This time I don’t ask – I TELL MY MP WHAT I THINK!

Israel kidnaps, terrorises & tortures children.
I ask my MP to explain. I get fobbed off with the usual drivel.
This time I don’t ask – I TELL MY MP WHAT I THINK!


A while back I wrote to my MP Anne Main (Cons) –
Bad enough Palestinian kids have such a meagre existence but how can Israel be allowed to then terrorise & torture kids? What kind of people feel the need to inflict even more pain? This is taking barbarism to another level. Every year, several 100 children, some as young as 10 years old, for no reason are taken from their homes by IDF cowards, slung in jail, without charge, without trial. They are not afforded any legal representation. As a result of total non-action by the rest of the world, Israel is effectively being given a green light to fully demoralize & dehumanize the Palestinian youth.
Since when were people allowed to kidnap children? WHEN ISRAEL DOES IT! This is obscene! Unbelievable as it seems, the Israelis are not content with wiping Palestine off the map – THEY WANT TO INFLICT MAXIMUM PAIN! You’d have thought why would the Israelis want to show what bastards they are? Are they complete sadists? By the time the Israelis are finished tormenting a child they know recovering from the psychological ill-effects is nigh on impossible. Many of these kids remain scarred for life. And to think these very people want to make it illegal to criticise them!


More terrorists

I received a reply & it was the same old drivel – all talk & no action.


“I do hope that you find the response helpful. I am pleased that the Minister’s shares your concerns, and confirms that the UK Government have repeatedly expressed these concerns to the Israeli authorities.  An independent report into Children in Military Custody was commissioned last year and I was particularly concerned by many of the points which were raised during the debate in Westminster Hall on 6th January. The report suggests that around 700 Palestinian children are placed in the Israeli military court system each year, and more than three-quarters experienced physical violence in 2014. In addition, it states that around 93% of children have been denied access to legal counsel and rarely informed of their rights, and 25% of children signed statements in Hebrew despite not understanding the language.


I do believe that Israel has a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that international standards are upheld, and it is of course vital that the UK Government continue to press Israel to take action on the findings and recommendations of the report. I understand that some progress has been made – in particular, changes to standard operating procedures on methods of restraint have so far been made, as well as introducing a pilot scheme to use summonses instead of night-time arrests.”

So I thought I’ve had enough. Time to really unload! Anyone who wants to use any of this letter, do not ask – BE MY GUEST!
To Anne Main
Thank you for your response though I have to admit, it gives me no hope whatsoever. This is simply an exercise in fobbing off the public. Nothing will ever be done. It’s always talk & in the meantime the Israelis have been given the green light to slowly but surely commit Genocide. Nothing you can do or say will make me retract this for one has to be a blithering idiot not to realise precisely what is going on!
So what’s different? We unconditionally support a country that displays a wanton disregard for international law. Israel is by far & away the most evil state on the planet. We support the Saudis who are massacring civilians in the Yemen & executing those who dare to speak out. We support the Turks who are now massacring Kurds & arresting anyone who so much as says a word against this madman Erdogan. We’ve always supported America in this phony Zionist quest of fighting terrorism which effectively is destroying all the countries Israel wants us to destroy. To support these policies? Have you no shame?
If we were actually fighting terrorism, the three countries we should be admonishing are Israel, Saudi Arabia & Turkey. Cameron works for Zionist bankers. While you’re busy fobbing us off, Cameron is preparing another batch of lies to tell us so that the people of this country will be stripped of our fundamental rights. This will happen when Mossad carry out yet another false flag event. Their media will as per usual lie through their back teeth. As a result, what Saudi Arabia & Turkey are doing now, will become commonplace here.


Kill 3 year olds


Every time you support this traitor Cameron, in my eyes you are complicit. Do you ever stop to realise how many of us are aware of exactly what this government is doing? If you & your fellow MP’s truly cared about the people of this country, you wouldn’t be supporting Cameron. I suggest you better start speaking out soon because we are moving ever-closer to becoming another one of Israel’s occupied territories. Now that they know their lies have worn thin, everything that’s being done today is for the purpose of eliminating wholly justifiable criticism.


Our senior politicians have already succumbed to Zionists who may I remind you, 100 years ago initiated the Bolshevic Revolution. In the aftermath, 66 million Russians were brutally murdered. The methods of torture, the mutilation these helpless people suffered is the stuff nightmares are made of! All of the killings were on the expressed orders of Ashkenazi Zionists. 90% of Israel’s inhabitants are Ashkenazis! THEY ARE NOT EVEN SEMITIC! Lamentably, because they control so much, books chronicling these atrocities such as “200 Years Together” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a Nobel Prize winner nonetheless, have ALL been banned!


Stop this before it gets out of hand. Cameron has already said he regards 9/11 Truthers as potential terrorists; he was even crazy enough to tell us he will do everything in his power to eradicate us! And then to compound the issue further still, he had the gall to label those opposed to war & bombing as terrorist sympathizers. Don’t tell me you can’t see what’s happening here.


Finally, many people believe Albert Einstein said this. it in fact was a quote by an 18th century political writer, EDMUND BURKE – “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I sincerely hope you bear this in mind.
Michael Aydinian




Mike Harris


  • Michael; you are like Martin Luther King and Gandhi combined, and I still recollect them and their work, (as I will remember you and your forthright diligence for truth). In our time you are one of a kind in telling it “like it is”; as I have tried in my books to awaken people to the methods being utilized for mind control. We live in the time Orwell predicted as “Newspeak/Doublespeak”, we now refer to as “doubletalk’. This is the “age of Langu” known today as Langu.age. Langu is French for Tongue, and we speak with our tongue. I can put you “behind the 8 Ball using “English”, the 9 Ball being Black and the Cue (control) Ball is White. Look up the definitions of “Black” and “White” and you will get an idea of what I teach. But more important is the fact that our Langu.age is English, and England is the White Ball. The Bible, the Dictionary AND the game of 8 Ball came from England. ENG numerically is the same as GOD. England is “playing” God for the Zionists who have (almost complete) control. Stay with it Michael, as long as you can.

  • I made one vital error. it should read “8 Ball” instead of 9 Ball.

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