be one more white-wash in an ever-increasing line of inquiries that remarkably always steer clear from anything remotely resembling the truth. Why do I say this? Because like with the Warren Commission on the JFK assassination, the 9/11 Commission, the Hutton inquiry into the death of Dr. David Kelly, UK’s chief weapons inspector to Iraq and a whole host of independent inquiries that are anything but independent, certain crucial aspects are mysteriously omitted in each particular case. The findings thus inevitably allow the culprits to escape admonishment and then through their silence over these ludicrous findings, the media once again all but display their collusion.

MH 17 riddled with bullets

With JFK every half-baked idea as to who could have been responsible was relentlessly pursued by the media. However never mentioned were two of the most patently obvious reasons why JFK was murdered – the signing of Standing Order 11110 on June 4th 1963 which effectively ended the Rothschild Zionist stranglehold over the Federal Reserve Board and the fact JFK insisted that under no circumstances could Israel ever acquire nuclear weapons. Note who the media is owned and controlled by. As if they’re ever going to implicate Israel and the Rothschilds with any such skulduggery. Nevertheless, since what I have just said is incontrovertible, I feel it remains a blight on mankind that so few of us have been willing to connect the dots. The Warren Commission of course put the icing on the cake when they concluded that a lone gunman was responsible even though a 10 year old could see JFK was shot from two separate locations.

The media’s role in 9/11 and the Commission itself, if you can even fathom such a thing, took lying to a new level. With JFK a few crucial aspects had to be avoided at all costs. With 9/11 though, there were so many gaping holes in the official account and therefore so many critical questions that had to remain unanswered, quite how the true conspirators got away with it should qualify as a wonder of the world! Even beginning to go into detail would result in an unstoppable ball rolling because one can genuinely list 100 separate examples of glaring discrepancies and key unanswered questions, I kid you not.

I’ll just say the 9/11 Commission and the media somehow never mentioned Larry Silverstein’s outrageous double indemnity clause in the insurance policies he took just months before 9/11; no mention was made of how General Richard Myers, the man in charge of US Civil Air Defense instead of being taken and shot for what was at best gross dereliction of duty instead was promoted to the Joint Chiefs of Staff; no mention was made of the 3rd building that collapsed that day, WTC7, which also was owned by Silverstein and most mysterious of all was the omission altogether of Transport Secretary Norman Mineta’s sworn testimony to the Commission that he was right next to Dick Cheney when effectively the Stand-Down order was given. Cheney made sure the Pentagon was attacked. Moreover quite how the media never questioned how the Pentagon was not evacuated so that those looking for the missing $2.3 TRILLION that Rabbi Dov Zakheim had ‘misappropriated’ in the Budget Analyst Office would die, along with all the information they had gathered, is a scandal where everyone involved, including media barons, should also have been taken and shot! 

The Hutton inquiry may not have been as serious an issue yet this was supposed to be about Tony Blair’s role in declaring what was an illegal Iraq war. Considering two million people at least have died as a result of his lies, quite how the media let Blair off the hook when Lord Hutton was given the job to oversee this white-wash is indeed a moot point. Hutton had already served the war-mongering elites admirably when he made a pig’s ear of the ‘Bloody Sunday’ inquiry. This was the last man who should have been given this job yet the media said nothing. End result – the BBC was heavily criticised over Dr. Kelly’s death! Simply incredible….. yet worse was to come. This ‘finding’ merely opened the door for the chief conspirators. There proceeded a clearout of ‘undesirables’ at the BBC. Of course what the media never mentioned is only whistle-blowers were shown the door and just about every vacated position was taken up by Zionists or staunchly pro-Zionists like James Purnell. The liars, murderers and war-mongers were actually rewarded!

So why do I know they’re going to lie about MH17? Well for a start, the truth cannot be told. The implications are simply too mind-boggling. Therefore one is restricted to analysing what’s occurred since and crucially, the media’s role. What did they do? Well within 30 minutes of the crash – EVERY SINGLE MAJOR NEWS OUTLET HAD TO ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES RENDERED AIR-CRASH INVESTIGATORS OBSOLETE! THEY KNEW WHO DID IT WHILE THE WRECKAGE WAS STILL SMOULDERING. WELL HOW ABOUT THAT? Just like 9/11 guilt was established way too quickly! Now if you want to be a pedantic pain in the posterior, go somewhere else. Do not read on. If you prefer to be open-minded and perhaps end more clued up, ask yourself –


Every newspaper blamed Putin. All TV outlets except Russia Today blamed Putin. All Western leaders blamed Putin. Now what’s important here is even if Putin was responsible, how on earth could people like Cameron accuse anyone when they had no evidence. In any criminal case this is hardly protocol, even illegal. For obvious reasons, no one’s allowed to blatantly accuse anyone of any crime. This is a matter for investigators, the Police and then the Courts. So would someone mind explaining what the hell is going on here? What happened is obvious – the media did what they do best – brainwash the minds of the uninitiated! Of course no one is going to say anything because they’re all working together. Corporate media is a mouthpiece for Western governments; senior politicians will already have covered all bases by informing Police chiefs and the heads of various government agencies that no one is to do or say anything. The truth is in the hands of whistle-blowers, activists and alternative media outlets, in other words, conspiracy theorists!

So let’s break down what actually did occur. For starters PUTIN HAD ZERO MOTIVE! Let’s get this straight. He had everything to lose and nothing to gain. Okay, as some people forever remind me ‘it could have been the rebels!’ The possibility this could be the case is miniscule for one main reason – there is not a shred of evidence to suggest the Rebels had anything like the fire-power needed to down a plane so many 1000’s of feet in the air. Of course the conspirators knew this so they conjured up a picture of a Russian Buk missile launcher. Goodness knows how many idiot friends of mine have said – 

“well, there was a Russian Buk missile launcher leaving the area.”     

WAS THERE NOW? This is how the media operates. They know the beauty of planting seeds of thought into people’s minds. Closer examination of the U-tube video that corporate media spread far and wide showed a billboard sign in the background, which clearly displayed the Buk launcher was in another region altogether. Just one more, massive bare-faced lie. What evidence there was, if it can even be described that, has been manufacture drivel. Also, why didn’t the media ever mention Ukraine possessed these same Buk launchers? Now let’s look at the real evidence –

9 months ago I wrote to David Cameron and said –

“If a British plane was shot down over Ukraine and then out of the blue the Black Boxes were sent to Malaysia, what would you say to the British people if the Malaysian authorities withheld the all-important data in the Black Boxes for 6 months?”

THAT WAS 9 MONTHS AGO! Needless to say I received no reply. Needless to say the data remains hidden from public gaze 15 months later. It takes 24 hours to retrieve and analyze the data in Black Boxes. First and foremost, how in the blazes can this Dutch investigation carry any weight without the data from the Black Boxes? The whole purpose of having Black Boxes is so that air-crash investigators can sift through the data and discover exactly what caused a crash. To not include this is tantamount to saying to the the public – WE CANNOT SHOW THE DATA IN THE BLACK BOXES BECAUSE IT WILL PROVE WHO REALLY WAS BEHIND THIS OUTRAGE! 

And that’s the long and the short of it! I’m sorry, if for some reason you’re not prepared to accept this then either your religion or nationality is the same as those who are responsible or you’ve been paid to lie or you have the brains of a rocking horse! Of course if there was a serious investigation and the media was not complicit in this whole sordid affair, then the first thing we’d have seen is the media questioning Cameron as to why the Black Boxes were sent to London and not to its rightful place Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, one is obliged to ask – who is the Zionist controlled media covering up for? Would they have any reason to protect the Outer Mongolians?….. I don’t think so! The Mexicans?….. Hmmn maybe the odd drug cartel but ….. No! The Russians? Definitely not! Is it beyond the boundaries of sanity to suggest the media is covering up for the actions of Zionists? Okay. Here are some facts. You make up you’re own mind but I will stress, anyone who thinks laying down the facts is being anti-Semitic, in my opinion is in desperate needs of some serious soul-searching!

1) In November 2012 the Malaysian High court ruled Israel was guilty of war crimes. Within 18 months, two Malaysian planes mysteriously fall out of the sky! Two planes from the same airline going down in so short a space of time?…… The odds are astronomical yet what raises eyebrows further still is the fact that with both flights, air crash investigators are yet to get their mitts on the Black Boxes. The odds of this happening are incalculable. It’s like winning the lottery three times on the trot!

2) A few months before flight MH17 went down, Holland decided to withdraw it’s investments from five Israeli banks due to the continual building of illegal settlements on annexed Palestinian land. So we have two countries standing up to Benjamin Netanyahu. One only has to look at what occurred at the UN recently – here was a complete and utter raving lunatic! So a Malaysian plane taking off from Amsterdam loaded with Dutch passengers is the one that just happens to bite the dust? Once again – the odds are simply astronomical. At what point do people say the truth – cross the Israelis at your peril?

3) The coup in Ukraine that ousted the democratically elected government of Yanukovitch was instigated by the West. John McCain and Victoria Nuland so much as admitted $5 billion was spent in order to accomplish this. Well since this is hardly in the interests of the US and Europe, who has the power to demand such a sly policy shift? It’s a no-brainer – Zionist banksters! Sure enough the man who seized power, Poroshenko is a Zionist billionaire and he proceeded to show in true Israeli fashion, massacring civilians en mass was like water off a duck’s back for him.

4) Once in Ukrainian air-space flight MH17 was mysteriously diverted 200 miles south so that it flew directly over the war zone in East Ukraine. Now surely, two questions need to be asked here – WHY WAS THIS PLANE DIVERTED and WHO GAVE THIS ORDER? I have now waited 15 months and as yet no one in the media has bothered to raise these patently obvious questions! How can it be possible that the actions and the data of Ukrainian air traffic control has never been made public?

5) Since the Zionist controlled media has never mentioned any of this at what point should one begin to smell a very large rat? Asking these questions is obligatory! So is demanding the release of air traffic control data! So are we not to conclude the reason these question aren’t being answered and the data is not being released is because if this were to happen it would go a long way into ascertaining exactly what occurred and who was responsible. We’re talking about the fundamentals of crime fighting here. The fact protocol is being cast aside without so much as a whim can only be construed as a guilt-ridden skulduggery. 

6) As I mentioned earlier the media’s role in this is crucial – the Zionists knew pointing the finger at Putin, the man who’d effectively put a hold on the creation of Greater Israel by coming to Assad’s rescue, would go a long way to vilify the Russian leader in the eyes of the world. Significantly, this act alone should provide everyone with the key to unlocking this conundrum – how on earth could anyone, let alone the entire corporate media blame Putin for this heinous act when no investigation had taken place? 

7) But it wasn’t just the media prematurely pointing the finger at Putin but Obama, Cameron, Harper, Hollande, Merkel etc. How could so many world leaders do the unthinkable all in unison? It was like a synchronised choir of Canaries! Is there a link that bonds these five leaders? YES! Just one. They’re all Zionist puppets! Crucially, not once have we heard anyone from Malaysia or Holland blame Putin. In fact we haven’t heard what the Malaysians think period! However, I’ll take a stab and say that tomorrow the finger once again will be pointed at Putin. I guarantee if this happens anyone saying this has been bought off. I also guarantee if any of them sit a lie-detector test the machine would explode! 

8) Where were the air-crash investigators? Just as with 9/11, the experts were not permitted to do their job. Why wasn’t Poreshenko ever taken to task on this? 

9) Why haven’t the Americans released their spy satellite data? This alone would conclusively prove Ukrainian fighters deliberately shot down MH17. Of course unbeknown to most people who rely on mainstream media the Russians have similar technology. They’ve released their data only for the entire corporate media to ignore it. They know who really was responsible. The trouble is……

10) Zionists are the undisputed champions of assassinations but most importantly they are the masters of false flag events. You see only those who control the media could ever commit such acts – blaming Israel’s enemies for terrorists acts that they carry out – the Lavon affair; the attack on the USS Liberty and the mother of them all, 9/11. Without the media, they could never get away with such diabolical skulduggery.

11) And finally here is the reason why I believe 298 people on flight MH17 were wiped out! The day before, Israel had shown just what they meant when they categorically stated they did not target civilians. Four Palestinian kids were playing football on the beach. Suddenly a missile came thundering in. Panic stricken, the boys ran only for the IDF to fire another missile. This one tore them apart! 

Such was worldwide revulsion, the Israelis, had due to their callous trigger-happy approach, placed a spanner in the works. Netanyahu’s desire to massacre more than a mere 400 Palestinians was now in jeopardy. With the world’s media focused on Gaza and Israeli lies fast wearing thin, there was little or no chance Netanyahu could ever send the tanks into Gaza. But do you think this psychopath could ever take no for an answer? All that was needed was an event that would draw the media’s attention away from Gaza. Easier said than done you’d think. So what are the odds of such an event occurring, THE VERY NEXT DAY? 

Lo and behold, within 22 minutes of flight MH17 going down, Israeli tanks rolled into Gaza. In the following days, the largely defenseless Palestinians saw whole neighborhoods flattened – UN compounds, schools, hospitals, the one power station they had, was destroyed. 1800 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians, were killed; several 1000’s more suffered severe injuries. All the while the media had the gall to blame Hamas and their use of human shields, as if the Israelis didn’t kill Palestinian kids for fun anyway.

11 FACTS! Each one critical. All with the indelible stain of Zionism written all over them. Now, it’s not my fault this is the case. Believe what you like but I’m not against Jews or anyone; I’m simply against evil mass-murderers. If you take umbrage to that then I offer my humblest apologies – it’s truly tragic you are so deluded! I’m just pointing out the facts. If you choose to ignore Cui Bono, motive and instead choose to believe the lies of the media and our treacherous politicians then that’s your choice. I can promise you one thing though – the more we continue to turn our backs on the truth, the greater the chance we are going to experience an extremely rude awakening.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, the Whatsupic.

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