This could be as big as it gets – Trump reveals himself as 9/11 Truther: Bush Lied, People Died

I said if the media doesn’t like Trump, then I do & vice-versa. What could be more simpler than that? Yet for some reason some people tried to make a big deal out of this by making out I didn’t understand the whole coup & all the rest of the bullshit that goes on in US politics. Do me a favor? These people were greeted with my usual response – ‘trying to earn Brownie points are we? Don’t make me chew you up & spit you out!’
Time & again I’ve stated the candidates in this upcoming Presidential election are so abysmal it’s frightening. In fact, up until today I felt this batch was so unrepresentative of the American people, all mere puppets for the Zionist banking gangsters who for so long have run roughshod over us, more out of hope I stated ‘well at least Trump is his own man. Maybe his ego is so enormous he may even tell the Zionists to take a jump.’ I know it’s long shot but billionaires are a law unto themselves. They’re average human beings but to a fault they believe they are truly exceptional.
Well now I can promise you – there’s been an almighty game-changer. The reason why it seems like nothing major has occurred is because like I’ve said a million times – most people aren’t in control of their emotions & with the vast majority, the media decides when people should get angry & what they should get angry about. If the media fails to report a news item, how are we to know what’s going down? However, when a story does come out – like how Cameron stuck his knob in a dead pig’s mouth – it’s down to the media if it becomes a scoop. Needless to say, they let that monster story die a death….. which is exactly what they’re going to do with this one.
So it’s up to all of you out there to share this story. Bear in mind Jeb Bush is about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit! Only complete morons give a shit about what that toe-rag thinks. So if you happen to be a supporter of Jeb, sorry but you really are the pits! Remember too, the audience is hand-picked by Zionists. They nearly blew it 4 years ago when almost everyone in the audience began shouting ‘RON PAUL, RON PAUL’ when it became painfully obvious he was being given the Spanish archer shot – the EL-BOW! So fair play to Trump for saying of GW –

“He lied. He said there were weapons of mass destruction – there were none. And then they knew there were none.”

It may be all quiet on the media front but I can also promise you, behind the scenes in Israel & at the Rothschild Zionist headquarters, massive eruptions are taking place. I believe this could even be as big as when JFK signed Standing Order 11110 which basically told the Rothschild’s to get their arses out of the Federal Reserve. Their iron-clad control over proceedings could well be under very serious threat. Of course, the media will NEVER tell us this.


Trump Reveals Himself As 9/11 Truther: Bush Lied, People Died




Now the front-runner for the Presidency is talking about 9/11 in a way no candidate, not even RON PAUL, ever has. You can be certain, this is sending massive reverberations among all dual national Zionists, the scum in the media & the very country that’s responsible for pretty much all the shit we’re seeing today – Israel! I’ll go out on a limb too & say something that will surprise many folk – the best candidate Muslims can vote for is Donald Trump. Please don’t argue or insult me on this one. Just look at the bigger picture.


Here’s Press TV’s version of events too –
Now I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – Zionism is to mankind what the most virulent carcinogenic strain is to humans. This disease has literally been allowed to rampage & obliterate all before it. It must be stopped before it wipes us out & you better believe – THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT WANTS TO DO!
However, even though their intentions are as bad as it gets I will also say, if we do somehow end up seizing the initiative so that once again, truth can be the order of the day, not one innocent person must be punished for the evil actions of a relatively small number of people & that means most Jews. It’s not their fault they’ve been duped too. Only the guilty must be singled out! Creating hate is the domain of the power-brokers & the media. I for one do not want to be associated with that lot!


  • jill

    It is good to see in print the words which many are thinking, and that is that Trump knows the score. He knows who is keeping score and who are the cheaters and manipulators of the entire game.
    Trump has become a big problem for the media. His overwhelming support makes them have to focus on him while trying to undermine him at the same time. The recent debate was a fiasco and boy Trump was some ticked off by the arrangement. Perhaps it was the shills in the audience. Trump is much too savvy for the rest of the Zio puppets on that stage. How this all ends is a wait and see, but knowing the government is crooked, the Parties are crooked and the voting machines are going to be rigged regardless, I don’t see any way that the kosher snakes will allow Trump to gain the presidency. I believe Donald’s money is what is keeping him safe for now against that pure evil that has parked itself in Washington and on J Street and Wall Street and K Street.
    All we can do is keep fighting against the sinister cabal.

    • Excellent points Jill. No question Trump is going to have to show he’s not just a seriously smooth talker but a seriously smooth operator too. Up to now he’s excelled himself. The media have to tread rather carefully here. They were able to freeze out RON PAUL even though RP was MORE popular than Trump. However, from the very beginning with RP the Zionists knew they had to stop him. Therefore they made absolutely sure the American people never realised just how popular RP was. This is not the case with Trump. The fact Trump was a well-know personality way before he became a candidate places the media in a rather precarious situation. Everyone knows that Trump is the front-runner & this is huge. The media could end up shooting themselves in the foot big time! It is very interesting & I can assure everyone – the sinister cabal you mentioned has never been so worried!

  • Marvin Sandnes

    Lecture by Aslan from UC Riverside at Willamette U. last week and he says: “the 5 great religions, Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Judaism”. I wondered how Judaism got to be one of the great religions? 1.4 % of Islam, less than .7% of Christian and the guy left out 1/2 the population of the planet in China. Is Judaism one of the “great religions” because of media?

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