Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister this country’s ever had

Politics aside, only blithering idiots don’t realise, unlike most politicians, Jeremy Corbyn is a decent man. Yet the media slate him at every opportunity. Apparently it’s a bad thing caring about pensioners & the disabled or perish the thought, if you’re looking to close tax loopholes for the super wealthy. Worse still if you’re vehemently opposed to war. So, I thought I’d do my bit to try & redress the balance.
I believe Blair & Cameron both committed Treason & so deserve the firing squad. So what if I say Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister this country’s ever had? She’s committed Treason too. Like Blair & Cameron, she’s worked against the best interests of the people of Britain. No. What clinches it for me is she’s made an enemy out of Russia not because there was any genuine reason to but because she was told to. She sold us down the river for a bunch of lunatic Zionist Banksters hell bent on domination, a New World Order.
Now if it was Outer Mongolia or Albania, this would still be a national scandal. If the media did its job anyone indulging in such shenanigans would be forced to resign. However, to tell blatant lies about a nation that can destroy us 1000 times over in two seconds flat? This traitor, this pedophile protector is playing with our lives as if we’re worthless! Now ask yourself, why is the media constantly attacking the leader of the opposition yet is failing so dreadfully to take the worst UK Prime Minister in history to task?


  • patrick cmceneaney

    Theresa May done her upmost to make Russia the UKs enemy the Question is Why? . I agree she is the worst PM Britain ever had , I can think of three reasons , One is they want to make Russia weak another is they don’t like how successful Russia is in helping the Syrian Leader Assad stay in power an excellent leader to boot!! then Britain lost out in there bid for the world cup.

    • The main reason is because the Russians stepped in to help Assad. All this mayhem in the Middle East is for the benefit of Israel. It is all in accordance with ODED YINON’s plan to create Greater Israel. It meant taking out 7 Arab/Muslim nations; Syria being the 6th; Iran is the final stage. General Wesley Clark actually spilled the beans on this. This is why 9/11 was planned & executed by Mossad & dual national Zionists. The media was entirely complicity because as per usual, immediately the alleged ‘perpetrators’ were named. The media never once asked real questions. Putin was the only one to stand up to the Zionists who control both the US & UK. Literally the day after the US backed off from military intervention in Syria because of Russia I said these very words – WATCH THEM NOW THROW THE KITCHEN SINK AT PUTIN! People should know the most vindictive people on the planet by a mile are Zionists!

  • Theresa May is scum – period !
    She is indeed the worst PM Britain has ever had & obviously this shows up in her day to day farcical “leadership”!
    She has abandoned the needy in Britain,in favour of the wealthy elite who she unhesitatingly supports & her austerity measures are largely responsible for the current spate of crime throughout the UK.
    She is a champion of Islam in the West & is responsible for the rapid rate of islamification in the UK – i have heard her make two speeches in just over one week in parliament,praising islam & all those who adhere to it !
    It’s no wonder she is called “Sharia May” in certain quarters !
    The Skripal & Syria narratives have virtually fallen through now,but still she refuses to see reason & that of course is evident by her decision to participate in the recent strikes on Syria,with no really convincing evidence of the respective involvement of Russia in Salisbury & the false-flag chemical attack in Dhouma.-Syria.
    When it comes to the Brexit negotiations,one begins to wonder if we will ever leave the EU – she has engaged in a series of deliberate stalling tactics & now being almost at the 2 year mark since the 2016 referendum,next to nothing positive has so far been achieved in a decisive way to remove us from that bloc.
    In almost all areas,she has shown herself to be weak & vacillating in practically all aspects of her tenure as PM !
    I wonder what will take place in 2020 during the general elections – will she remain as PM for further 5 years post 2020,or will she be forced to resign shortly after the elections ? – i sincerely hope that she might possibly exit from politics by 2020.

  • They’re desperate to buy as much time as possible. She should never have been PM. She fought no leadership contest. Then the media never swcrutinsed or even mentioned all the major screw ups she’s managed while they slaughter Corbyn. This means had the media been impartial, Corbyn would be PM. I’m sure they rigged the local elections & expect more of the same. This is a campaign to stop JC becoming PM. They are literally pulling out all the stops.

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