This is anything but a new Palestinian uprising. This has got Netanyahu’s & Mossad’s evil mitts all over it!

I can’t begin to emphasise how important it is to understand the chain of events that have occurred in the West Bank & Gaza so that people realise this is anything but a Palestinian uprising. Today ITV showed an attack on an Israeli policeman but THEY NEVER SHOWED THIS OUTRAGEOUS VIDEO OF THIS POOR BOY BEING SHOT & THEN HOUNDED BY ISRAELI SCUM! It is essential people must realise, whatever trouble is now occurring was deliberately set up by the Israelis. A few days ago I wrote an article –

Suddenly the Zionist Controlled Media Don’t Want To Say a Word about Russia and ISIS –

In it I stated  

Step 1Give the green light to the IDF to shoot to kill Palestinian stone throwers! We know this is the case.

Step 2In order to encourage Palestinians youths to throw stones when they know the IDF will shoot to kill, send in Israeli agents dressed up as Palestinians. Their job is to mingle with youths & entice them to throw stones. We know this is the case too. Video evidence abounds where we see the enticers suddenly pull out guns & turn on Palestinians they goaded to throw stones.

Step 3 – If that doesn’t get the necessary response shoot to kill unarmed Palestinian women. The IDF will say they were carrying knives & behaving in a threatening manner even though they were surrounded by these IDF cowards. This is certain to spark a wave of Palestinian protests. So far three unarmed Palestinian women have been gunned down mercilessly.

Step 4 – In order to escalate the situation further, utilise a tried & tested trick – announce a rocket was fired into southern Israel. All the idiots out there will believe it even though there’s no deaths or damage & of course, no video evidence whatsoever to back up the claim. This will allow the IDF to steam in & kill a load of Palestinians & then simply say Israel has the right to defend itself. 

Step 5 – Media collaborators will never mention how people who are completely boxed in & denied the very basic essentials could ever possess rocket technology! The story will be stretched out painting Israel as the victim until international condemnation is too much.

Step 6 – While continuing to commit cold-blooded murder, they will bleat like stuffed pigs. They will drag this situation out until their buddies in Mossad & the CIA can conjure up the next move. In the meantime Russia’s destruction of their ISIS forces in Syria will be kept out of the news.

I ask you – isn’t this precisely what has occurred? So when you try & convince people, calmly state steps 1 – 6 & the fact the media never presents the Palestinian side of the story.


I knew it would happen but the UK media is now stooping to the level of sewer rats. We are now virtually on a par with the US media. Not that it hasn’t been all lies for some time now but I’m beginning to think the Zionists have really upped the ante & therefore it is imperative we work harder than ever in spreading the word. I myself have started watching mainstream news again & as much as all the lies have completely upset my chemicals, I realise I have to do this because it allows me to get a clearer picture quicker than if I just listen to RT.


The Israelis are masters at killing two birds with one stone. The entire population of Britain is being kept in the dark as to how they are destroying the very terrorist threat that the West is supposed to be fighting. It is purely down to the media that more people don’t realise ISIS is an Israeli terrorist organisation. However, Putin’s master-stroke snookered the Israelis who realised they had to move fast. They had to create a news item that would deflect attention away from what was going on in Syria & at the same while they murder even more Palestinians the media would see to it that Israel is the victim. And this is exactly what’s happened.



While the BBC & ITV show a level of bias in favor of the belligerent, land-thieving Israelis that beggars belief no one mentions how this has all been set up deliberately by master thug Benjamin Netanyahu. None of the many Israeli crimes are being reported in the media! Everything has been done to entice violence & all the contemptible media do are show what is happening to the poor Israelis. JUST LOOK AT THIS VIDEO! A chap named Brian Mitchell wrote “May God forgive them. For they do not know what they do. Thou shall not kill.” I replied “I think they really do know what they’re doing Brian. That’s what worries me. This is not ignorance; it is pure evil!”


Not that I want you to read this bullshit but just get a load of this headline – Why is the world ignoring a wave of terror in Israel?

I mean you have got to be kidding me. THIS HAS BEEN DELIBERATELY SET UP SO THAT ALL THE WORLD DOES IS LOOK AT WHAT’S OCCURRING IN ISRAEL! Of course the picture painted is the exact opposite of the truth but remember a while back I said when the Israelis lie they tell absolute whoppers. Well here you have it in a nutshell. All media attention has switched to the lies being told in Israel while the fantastic work the Russians are doing in Syria destroying ISIS is going unmentioned!


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