It’s not George Galloway at his best but the announcement he’ll be standing as a candidate in next year’s election for london’s mayor is good news indeed. It’s a cast-iron certainty Londoners can do no better than have Galloway as their Mayor but to have the great Max Keiser as his economic advisor too, truly makes it the dream package. Therefore, regardless of what the entire Zionist controlled media say from now to the election & you can be sure they’ll not say one good word, if the election is fair, Galloway will win by a landslide! There’s only one problem with this. If it’s a dream package for the people, then you can be sure it’s a nightmare for crooks like Cameron & most importantly, those who control him. So I’ll stick my neck out & say this is what will happen in 11 months –


1) The media will display the most blatant bias against a man of peace.

2) In desperation they will overdo it & thus only succeed in pushing more people over to the Galloway vote.

3) As a result, the media will do everything they can to make Boris Johnson look good, just so……

4) They can say……. oooooohhhh, this one’s too tight to call! That lie worked a treat in the general election.

5) In the meantime the Zionists will make sure that they count the votes.


Galloway for Mayor

Galloway for Mayor

Thanks to Marilyn Wisbey for this link.


6) As a result somewhere in the region of half of Galloway’s votes gets will be counted as votes for the pompous Tory twat Boris Johnson.

7) The Internet will be rife with videos that show that blatant election fraud had taken place.

8) This ‘shock/horror’ news will be ignored & just to make it seem like it never happened, no mention will be made anywhere in the mainstream media.

9) The Police will acknowledge they’ve received evidence of electoral fraud. They say they’ll be looking into it, which means…….

10) They will do bugger all!


This is not the first time someone who cares for the truth has criticised Galloway so I thought I’d include my response –

I stand by what I say Barbara & now that you’ve made your point which I fully respect & understand, I will now point out a classic example of how people who know the system is corrupt to the core, nevertheless can’t wait to put their worst foot forward. Who said any politician is sincere? The very nature of politics demands a certain level of deceit. One cannot survive as a politician without being as slippery as an eel! We all know this! But do you think I don’t know that Galloway has never said anything about 9/11? Am I that dumb? Of course I’m smart enough not to slam Galloway for this because I know he’s one of the few who stands out like a beacon on many topics that we do truly care about. Frankly, I’d be a complete idiot to do such a thing! Yet, in the past, whenever I’ve posted anything about Galloway in regards to his stance on the illegal war in Iraq & the fact he’s a lone voice in the wilderness in the quest to see Blair tried as a war criminal, as well as the fact he stands toe to toe with the Palestinians, people still criticise me by saying Galloway never says anything about 9/11!!!! WELL DONE ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY INTO THE HANDS OF THE MEGA CROOKS WHO ARE SCREWING US! TALK ABOUT GETTING ONE’S TACTICS ARSE ABOUT FACE!


  • Linda Morrison


  • Sam

    Completely agree, George Galloway is the only British politician I could bring myself to vote for and I understand why he can’t mention 911, I almost wish I lived in London so I could vote for him

  • catherine szajer

    Totally agree with you Michael. George is a man of integrity and may not be perfect but who is? If he’s got Max Keiser on his team it will be fun to watch the media squirm. Looking forward to it. Just wish I could vote.

  • After reading your cntemoms, I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve made multiple errors within your sentences in regards to the English rules on grammar and mechanics. I believe the most rational decision with deciding to correct one’s flaws would be to ensure that you’ve taken the necessary steps to minimize your own.

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