This is what a ‘False Flag’ is.

There are few people who are better qualified to tell you precisely what a False Flag is than Robert David Steele. This is not the first time I’ve featured him for he worked as a former spy for the Central Intelligence agency. He also explains the term ‘red flag.’ Now while this may sound as if it’s elementary Sunday school material as far as I’m concerned if this clears the air for but a handful of folk then I feel it’s worth it. Judging by how so many of my esteemed friends were so quick to jump to the wrong conclusions regarding the obvious ‘false flag’ event in New Zealand, I feel something like this is long overdue.

I’d like to first say that I’m in the process of writing an article which explains exactly why whenever an event such as this occurs, we inevitably end up arguing with each other. Here’s a little snippet –

Since when did a false flag event preclude the eventuality of death? Heard of 9/11?’

Here’s an excerpt from Robert David Steele –

The term (false flag) originated in maritime warfare, where pirates as well as countries such as Spain and France, would fly the flag of their prey so they could sail closer and mount a surprise attack.  The term today means nothing more or less than “not as it appears.” This means that the event did not happen the way the government says it did; it was not carried out for the reasons the government says it was; and both the attacker and the victims are not as they appear.  In the USA most attackers are patsies, some mind-controlled, and most victims are crisis actors or paid locals who are then sworn to secrecy using national security warrants that threaten them with life in prison if they tell the truth about the event.h

Here’s the article –


  • Yes,it was indeed a false-flag attack,designed to lead to the disarming of NZ citizens !
    Aided and abetted by the corrupt NZ government,led by it’s false prime minister Jacinda Ardern,who is false in more than one way – even her anatomy does’nt add up !
    A proud mother really ?!
    Take a look at the video on this link & judge for yourselves.

  • Linda

    I believe that people died and I also believe it was orchestrated yet again by Zionists. There are not too many guns in New Zealand anyway, mostly owned by farmers and such. It was not as if every citizen were armed . I’m not sure what firearms they have banned? Is it rifles? or all? What I do know is masses of the so called “elite” are buying up land en masse in NZ. I would like to know more about why the sleazy John Podesta was there and if any kids went missing during his visit. Guns here in Aus were mainly used by bogans to pot shot the wildlife and street signs so I wasn’t sorry to see them go. I saw a guy in a ute once driving like a nutcase down the freeway with his rifle pointed out the window. bikie gangs are still armed to the teeth tho. There is always more to these events than meets the eye, that’s for sure. though why the NZ prime minister would pretend to be a different gender I don’t know. What would that achieve? Some thing’s like “flat earth” and the NZ prime minister is really man or a lizard just make me roll my eyes.. That’s my prerogative, as it is other people’s to think what they like. I appreciate all the information Michael, as always.

    • Thank you Linda. I’m just finishing off a piece which explains pretty much all regarding New Zealand – why there are so many loose ends & the public is left guessing about what happened. I keep saying the detail is irrelevant. What we should be concentrating on is WHO & WHY! Of course it’s no surprise those looking to pass laws to outlaw criticism of Zionists are the very people who have been bought off by the Zionists. As you so rightly say, this was just another orchestrated event by Zionists. It’s all about setting the ball rolling for disarming as many people as possible & passing laws that are an affront to democracy. As i said in one of my recent posts the next step after censorship is tyranny. The people better wake up quick.

  • CB

    In a certain sense, the turd-world
    Islam is a truly miraculous religion
    endowed with a Midas touch in
    reverse: it can more or less turn
    into excrement anything or anyone
    that comes into contact with it.

    For example, it can make a
    white convert to Islam appear
    somewhat darker than an
    African got up in a suit and tie.

    Little wonder, this Islam is worth
    to the Jews more than the Jew
    Rothschild banksters themselves.

    For example, jihadis’ greatest
    ‘military feat’ – 9/11 – was the
    greatest Jewish victory since WW2.

    And the Jew liberals are keeping
    very quiet about this second
    greatest historical triumph of
    theirs, given its purely criminal
    origins and its multi-trillion-dollar
    cost in American blood and treasure,
    but would always readily expound
    on the subject of ‘Islamophobia’
    all the way to the Rothschild bank.

    Two very different pix of Brenton Tarrant,
    one of them of the prisoner in the dock…

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