There has now been 3 explosions in China. The trouble is it doesn’t matter what the inns & outs are because whichever way you look at this there is no possible chance this could be a coincidence & all at a time when the Chinese devalued the Yuan which precipitated a slide in the world’s markets. What is one supposed to think here? Instead Obama threatens sanctions on China because of alleged Cyber theft! Now consider this –


1) The media keeps saying Israel is merely defending itself! 

2) The media keeps saying ISIS is an Islamic terrorist group.

3) The media keeps saying we’re fighting a war on terror.

4) The media keeps saying Russia is responsible for all the trouble in Ukraine.


Now what have I always advised people to do when it comes to listening to the media & wanting to know the truth?

Believe the exact opposite!

So if Obama is saying China is indulging in Cyber theft………. Anyway, I’m know what I know & therefore here, I only know enough to say that whatever the hell is going on – I don’t bloody well like it! I’ll leave the rest for Kev Baker to explain in vids 1 & 2. I believe most of the time Kev talks a whole load of sense. When he does go a bit OTT I usually can understand why. I don’t often post his stuff but, like I said, I don’t bloody well like what’s going on.



Remember – whatever the media says believe the exact opposite………



Special thanks to John Miranda for these links & vids –

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