This German Glass Sphere will Revolutionise Solar Power on Earth Forever

And I can believe it too. The Sun is by far & away the most amazing asset we have. 28 years ago I read an article in Business Week about a Supernova occurring in the Large Megallanic cloud in 1987. The headline caught my eye – WE ARE THE GRANDCHILDREN OF SUPERNOVAE! I thought that’s as deep as Mariana’s trench! Within a year I learned just about everything I could regarding stars, how they were born, the various ways they die, how they vary in size & output, binary systems, triple star sytems, you name it – it fascinated me.


Did you know if you weighed our entire solar system & then weighed the Sun on its own, you’d discover the rest of the solar system, all the planets, moons, asteroids, comets, gas & dust wouldn’t make up 1% of its weight! Our Sun makes up over 99% of all the mass in our solar system yet it is a very ordinary star. Surface temperature around 5800 c; central core, a balmy 14 million c! It’s made of gas but it behaves more like liquid yet it is 40 times as dense as water! If you took a pin-head of core material & placed it in front of the Sun facing earth, it would be all she wrote. This pin-head of super energised material would effortlessly strip away our entire atmosphere thus exposing Earth to the Sun’s powerful ultraviolet, X-ray & gamma rays. Earth incerepts about one billionth of what the Sun gives out. If we could harness just one second of this, we’d have well over a year’s supply of energy for our planet! Then there’s the good news –


2) It’s FREE!

3) It’s near as damnit NEVER-ENDING! 


Solar ball

Solar ball


Think of what we could have done had the right people been calling the shots. God only knows what would have been had we concentrated our expertise on new technologies rather than the development of state-of-the-art weaponry, which lamentably is the one field where no stone has been left unturned. In the last 100 years, had humans been free to research & develop strictly for the purpose of catapulting mankind forward, regardless of how other companies felt, so that great innovators & scientists would not be in fear of their lives & money could not incur favors, the world today would literally be unrecognisable. Yet we’re not even talking about government subsidies in order to help certain industries along their way. How infuriating must it be for free thinkers that not only do we live in a world where the enormous influence of energy companies has directly stifled new, desperately needed technologies but the companies that have recieved the greatest subsidies are those in the fossil fuel & Armaments industries. How crazy is that?


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If I had to pick an industry where human innovation has deliberately been suppressed, the energy industry wins hands down. In fact one can focus on one particular facet of the industry, the fuel utilized to power motor vehicles – if one considers how the auto industry has evolved & continues to evolve, how can it be possible that for over 100 years petroleum has remained the primary power source, especially since for over half that period it’s been common knowledge burning fossil fuels is having a detrimental effect on the environment & indeed may one day result in a runaway greenhouse effect?


Adding insult to injury, lawmakers turned a blind eye effectively allowing the Oil industry to close ranks & become a cartel. In the mid 80’s a barrel of oil cost a mere $8. There was good reason – production far exceeded demand. This over-supply forced the price down. So all the major oil exporters (OPEC) got together & agreed to quotas – each producer being restricted to x amount of barrels per day. As a result, for 30 years we’ve paid through the nose for an archaic, filthy product that was common as muck! Worse still, what a sad indictment of mankind when one thinks of the countless wars engineered by those seeking to control a piece of this action. This much I know – we better shape up.

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