This is the Zionist media for you

Jesus. Are they showing out. I mean what the hell is going on? Rather like the way Jimi Hendrix never played the same guitar solo live, every comment I make has to be different. Well, I can honestly say I never made so many comments in so many different groups before but then the last couple of days have been somewhat hectic. I feel in the current climate I can do some serious damage with a few decent comments here & there. This is one I unashamedly copied & pasted –



THIS IS THE ZIONIST MEDIA FOR YOU! I’m so glad they’re showing out like this. At least maybe now more people will realise why I forever bang on about this. Yet this really should not be happening. You lose; you move on. How can it be possible for the very same people who staunchly profess to be lovers of democracy but then, inexplicably, can’t wait to ignore the most basic rule of democracy? THE ONLY EXPLANATION IS THERE HAS TO BE A HIDDEN TIER OF POWER & THEY DON’T LIKE WHAT’S JUST OCCURRED! In case you still don’t know why I always say this, here it is one more time because it explains everything – 



And not only is the BBC still talking about another referendum on a pathetic EU Question time special today, they’re still going on about this bullshit petition even though any kind of research reveals IT’S ALL A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS! It’s passed 3 million now. That means half those who voted to remain have already signed the petition! I personally do not believe out of the 30 odd million who voted in the UK, no more than 6 million voted to stay in the EU! That’s how much we are being….. no. Wait a minute – I should say……. they’re trying to con us!

EXCLUSIVE: Brexit ‘2nd Referendum Petition’ A 4 Chan Prank: BBC Report It As Real – thanks so much to Maggie McQuoid for this…..


EXCLUSIVE: Brexit ‘2nd Referendum Petition’ A 4 Chan Prank: BBC Report It As Real



I’ve just got to say what a lousy piece of work David Dimbleby is. He’s no fool. He knows exactly what’s going on. Truth is he’d sell his own country down the river just so he can keep his poxy job & as a result the Zionists get what they want. Sickening. As for the contemptuous BBC – the only way they could stoop so low is if Zionists had taken control for only they can lie like this!


However, I managed to watch enough of the show to see the main topic of conversation was immigration. It made me crazy, especially seeing how the UKIP representative on the panel was forever placed on the defensive. Still when the Tory Minister for small business ANNA SOUBRY opened her mouth, quite how I didn’t burst a blood vessel I’ll never know. She plonked her moral high hat on coming out with the usual crap about how she is so pro-immigration & she cares so much for the refugees. I screamed at the TV –


This fake cow became an MP in 2010 & IS NOW A MINISTER. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THIS COULD HAVE HAPPENED IF SHE TOLD CAMERON – DON’T BOMB SYRIA. IT WILL CREATE A TERRIBLE REFUGEE CRISIS. This merely highlights the ungodly level of deception & speaking of immigration, considering they talked so long about ‘all these people coming into Europe’, how can it be possible not one panelist mentioned the integral reason we have this refugee crisis. NOT ONE PERSON MENTIONED THE FACT THIS BASTARD CAMERON WAS POSITIVELY GAGGING TO BOMB COUNTRIES THAT HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG! What kind of a media can ignore this most obvious discrepancy?
GMM health warning: Don’t whatever you do watch the show. There’s a 50 50 chance you’ll be throwing up all over the place!


However on a lighter note I came across this absolutely fantastic caption. I’m so sorry I misplaced the name of the person I took this from. It shows up the media for what they are. Zionists are racists yet they’re doing everything they can to drive wedges between people of the world. They’ve been doing this for years – it’s called DIVIDE & CONQUER! But before you read the caption this was my original comment –


I can honestly say in 60 years of living in the UK, apart from Zionists who are racist through & through, I can count all the racists I’ve ever met on one hand. As for Britain, the very thought of most of us being racists is kind of slaughtered with this amazing caption……..


Being British


Yesterday I came across this brilliant post by Robin Mark Shepperson –
“This is a comment I found on another group under a news story about this petition for a 2nd referendum, I thought it was just so spot on I decided to recreate it here…”
Were you a Remain campaigner? Are you sore about the referendum result? Check out these 10 top self-comforting strategies.
1) Call every white person who voted Leave a “racist”, ignoring the fact that Europeans are also white. Make sure you ignore and marginalise ethnic minority leave voters.
2) Claim that the (huge) turnout wasn’t high enough. 72%? It should have been at least 75%! 80%? It should have been 85%! Make sure to keep moving the goalposts.
3) Make a stupid e-petition demanding another referendum, just like the socialists did when Labour lost last year. We need to keep having referendums until we get the “right” result.
4) Get over-excited about the economy, even if the impact has been pretty boring and mundane. Pretend that your 2:2 in English Literature makes you an expert on currency markets.
5) Attack the very idea of Democracy, because it’s only a good thing when it goes the way you want it to. Working class voters don’t know what’s good for them, but middle class liberals definitely do.
6) Share memes bashing Brexit, ignoring the unwelcome and uncomfortable realisation that you are in the minority of public opinion.
7) Boldly claim that Scotland will leave the UK, forgetting that A) they can’t afford to B) the EU can’t afford to take them C) 1.6m remain votes don’t cancel out 2m NO votes.
8) Make fun of Boris Johnson while sweating slightly and really hoping he doesn’t become Prime Minister.
9) Learn absolutely nothing from the campaign, blaming the result on everyone but yourself. Scaremongering and bullying are clearly the best tactics to use, there’s no way they could possibly backfire.
10) Curl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep while listening to “Ode to Joy”.
Great stuff Robin.



Finally thanks to Debbie Lawrence for this poignant caption – 


The Zionist media for you

ANSWER: Because it puts a massive spanner into the Zionist works. They may have bought most our politicians & the media but increasingly less folk are believing their lies. They’re being found out alright but we’ve still got to make sure they don’t manipulate the system any more than they already have. They are weak right now & we have to make sure they don’t put anything over us. Be sure. They’re not just going to try – THEY WON’T STOP! This most definitely includes ousting Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party.
Much as Corbyn has disappointed me, I’m nevertheless in no doubt it would be disastrous if this happened. We cannot afford any more perfect puppets. Corbyn won because the people wanted it just like the EU referendum. WE MUST GET ORGANISED. WE MUST HAVE A WEAPON TO COUNTERACT ANY SKULDUGGERY LIKE NOT INVOKING ARTICLE 50 ie GENERAL STRIKES – ONE EVERY WEEK IF THEY MESS WITH US. We’ve long since passed the point where we should have said – ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP!

Lose our fear



Thanks to Mia Manners for sending me this excellent article by Joseph Richardson. I thought I’d add, this is for the connoisseur as I explained to Mia –


This article is brilliant but it the kind that drives me round the bend. Mia – I’ve got to tell you the truth – the points he makes are perfect; the way he makes them is way too professional. Each point is stretched out so far most people will be put off. It’s way too long for the ordinary person. Moreover & most importantly, those who understand everything that’s written here are not the people we need to convince.


I’d be very much interested to hear what people think about what I’ve just said because this is something where the saying ‘it’s only my opinion’ is entirely relevant. Bear in mind, being popular doesn’t necessarily mean one is a master of one’s profession. I do not believe I’m a great writer.


The Left and the EU: Why Cling to This Reactionary Institution?


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