This is what will happen if we allow Theresa May, Western politicians & the media to keep lying about Assad & Russia

Watch this clip & tell me how you feel. I’ve said it a million times – Theresa May, most Western politicians & the media are lying their arses off! Now I’ve got to the point where I’m fed up saying – WE’RE THE ONES ANTAGONISING RUSSIA! ASSAD HAD NO REASON TO GAS HIS OWN PEOPLE. WHERE’S THE GODDAMN EVIDENCE! STOP TELLING US YOU’VE GOT EVIDENCE ONLY TO GIVE SOME BULLSHIT EXCUSE NOT TO REVEAL IT!


The long & the short of it is THIS COULD MEAN NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION, yet as much as I say this, the penny doesn’t seem to be dropping. So here… because this is what it boils down to. Of course the chances are we’ll not have the luxury of any warning. Moreover, those who’ve gone out their way to tell us a pack of lies I guarantee will be safely tucked away in nuclear bunkers. Watch this & tell me how you feel. Einstein was so right when he said – 



The former leader of the UK Armed Forces went on Sky News just the other day & said – what earthly reason would Assad have to gas his own people. He was winning the war. Russia had destroyed ISIS…… What happened? THEY CUT HIM OFF!


I say with Russia by his side Assad couldn’t be better protected. Therefore, he would never in a million years do anything to annoy the very people who’ve saved his sweet arse!





  • Walter Cairns

    Something tells me Trump knows what he’s doing. Saturday’s bombing was just for show – after all Assad had plenty of time to clear the chemical weapons factories concerned (if indeed he has any). I think that Trump and Putin are running the show, ostensibly squaring up to each other but, on the quiet, planning to defeat the New World Order very gradually. Follow Q anon on Twitter.

    • Yes indeed Walter. I think this is definitely a possibility because Assad doesn’t have any chemical weapons. What does he need them for when he has the Russians? It’s preposterous to think he has & even more daft to assume he would use them. I so hope you’re right.

      • Agree Michael. But Putin is NOT in league with Israeli Puppet Trump. Putin is putting the fear of failure into the NWO.

        • You know Fredi – there is a possibility Trump & Putin are working together. I know what you’re saying but read my next piece & give it some thought.

          • The “deconfliction hot line” (is that the right term?) Is still open. There certainly was communication before the recent attack. I believe Putin made it clear what he ‘Would not tolerate”. I also believe, it is in Putin/Syrian/Russian/Irani/Iraqi/Chinese interest and investments to have a stable Syria. I also believe it is NOT in NATO, US, Israeli, KSA, Qatari, French or UK interest to have a stable Syria. … That said, Trump & Putin are in opposition. I sometimes like to think Chump has respect for Putin, and might on a personal level, be against a Global Extinction class event. I started following Putin in Sept 2015, when Syria was on her last leg, and Putin stepped up. Putin has acted honorably, followed international law, and thwarted the US/Zionist destruction/annihilation of Syria. This stands against Chump & the Rothschild mafia. At the same time, politics is about concessions and strategy. Putin doesn’t need WW III, he just has to wait out the USA, while they destroy themselves.

            LINK: By Michael S. Rozeff

            April 13, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – Russia doesn’t have to respond in force to American bombs, and it doesn’t have to engage the U.S. forces directly. All it has to do is outlast the Americans. That’s all that Assad or a successor to him have to do.


      • Tim Iacono

        I suspect also this is true. All depends on Trump’s TRUE motivations.

        • I’m afraid to sat Tim I’ve given up on that bastard Trump. The Zionists are just too powerful & most people are too dumb to put 2 + 2 together. It wouldn’t be so bad if people realised America has been taken over by Zionists. Israel runs America.

    • The STUPID victims are eating the lies like a young duck on a June bug. What is wrong with people. No matter how many times we catch them lying, no matter how many times they admit they are lying, the masses suck up the lies.

  • Unfortunately us “little folk” have limited means to make a big noise !
    May just simply goes on her merry way,while telling yet more lies to shield her arse !
    Hopefully she might be removed in 2020,but anything could happen before then !
    I believe yet another false-flag chemical attack might take place before the end of 2018 – what then ?!

    • Yes. It’s sickening to think had the media been impartial Jeremy Corbyn would have actually won the last election. Therefore the very people who are lying their sweet arses off are the ones who fiddled the election. I only hope enough people are waking up.
      By the way Terence – did you get the link I sent you?

  • Alan Carter

    There is an air of desperation with the likes of Trump and May.
    She’s nearing the end of the line and is completely hopeless that much must be clear. Either she got to that position because she has something on the others (parliamentary paedophile ring) and/or somebody has something on her and she has to do what they want of her and quickly.
    I think she’s sailing perilously close to being hauled up in front The Hague.
    Hopefully she can take Tony Bliar with her.
    One can hope.
    I think Jeremy Corbyn has a short time to get rid of the “Friends of Israel” before he gets into office otherwise he’ll be letting the Zionists in through the back door again.
    At all costs we don’t want that. They make rotten everything they touch.

    • Absolutely Alan though I feel May is just being forced to go along with this & I’m sort of hoping Trump has only done this to get the Zionists off his back. The media isn’t helping our cause but then they never will. They have to lie to the bitter end. However, I get the feeling Trump & Putin are working together. This was only a token act but by doing this they’re exposing the Zionist NeoCons more & more.

    • I’m not sure that May or Blair will ever appear before the ICC in the Hague.
      The ICC has already stated that it did not have the legal jurisdiction to try Blair !
      I find that amazing – i wonder why not !
      They have the jurisdiction to try African warlords,but not European war criminals – something is drastically amiss there !
      Let’s just hope that changes in the future !

  • Venner

    Well, you know what I think Michael, they are desperate because their plan to create a terrorist group (ISIS) and use them to overthrow Assad, was foiled by the Russians.
    I have been watching for Russia to reveal that they are as aware of this as we are and they now have.
    Firstly by their accusations of a campaign to demonize them by fake chemical weapons attacks.
    Secondly that Russia has Syrian air defences beefed up to such an extent that they could take down 70% of the cruise missiles fired into Syria on Saturday. They sure didn’t do that to protect themselves from ISIS who have no air power which says they knew all along where the real threat lies.
    There is no way this will stop here, their stupid terrorist plan to overthrow Assad has backfired on them in a big way, they now have a Russian presence in the middle East right next door to Israel.
    They will now be looking to counter that in some way, and I still think another event to further demonize the Russians in Syria to justify ground troops, there is no other credible reason for the British and French air force to be involved, historically we can see that only happens when there is a plan but the US don’t want to go it alone for political reasons.

    • Spot on V. One thing is certain – the Zionists will not stop simply because with 9/11 especially, they passed the point of no return. It’s shit or bust for them.

      • As long as their is conflict, the Zionists (Jews, Khazars, Israelis, = war profiteers) will make money. Have for 2000+ years. Just a matter of how much they want power, and how hard they will fight to protect their own when the truth is a household item. Journalism is presently dead, and rotting with very few exceptions. You are an exceptional man Michael (IN RE Facebook. All my back up accounts deleted. FB says multiple accounts violate Community Standards – Main account is visible, but I am in FB jail for the 2nd time for the same photo I PM’d May 2017 of Chump getting sodomized by Bibi – Feel free to post on my wall. I am not sure if that will go out in my news feed, as they severely limit my audience, every time my page gets active, but you are always welcome.)

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