This ‘ATTACK’ in Paris was a self-inflicted act. This is all about creating an appropriate climate in order to usher in new laws that will strip us of our fundamental rights.

This ‘ATTACK’ in Paris was a self-inflicted act. This is all about creating an appropriate climate in order to usher in new laws that will strip us of our fundamental rights.


False Flag!


1) Think about how we expected this. We knew False Flag attacks like this were going to occur.

2) It undoubtedly will create civil unrest which we know is precisely what they want. Divide & conquer – it’s the same old story. 

3) And all this is occurring when our wretched politicians forever claim they’re combating terrorism. Well we’ve had 14 years of their policies & so am I not totally within my rights to say – IF ANYTHING THE SITUATION IS GETTING WORSE! YOU LOT ARE DOING A LOUSY JOB!

4) Are our Zionist puppet politicians ever going to admit maybe we’re not very good at fighting terror or better still, maybe we need to re-think this crazy strategy of reducing Arab nations to rubble.

5) And who is benefiting from the West’s ludicrous foreign policy? Israel & only Israel. And Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel is the smoking gun. We also know Zionists exert enormous influence on our pedophile loving politicians.

6) How come these ‘attacks’ always occur where Zionist puppets abound? More to the point – if we are really dealing with fanatical Islamic terrorists, how come they NEVER attack their greatest enemy Israel? 

7) Of course the only way it all makes perfect sense is if you understand who the real terrorists are & ultimately who really controls ISIS. I’ve gone blue in the face saying ISIS is entirely an Israeli operation.

8) The mere notion the influx of these refugees who’ve lost everything could be behind these coordinated attacks is so ludicrous it beggars belief. These people are lucky to be alive.

9) And what of all the sophisticated spying technology our governments are loathed to tell us about – how in the blazes can fanatics acquire such weaponry & organise such military style attacks without anyone knowing?

10) And last but not least – no one will claim responsibility yet the finger of blame will be donated to Islamists, even though this serves no purpose whatsoever to Arabs, Muslims or anyone. However, this event is absolutely just what the doctored ordered for the Zionists! EXPECT MORE OF THE SAME! IF ISIS TERRORISTS ARE OPERATING IN EUROPE, IT’S BECAUSE OUR LEADERS ARRANGED IT!  





Oh & by the way – once again the alleged terrorists made a point of screaming out ALLAH U AKBAR!






The whole truth


  • ddd

    Shut up asshole. These kind of things happen because of paranoids like you.

    • Nearly right because these things happen because there are way too many ignorant twats who can’t see the wood from the trees. Instead spitting blood why don’t man up & explain why I may be wrong? I couldn’t have made the bullet points more clear. Yet your whole argument is ‘Shut up asshole.’ Yeah. Way to go.

      • He doesn’t even give a name, just ddd,

        • Yes indeed Roger. though I’m used to a lot worse from people who give names. I’m sure this vermin is a guy called Yuval Shapiro who goes round boasting how he likes killing people. Nice people…….

          From: pavel gutermacher Subject: your muslim “friends” will behead you soon

          Message Body:
          my friend the muslims will soon slaughter you in europe just likethe turks did to your family in ww1

        • Kimberly

          We’ll call him “Sleepy”

      • All I have to say given the fact anyone can allah u Akbar those that can speak and come off as some sort of muslim extremist . We have got to be smart enough to read in between the lines because these assholes that would like us to believe that it is muslims behind this have been doing it for years let’s see the Lavon affair and the bombing of King david hotel I think it was in Bethlehem the merciless BOMBING of USS liberty, I think any terroristic act that was committed in the Middle East I bet dirty ZIONIST had their hands in it . We were scammed and I do believe ZIONIST israel is desperate because the truth is out. Talk about crazy shit these jerks won’t go through to try to achieve their lunatic agenda by a greater israel .

      • That is funny iWork with one of those .

      • Yas

        Just thinking…
        “i organise a military regimen, that will listen to nobody except my government; which, when blamed will never stain my government; which works for my government; which will be my asset in foreign lands…
        With it, i will wipe lands clean, evacuate people to other countries, ( let them be called refugees, immigrants or whatever), and wil make room to enlarge my territories..
        And then i will laugh at the world telling them that while you were busy making dumb useless laws to “protect” (limit their freedom, i.e enslave) your citizen, i was laying the foundation of the promised land ( GREATER ISRAEL ) for the GOD CHOSEN NATION…”

      • Kev Mack

        Well first Istarl is fired upon on avetage of 40 times a day, you seemed to miss that. You also seem to be convinced that this was ‘staged’ which hints at an age group or mindset that isnt as thoroughly aware as it should be. Not corrupted France seeking to strip someone’s rights, but the Islamic Empire exercising its Empirical Agenda carving a legal precedeNT

    • tfa

      Why would israel want to take america down when there are probably more Jews there than Israel itself? Nice try though

      • Nice try? What kind of a damn fool question is that? Perhaps you should ask Netanyahu whether he has Semitic blood in his veins first because if you weren’t so brainless you’d know 80% of Israelis are originally from Khazaria & therefore do not possess a drop of Semitic blood. Then you can ask him why in 2001 he said – “ONCE WE SQUEEZE ALL WE CAN OUT OF THE UNITED STATES, IT CAN DRY UP & BLOW AWAY!”

        • Kev Mack

          I regret reading this post. Poorly conceivrd and a waste of time.

          • What aren’t you in control of yourself? It’s become abundantly clear you’re unable to think straight because just about everything you’ve said is nonsense. Anyone who doesn’t realise those Paris attacks were staged is an idiot, plain & simple. With almost everyone carrying a mobile from all the people involved there is virtually no footage of the attacks. What does it take for you to work out this is impossible?

    • Sam

      That’s a particularly brainless comment matey, with your grasp of world events I think you should keep your stupid fucking mouth shut! Hook line and sinker they have you, how on earth could this be the fault of truth seekers? It is YOUR FAULT if anyone’s, you dipshit, it is your opinions they seek to influence and your liberties they hope to take away! Good work Michael, keep it up mate!

    • Syed

      You are a zionist asshole….
      You are part of the crime commited in this world…
      People like you should perish!!

  • Julia

    I am sick of the media hyping these events with marathon coverage. I am sick of politicians saying this can be avoided if law abiding sane citizens are deprived of the right to own guns. I am sick of more of my rights and privacy disappearing because of something I did not do. Why would radical muslims attack France when their enemy Israel is so much closer? Is this all a ruse to make arabs enemy #1? Is this a pretext for war against arab nations? Who benefits?

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  • David Jocelyn

    I can’t believe the amount of blogs I’ve read online shouting false flag. It’s a trap!!

    So you reckon it’s the Jewish Zionists right? The new big bad wolf. Or maybe the same old wolf in different clothing. Hitler had the right idea when it came to the Jewish problem. Why don’t we have strong leadership anymore?

    • Have you ever thought why? Can you not see with your own eyes that Israel is the one country in the world where international laws don’t apply & stealing other people’s land & committing Genocide is simply ‘defending oneself?’ Have you ever stopped to think how many lies you’ve been told by this parasitic Rothschild banking dynasty that’s wrought havoc on the entire globe? Instead you take the truth as some vile racist trash yet did I ever once blame Jews? Don’t people like you ever stop to think that why so many people are now speaking out against this barrage of lies? And let me tell you this – if any other group of people were to blame, I WOULD POINT THE FINGER AT THEM! The big giveaway is Mossad’s very motto “through deceit thou shalt do war!”

      Never do you think because you are blinded by hate & the crazy thing is the Jews are going to be the 2nd group of people they annihilate after all the activists & people who’ve been brave enough to speak out are dealt with. Once we’re stripped of all the rights we have WHICH IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT!

      Ask yourself you fool – with all the technology we have these attacks occur at will & even though the ‘terrorists’ are nearly always killed within 30 minutes the Zionist controlled media know exactly who to blame. The terrorists even leave their ID & shout ALLAH! ARE YOU EVER GOING TO STOP & THINK! When are you going to question that after 14 years of this so-called war on terror where Arab & Muslim countries have been reduced to pulp & 10’s of millions of innocent folk have been rendered homeless & our now pathetic refugees, that these terrorist cells appear out of nowhere with all the ammunition under the Sun & this always happens when politicians have been unable to push through the Zionist agenda which the public are never told about? Never once are any politicians held to account for these outrageous security lapses.

      Instead you spout bile like an ignorant moron & that’s what you are because you don’t even know that Jews & Zionists are two entirely different people & as far as I’m concerned if you’re a Zionist, at least have the balls to say so but don’t compare maniacs like Netanyahu to Jews. If you’re Jewish you better start thinking quick because the way things are going we’re running out of time.

    • Syed

      You are a thinker..
      You are right..we all know that paris attack is a zionist attack.
      Because ISIS=Israel

  • Gemma

    I can see your point. But right now, people are mourning the loss of their family and friends while more are coming to terms with being caught in an extremely traumatic event.
    Right now, for me, the suffering and loss is what’s prevailent (sp?). People have died and been scarred and nowhere in this is world is that ok 😕
    Thank you for the post!

    • I know Gemma & I’m sorry. It’s all very depressing but we simply have to counter the media’s narrative. More people were killed in the Russian plane but look at the reaction we are seeing with this particular attack. It’s like “now that the Russians ARE destroying ISIS, let’s ramp up the fear factor again.” IT IS OBVIOUS THIS ATTACK WAS ENGINEERED, JUST AS THE WHOLE WAR ON TERROR HAS BEEN & THE PEOPLE THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE OWN THE ENTIRE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. We simply cannot afford to let them Divide & conquer us. Last year Israel murdered 2200 innocent Palestinian civilians & NOBODY SAID A WORD!

  • Tony

    Why relying on the MSM for your information will leave you clueless:

  • Whyatt.Mann

    Thanks Jews.

  • Adam

    You posted this nonsense before the bodies were even cold, without a full understanding of what the motives may have been. I can almost see you rubbing your hands together in glee, as you hear about this tragedy, you have probably been sitting on this bullshit for weeks, waiting for an excuse to publish it, ioh and today is the day! You vile piece of shit!

    • denis mcgreevy

      Here Adam.go and stick your head under the sand.

      • Adam

        Do you know what, I doubt any of you have any real life experience, at all, You live in your little shells patting each other on the back on how you all really know what is going on. These people who performed this atrocities would have always found a reason to hurt a fellow human, so stop trying to find excuses for them and condone this vile act as you should condone all acts of this nature. Perhaps even show some respect for the loss of innocent lives, instead of using it as a soap box to stand, to spout your bullshit!

        • denis mcgreevy

          Are you even reading what michael is trying to tell you adam? Nobody is condoning this evil shit.Try and connect the dots.

          • Adam

            Do you know what Sam, you and your fellow conspiracy theorists on this site are not much better that the vile people that performed these atrocities, You both are using this tragedy to promote your agenda, as bad as the main stream media you so verdantly complain about. When most people just see the tragedy brought upon us by a minority of violent idiots, you see bullshit politics or this “False flag” nonsense.

          • Anyone who uses that pathetic phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ is brainless. I deal with facts & it’s vermin like you that spur me on.

        • Sam

          Do you know what? I don’t have an agenda mate and the idea that I am almost as bad as the perpetrators of this bloody piece of theatre is frankly laughable! Are you actually serious? And as for false flags being nonsense, well you truly are ignorant of the way the world works and has always worked, I ask again, if you are so offended then why are you here? Get to fuck, you halfwit and leave this to the grown ups! Oh and I think you mean vehemently not verdantly, that makes no sense at all does it?

          • Adam

            No, definitely verdantly

          • Adam

            Full Definition
            1 a :green in tint or color
            b :green with growing plants
            2 :unripe in experience or judgment

            But thanks for trying to correct me again,

          • Sam

            But that doesn’t make sense Adam, I’m not the slightest bit green in any sense of the word! If you are sincere in your feelings then why not spend your time helping? Your motivations are highly suspect, on this site we tend to share Michaels views on many subjects, if you don’t then why not seek out like-minded people to talk with instead of bitching! Why don’t you have a look at some Isis supporters pages and have a pop at them?

          • Well said Sam. Nothing I detest more than someone who hurls personal insults without pointing out where I may be mistaken. This tends to be the case because they have no argument.

    • Sam

      Fuck me, you really are stupid, why are you even reading this site? Haven’t you got anything else to do? Or is it all in a day’s work eh? Shouldn’t you be aiming your vitriol at the Terrorists? No your first reaction is to lash out at the people trying to help – what an utter prick you are! It’s a shame that we will all have to suffer with you, as you deserve what is coming mate, you really do…..

      • Sam

        And I think you mean condemn, not condone, nice work dipshit! Hahaha

        • denis mcgreevy

          Oh jesus.i give’ve subscribed to this site sam so you must have a few brain cells.The vitriol IS being aimed at the terrorists.

          • Adam

            Do you know what Sam, you and your fellow conspiracy theorists on this site are not much better that the vile people that performed these atrocities, You both are using this tragedy to promote your agenda, as bad as the main stream media you so verdantly complain about. When most people just see the tragedy brought upon us by a minority of violent idiots, you see bullshit politics or this “False flag” nonsense

        • denis mcgreevy

          We might have got our wires crossed

        • Well the dipshit has just been ejected from the building!

          • Adam

            Who’s the dipshit, you are all the same, one nutter writing bullshit, waiting for another nutter to praise them for writing said busllshit, so when they write their own bullshit, original nutter will praise new nutter. If sane person arrives and calls bullshit for being busllshit all nutters get affensive, leads to aggression by whole nutter group! Sane person ejected, so bullshit can continue without logic getting in way!

    • On every count, you’re wrong!

  • Hannah Nicole

    What the actual FUCK is wrong with you? You need your head checking. I seriously advise some for of mental health assessment.

  • Sam

    That cognitive dissonance is a bitch ain’t it?

  • Jay

    Thank you ~ all very good and valid points.

    Keep speaking the truth <3

  • richard

    insulting each other = divide and conquer

    The only thing WE ALL should be doing right now is COLLABORATING & EXPOSING the CIA FBI MOSSAD MI5 MI6, these are the very people carrying out these false flag atrocities on behalf of the Rothschilds.

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  • adamson

    i didnt read all the comments but one thing is for sure, israel is behind false flag attacks, they will continue to do them, because they need to keep programming the next generation of kids, as they will grow up in that matrix environment and cannot realise they were duped until later in life, when they have perhaps accumulated more knowledge of the world, but by then they would have been used, and it dont matter to the zionists by then anyway, They fooled all of the people some of the time.
    Also they use psychologists to design the brainwashing system they have, i dont fully understand it, but it goes a bit like putting sheep into a pen with sheepdogs, – putting fear into their hearts, and making them feel threatened, then they can manipulate the laws, and slaughter those nasty foreigners without any objections

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