There Are No Ifs And Buts About This – Cameron Has Committed Treason. He’s Got To Go!

This is by no means one of my better efforts. I think there’s a limit to how angry you can afford to be if your intention is to put together a quality article. It was bad enough hearing how Cameron had effectively stuck two fingers up to parliament & the people of this country who’d made it absolutely clear – his call for direct military intervention in Syria was emphatically rejected. we did not want this; we told him, yet he still went ahead & used our armed forces in a conflict we have no right being in.


The truth is, they cheated to make this stuck up war-mongering twat, leader of the Tory Party. He then becomes PM with 36% of a 65% turnout which means less than 1 in 4 eligible voters voted for him. He then proceeded to do everything his Zionist overlords could have asked of him; they naturally returned the compliment by making sure he’d be re-elected for another term. Even though the media cushioned him throughout his tenure, never highlighting any of his blatant lies, massive election fraud was required to get him in again.


So, why should we even be surprised. Cameron proved he’s an out-and-out cheat who makes his living out of lying. He’s been involved in several frauds but if the media impose a blackout on all the shenanigans, the vast majority of the public will remain oblivious. I can give a whole list of contentious issues but here’s two obvious ones – Cameron has buried the Pedophile & Chilcott inquiries. You’d think people could work this much out themselves. No siree. THEY NEED THE MEDIA TO TELL THEM WHEN & WHAT THEY SHOULD GET ANGRY ABOUT!


And so it seems with this recent case of skulduggery. To think Cameron had the nerve to bomb Syria on the sly, defying parliament & the people of this country. This is an act of Treason for Christ sake & yet……… apart from RT giving the story some milage, the contemptuous Zionist controlled media once again has virtually turned a blind eye to this scandal of outrageous proportions. And so, if this little rant hasn’t upset your chemicals, click the link below for a far bigger one!


Please – sign this petition. I KNOW, WE NEED TO DO A LOT MORE! It goes without saying write letters; send e-mails; let as many MP’s as possible know YOU’RE AS MAD AS HELL! We simply have to pile on the pressure. Sign & share is a starter…..


Here’s a link that resemble news…… Behind the scenes you can be sure many are seriously pissed off about this.

Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for this caption


Law unto himself


It is beyond the boundaries of sanity to declare there even exists a war on terror when for the world it appears the US and UK couldn’t be doing more to create terrorism! I mean if you had to ascertain what RULE NO.1 would be for manufacturing Jihadists and fanatics, all you’d have to do is adopt Cameron’s foreign policy. It’s nailed on – IF YOU WANT TERRORISM, BOMBING ARAB AND MUSLIM NATIONS THAT HAVE NEVER LIFTED A FINGER AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF BRITAIN WILL DO IT EVERY TIME! 

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