Their aim is to Divide & Conquer. I wonder how all the traitors in Washington DC feel now?

I’ve already seen a few videos where the children of victims did not seem to be grieving enough. It was like Sandy Hook all over again. Whether this was another fake shooting or not really is not so much of an issue. What we do know is this –

No Race War

No Race War


1) There has already been a spate of government sanctioned false flag operations such as the Aurora & Sandy Hook shootings; the Boston Bombing, Add this lot to Charlie Hebdo & the fiasco in Canada – if it isn’t obvious these are all acts of Treason & I’d like to bet Zionists are behind all five events, then i give up. Ea ch & every one of these events coincided with giving credence to what these crooks want. 1 & 2 – gun control. 3 – to see if a major US city could be locked down. 4 – a bullshit exercise to make people believe Muslims are against freedom of speech when in fact the scumbags telling us this are the ones who REALLY want to take our freedoms away. 5 – criminal laws that are an affront to democracy in Canada.

2) The aim is to DIVIDE & CONQUER. Arch scumbag Michael Chertoff didn’t build 800+ Fema camps for nothing. They are trying to goad people into violence. They want to create civil unrest.

3) Once we resort to violence, we are playing the one game we cannot win. We need the Police on our side. We need the army even more. There WILL come a point where the Police & the military will say enough is enough. THEN THE HUNTER WILL BECOME THE HUNTED!

4) The media is our enemy 100%. Mistrust everything they say. Better still switch off. Let their numbers plummet.

5) Do not under any circumstance give up your weapons. People like Diane Feinstein are trying to do this because they want to make sure Zionists stay in control of America.

Finally this is what we need to show these traitors – black & white people in solidarity – you know why? BECAUSE ALL LIVES MATTER! Thanks to Geoffrey Dunnage for the caption




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