The whole political system requires a major overhaul. Rule No 1 – get money out of politics

Since the UK General Election, I’ve told loads of people the whole thing’s bent! They go “what, the election?” No. The banana I’m eating! Amazing as it seems, within 5 minutes I’d have most of them saying “oh yeah. Didn’t look at it that way.”

Almost to a fault, when I tell people the last UK election was totally rigged, most of them seem so surprised. Ironically few of them voted for Cameron, nonetheless, like zombies they’re clueless to what’s going on. Most people have no idea this election result was decided years ago. The cheating begins with the media & as far as I was concerned it was obvious 3 years ago & I’m not just saying this now – I said it back then! Don’t get me wrong, I’d bet my life they cheated in the vote counting too. For sure, Green Party & UKIP votes were counted as Tory votes. Nearly everyone I spoke to was fed up with the three main parties. They said they were voting for either UKIP or the Greens. Yet, ultimately, it was the media that got Cameron another term.

Now this is where the story becomes interesting. Whenever I’ve had the chance to continue to make my case if only you knew how many times people reacted with “oh yeah. I didn’t look at it that way.” First of all I’d say – “so we had a coalition government made up mainly of Tories, with a sprinkling of Lib-Dem MP’s, right? ……… Oh but weren’t the Lib-Dems bad? It was all the Lib-Dems fault wasn’t it? Would you mind telling me please what was so good about the Tories but so terrible about the LIb-Dems?” BLANK FACE! “Oh but it was the Lib-Dems fault!” Now I could have put the boot in by saying, the media conned you good & proper but ever since I read Mark Twain’s great quote “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled” I realised subtlety is the way forward from here. Don’t kick them when they’re down.


Cameron's Phiolosophy

Cameron’s Phiolosophy

An interesting link regarding the last UK General Election, that’s if you’re into stats. Far as I’m concerned the whole system from top to bottom requires a major overhaul. Rule No 1 – get money out of politics!    –


So I’d say, “you know when Cameron said he’d leave no stone unturned regarding all the Paedophiles in parliament, how do you feel about the fact that not only has he done nothing; HE’S LET THEM OFF! What’s more, do you think the media ever once pressured him to explain himself? If I was a journalist the first thing I’d have said to him at election time – how come you’ve done bugger all about all the child molesters in parliament? Never once was Cameron questioned on this! Same with the Chilcott inquiry. Not a word from the media yet they’re telling us – my God, that Nick Clegg? Listen, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the guy further than I can spit but if Clegg was bad, how bad is Cameron? He keeps telling us to tighten our belts yet he never did a thing to stop banker bonuses. He’s done nothing but help his rich buddies. Do you honestly feel you’re better off?” BLANK FACE! “Well, that’s what Cameron & the media kept telling you. Ecomony’s improving my arse!”

“There’s a whole list I can reel off but let’s just end off with this beauty. Correct me if I’m wrong but when Cameron came to power, the UK & Russia were on friendly terms, right? Well now, we’re enemies! How do you feel about that? We’re talking about a super-power who can destroy us 1000 times over. Are you happy that your family is now at far greater risk? What’s this all about? Why has Cameron made an enemy out of Russia for no good reason & most importantly, why hasn’t the media said a word about this?……….. Now do you see how the media rigged this election? They had all the ammunition under the Sun to BURY Cameron but what most people don’t know is those who own the media desperately wanted him back as Prime Minister. What you or I want doesn’t enter the equation.” Response – “yeah. Didn’t look at it that way. See what you mean.” I felt like saying well you better hurry up & look at it the right way because very soon it could the river!


  • Terry,Colbeck

    The political system is not what we are led to believe ,they are corporations .And corporations are created in order to do one thing and one thing only ,make money

    • Absolutely right Terry. Whatever system we have is archaic. As you say politicians merely represent those above them, the wealthy & powerful as opposed to ordinary who are the very lifeblood of a country.

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