Theresa May & Maria Zakharova: Difference in quality & ability as wide as the Grand Canyon

Taken from a piece I wrote on 25 September 2014 – 

Syria Crisis: The Sixth Stage of A Pre-9/11 Conceived Plan


“It is for this reason I say Putin’s attempt to bring about an end to the plan to take out Syria & Iran, admirable as it was, was wishful thinking. In previous articles I’ve stated – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP! So even though Putin’s popularity had soared, I thought the Zionists must be fuming! A year to this day on FB I wrote – WATCH THEM NOW THROW THE KITCHEN SINK AT PUTIN…. and just look at what’s happened! Putin hates homosexuals; the Sochi Olympics isn’t worth a bar of soap; bombs start going off in Russia; Prince Charles steps out of his pram – Putin is bad news! Then the illegal takeover in Ukraine by a Zionist billionaire…. forget about all the atrocities committed by Poroshenko…. IT WAS ALL PUTIN’S FAULT! Then the downing of flight MH17. Without anyone having a chance to investigate, the entire corporate media blamed Putin even though he had nothing to gain from this heinous act. Zionist puppet leaders in the West proceeded to blame Putin – sanctions were imposed…. then more sanctions & when Russia finally negotiated a truce so that humanitarian aid could be sent in to the embattled civilians in East Ukraine…. MORE SANCTIONS WERE IMPOSED! While the media ignored damning evidence & the fact Zionist imprints were all over the downing of flight MH17, they even had the temerity to claim Russian humanitarian relief was actually their forces invading Ukraine! This is all in one year! I’ll admit – my impression of what throwing the kitchen sink entailed was nothing like what’s occurred. In short the Zionists have instructed their puppets in the West to make an enemy out of Russia & by doing so are placing the lives of all the people they’re supposed to represent in serious jeopardy!”


Here’s the whole piece. Sadly but typically the videos I placed in this article have been taken down –


And, unless you are blind as a bat, you can clearly see the Zionists have not stopped! Their assault, as per usual, is unrelenting. This is how they operate. That was 3 1/2 years ago & considering what’s happened since, especially to RT, I simply cannot get over what’s just happened. I tried to post this comment below on RT & they gave me a knock-back! I mean are you kidding me. The way they’re being attacked you’d think they’d want people to spill the beans on the you know who’s. RT put this article up – 

Who actually poisoned the Skripals? These are some of the top theories


So I said….

WHAT ABOUT MOSSAD? They’ve been doing this sort of thing for ages – the Lavon Affair, the attack on the USS Liberty, 9/11 – one can go on & on! I mean isn’t anyone going to state the obvious? What’s critical here is only those who own the media can get away with such skulduggery. THAT’S WHY ZIONISTS CONDUCT FALSE FLAGS FOR FUN! Who owns the media? Answer – ROTHSCHILD ZIONISTS!


Since the media & Western politicians are so keen to blame Russia, one is obliged to ask what have they done to incur the wrath of Israel & the Zionists? Answer – They went to the aid of President Assad in order to stop yet another moderate Arab nation from being destroyed. Note: the worst Arab/Muslim nations in terms of human right violations, the ones most tyrannical – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar & Kuwait TO THIS DAY REMAIN PROTECTED BY THE WEST & THE MEDIA! So the chronic double standards are there for all to see.


Then when one considers the West’s track record in ‘bringing democracy’ to other nations, how can anyone not see this as a massive con trick? So what’s this really all about? Answer – Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan to create Greater Israel! Is there any damning evidence to suggest this is the case? Check out General Wesley Clark’s admission soon after 9/11 that the plan all along was to take out the 7 Arab/Muslim nations. Needless to say Saudi Arabia, a country that for no discernible reason is bombing the shit out of totally innocent Yemeni civilians, is not among the nations Israel wants taken out.



This is why Putin is being attacked from all sides. HE’S THE ONLY ONE STANDING UP TO THE WARMONGERING ZIONISTS! I’ve said it a million times & I ain’t gonna stop – Western governments are occupied territories! When in the blazes is this penny going to drop? We have the entire mainstream media, which time & again has shown it lies through every orifice, owned by Zionists. We have a US government that is literally owned by Zionists. We have the Tory government where almost every Tory MP is a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel & we have the even more ridiculous situation where all those causing grief for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are MP’s who belong to the group Labour Friends of Israel. These traitors actually had the temerity to jeer their own leader & all JC said was –



Labour divided after Corbyn refuses to condemn Kremlin without more evidence


The way the media & Parliament are going so over the top you’d think JC head-butted the local vicar. I defy anyone who disagrees with Corbyn here. What he says is plain common sense. In fact I’ll go further & say if you think any different you have to have the brains of a rocking horse. As for the traitors in the media pushing this Zionist narrative, I would love to ask all of them, ‘don’t you lot have families & children? Do you actually believe you’re immune to nuclear radiation? Excuse me for thinking so but due to your actions, we’re moving ever-closer to nuclear Armageddon. What’s the matter with you? Are you all completely mad?’


As I said the other day, when Israel conducts targeted assassinations nobody says a word. It’s bad enough the media neglects to highlight this but even then, I find it hard to imagine how anyone can fall for the garbage we’re being sold. And quite how the hell we ended up with such a treacherous, hideously inept PM I’ll never know. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the case of saying Theresa May is an absolute embarrassment. The problem is as well as being a traitor, she’s fast-becoming a very dangerous woman. We need to rid ourselves of this bitch!


But just to give some idea of the gaping quality differential between our Prime Minister & the woman Putin has as a mere spokesperson, just look at the way Maria Zakharova handles every question thrown at her. It’s like a controlled Gatling-gun, barrelling out info like nobody’s business. She makes Theresa May look worthless. Personally I’d love to have Zakharova as our PM. Intellectually May is so far behind it’s almost laughable. The fact Zakharova positively oozes class has little to do with it. I’ve never been one for image alone. However, I feel it’s worth mentioning – in comparison to US news readers & presenters who literally are so made up I feel I could get silicon poisoning just looking at them, Zakharova is drop-dead gorgeous. Thanks to Linda Wal for this video clip (13.04).



Finally a word or two about that awful little wretch Gavin Williamson. This prick had the nerve to tell the Russians to go away & shut up. Well quite how the nation isn’t up in arms I’ll never know. How can a pipsqueak like this play with our lives? What I do know is, if I ever bumped into this piece of shit, I would punch him in the face as hard as I possibly could. You’ve got to hand it to the Russians though. I’d have erupted if a little runt like Williamson had said that about my country! Man, we are playing with fire.





  • The ugly face of Western “democracy”.

    “We don’t need facts, we have an agenda!”

  • Ted Duggan

    They really are now dictating to us what they are doing ….The masses have become sheep and they will follow these bastards over the cliffs …. people need to wake up BUT they follow the biased news outlets and think oh it must be true it is on the mainstream news … Fools.

    Look at the BBC Newsnight program …. A picture of JC photoshopped in the front of the Kremlin and with a photoshopped hat on as well …… Evan Davis laughed at it when when Owen Jones had a go at the BBC …. They are now officially slagging off ANY opposition …… Disgusting pieces of shit ……. GREAT Article Michael …. As usual & I am proud to call you my friend …. Keep up the GREAT Work …. I have shared this

    • Thanks Ted – I actually feel a lot more people are seeing through this. The media is hiding this fact

      • Yes-that’s so true,but unfortunately there are so many brain-dead people out there,that it’s just frightening – people who cannot reason for themselves & tha’s exactly what these traitorous left-wing politicians want and love – hordes of non-thinking brain dead that they can easily control and manipulate !

        • Yes but a prediction I made a few years ago based on the premise, once one starts telling whoppers then there’s no going back, I said the lies can only become so preposterous only the dumbest of the dumb will be left believing what we’re being told. I feel we’re fast-approaching this point.

  • All of what you have stated in your article is in fact the absolute truth !
    A 2 year old child could see through this deception !
    Theresa May (Treasona Dismay) & all that pile of jumped-up shit who sit in parliament follow her blindly(while chanting their continuous anti Putin/Russia mantra),especially our foreign minister Bojo (the clown !) & Gavin Williamson – the West hate Putin because he refuses to hand over Russia with all it’s assets of land/forests/minerals/oil/gas etc to the West,and of course it’s military defence systems/nuclear stockpile.
    For once Corbyn is right in what he said about gaining all of the true facts about this false-flag attacks before taking any sort of action against Putin/Russia !
    Unfortunately we are scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of leadership within the British political system !
    With a 2 party system which is never going to change (much the same as the US)what chance do we realistically have of stopping zionism ?!
    Many British people are afraid of most of the Labour policies & dread their possible future return to power.
    I have heard of the tales of anti-semitism within the ranks of Labour & i’m not sure exactly how much credence can be attached to them – if there is indeed a fair amount of truth in that,i sometimes wonder if even Labour might be a better proposition than the Tories to lead Britain !
    The Tories do exactly as they please,as they know that there is no effective opposition to them – perhaps we might get a better PM by 2020 (if we’re not all dead by then !),although that’s somewhat difficult to say – i would personally bet on JRM as being the sole individual in parliament who could lead us out of the mess we’re currently in !
    I even doubt the sincerity of TM when it comes to the Brexit negotiations & indeed this recent false-flag event might turn out to be an excuse to bind us to the EU forever more !
    It’s an absolutely horrific situation to be in !
    It’s indeed true that Maria Zhakarova is a truly wonderful spokes person in all aspects – a Russian general once told her that only a kalashnikov was more beautiful than her !
    TM needs to be impeached,which will probably never happen,but it’s a thought anyway !

  • Walter Cairns

    I am not even sure that Skripal and his daughter were actually poisoned. Where are the pictures – as we had with Litvinenko? Where is the manhunt for the perpetrators.? Where are the BBC cameras outside the hospital where the Skripals are allegedly being treated? It all bears the hallmarks of a false flag event courtesy of Mossad.

    • Spot on there Walter though I’d be frankly astonished if anyone believes the official account. I think the Zionists are getting desperate

    • It’s definitely false-flag – what about the other people in the pub – how come they did not end up the same way ?!
      One would have thought that if it were a genuine attack with nerve gas that most if not all patrons inside that pub would have gone down as well !
      I’m no expert on biological warfare,but even so,it seems that something is amiss here !
      I think the zionists are getting desperate & will stage anything possible at any time or place to discredit Russia !

      • Why do the Zionist hate Russia – Thousand of Jews live in Russia – this is weird – Is it because of Syria?

      • 100% correct again. Of course the very fact the perfectly logical question you’ve just raised hasn’t been mentioned by the media should raise alarm bells everywhere. I guarantee if you’d have said this on the radio you’d have either been unceremoniously cut off with the scumbag presenter accusing you of some unpatriotic bullshit or you’d have been fobbed off with some lousy excuse as to why others did not succumb to the poison. Most significantly of all, the presenter will not for one second entertain the very notion Theresa May is lying her sweet arse off. This cannot even enter the thought process. What people need to ask is this – SINCE THE MEDIA WAS INSTRUMENTAL IN TELLING REPEATED LIES ABOUT WMD’S, SADDAM’s LINK TO AL QAEDA & THE IDEA HE COULD ATTACK ANY EUROPEAN CITY WITHIN 45 MINUTES, THEN WHAT WON’T THE MEDIA & POLITICIANS LIE ABOUT?

  • Why do the Zionist hate Russia – Thousand of Jews live in Russia – this is weird – Is it because of Syria?

    • This is a longer story than most folk could ever imagine. This ‘feud’ started in 1817 at the Congress of Vienna where the Rothschilds were all set & ready to hoodwink European leaders into establishing what effectively would have been a New World Order where the Rothschilds Banksters had ultimate control. Tsar Alexander though got wind of their plan & set about warning the chief protagonists. Nathan Mayer Rothschild swore that some day he or his descendants would destroy the Tsar Alexander entire family & descendants. Unfortunately he was true to his word & 102 years later Rothschild funded Bolsheviks would act upon that promise.
      In the following so-called ‘Bolshevic Revolution’ the Ashkenazi Zionists proceeded to murder 66 million Russians, often in the most brutal manner. All this is chronicled in Alexander Solzhenisten’s book “200 TEARS TOGETHER.” Though this man won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1970 the Rothschild managed to impose a virtual worldwide ban on this book. However, somehow the Russians managed to survive. Quite how much this was down to the creation of Israel is unknown. The fact is most Israelis (80-90%) originate from Russia, notably Khazaria which is a region now known as Georgia.
      What you say about Syria is entirely correct. Like I’ve stated in several articles, the moment Putin stepped in to stop yet another Arab/Muslim nation being destroyed, I said watch them now throw the kitchen sink at Putin. This was back in Sept 2013. In short the Zionist put a new meaning to the word vindictive. WE SHOULD ALL BE ON OUR GUARD BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT HESITATE WHEN IT COMES TO COMMITTING MASS-MURDER. They’ve already proved that but as I’ve tried to explain, the Rothschilds made sure as few as possible knew the facts.

  • FreddieMays

    Loved this article, especially your kind words to Gavin the “runt” Williamson

    He needs a good slap. This has to be the result of school bullying – look what he has become.

    I admire the reserve of Sergei Lavrov.

    “Following the comment, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described 41-year-old Williamson as “a nice young man,” who is trying to get his place in history, but “lacks upbringing.” “

  • venner

    Tories == Zionist, it’s a no brainer, the Tories are the party of the British wealthy elite, does anyone believe the Rothchilds would vote for anything else?
    Zionists represent the same Capitalist greed, wealth and power, as they have for the last 2000 years and they will destroy anything or anyone who represent a threat to that.
    Jesus was their first well documented victim to die for that very reason and many hundreds of millions more have met the same fate since.

    • Absolutely true !
      However with our two-party political system does not (unfortunately) allow for much change of any type !
      At least Corbyn for once showed a great deal of common sense & cool-headedness when he advised May to find out the true facts and search for exact evidence before blaming Russia for the Skripal attack,which appears to be false-flag !
      Could he possibly become a better leader ?!

      • Yes indeed Terence. In a way I think what they’ve done to Corbyn will backfire. Only the truth stands up to scrutiny & since Russia had nothing to do with this bullshit, once again more & more people will realise they’re being lied to by the media & the Tories. In fact I’d like to bet if a national poll was taken, the vast majority of the country would be in total accordance with Jeremy Corbyn.

        • True indeed Michael !
          Surely by now many people can see through TM & the Tories ?!
          Could that possibly mean that by 2020,we might get to the flip-side of the coin & see Labour win,with Corbyn becoming the next PM ?!

          • That bitch May shouldn’t even be in power now. It’s a joke how the media gives her such an easy ride. Sure. In a fair election JC would win by a mile but a lot can happen in that time. You can be sure the Zionists will do everything to stop JC becoming PM.


      • I personally regard zionism as being as bad as Islam !

      • venner

        Yes I agree but I think it is important to recognize that modern capitalism is a Zionist tool, designed to monetize everything so to provide those who have wealth with the means to own and control everything and to subjugate the working people and reduce them to living out their lives as wage slaves while having no avenue to anything else.
        That is why I despise Milton Freidman I would like to dig that SOB up and give his bones to my dog.
        He was behind both Reagan and Thatcher, all about deregulation and privatization and everyone wonders why and how the Zionists came to own everything. That is because they were the criminal money cartel that already had the money they just needed governments to fix the law so they could use it to buy everything that up to that point, the people owned.
        It would be no different to allowing a member of a S.American drug cartel to influence government policy to the end that cocain can be used in exchange for anything. Who gains? Obviously the S.American drug cartel that already has billions of dollars worth.
        Thatcher/Reagan era privatisation and deregulation handed everything to the zionist, because they already had control of money. Everything they could not have previously controlled because of regulation and state ownership became theirs for the taking.

        • Yes you’re correct there !
          Look at who we have in power – Theresa May/conservatives – even their party name is misleading !
          They practice anything but conservatism within the political/economic sphere !
          May’s policies – practically all of them are shambolic at best !
          She even tried at one point to model herself on Thatcher,with her “this lady’s not for turning” quote in parliament !
          She’s certainly no Thatcher – she happens to be the U-turn lady !
          Corbyn is continually villified from virtually all sides-even from within his own party,but i nevertheless sometimes wonder if he might not possibly make a far better leader than May ?!
          This recent false-flag attack in Salisbury (regardless of whoever might be responsible) has served as a smokescreen to divert attention away from her totally inept leadership in all aspects !
          From my own personal perspective she is a zionist tool in practically every respect !
          I see her as being far more dangerous than Corbyn !
          In many respects,she is leading this country to destruction & that includes the Brexit negotiations,which have become a disaster – she simply bends in whichever direction the political winds blow,be they favourable or not !
          Hopefully she will not be PM beyond 2020 !

        • Couldn’t agree more – deregulation & privatisation opened the way for daylight robbery

  • venner

    Michael, I liked your comments about Maria Zakharova, I watched her on YouTube, a classy lady for sure. I hope Russia is proud of her, they should be.

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