This was no chemical fire, this was China’s 9/11 – Tianjin was Nuked!

Some weeks ago a video of a seriously high-powered explosion in Yemen made the rounds. I decided against posting it because most people were describing this monstrosity as a nuclear explosion. Now quite why anyone is bombing this poor Arab nation which has never invaded anyone is indeed a moot point. Our contemptible media & our bent politicians have yet to give a reason why we aren’t roundly condemning Saudi Arabia for this outrageous violation of international law.


However, though the epi-centre of the explosion displayed all the hallmarks of the exceedingly high temperatures akin to nuclear weapons, it’s clear from this video this bomb had nothing like the range we know nuclear weapons possess. The very essence of a nuke is they’re city destroyers so I felt uncomfortable posting this report under the guise this was a nuclear explosion. Judge for yourself –



Then there was this huge incident in the port city of Tianjin, China. Just looking at the pictures worried me. Something was seriously amiss here. A few years ago I said those who control our politicians & media not only know more people than ever are wise to them but each day these numbers are increasing. Therefore, they would do whatever it takes to remain in control. This is why they’ve re-started the Cold War; why the US is ripping up its own constitution; why Zionists puppets like Cameron are chomping at the bit to usher in laws that outlaw criticism of Israel & renders 9/11 Truthers terrorists; this is why 9/11 occurred.


Check out this incredible clip –



I have no idea what caused this or why it occurred. What I do know is there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding 9/11, Fukushima, Ukraine, ISIS, this whole fictitious war on terror, the attack on our civil liberties including the blatant attempts to disarm Americans while the US police force shoot first & ask questions later. We have the media lying like never before. Now we have this horror in China……

There is but one common denominator – ZIONISTS! They did 9/11. They control Western politicians. They run America & the entire corporate media. THESE ARE FACTS. IGNORE THEM AT YOUR PERIL! I’ve said it time & again – Zionism is to mankind what the most virulent carcinogenic strain is to a human. It has to expand to thrive. Therefore it will not stop. The moment it does it will find itself on the slippery slope of extinction. It cannot stop & what we are seeing today is EXACTLY THE CONSEQUENCE OF THIS!

This is all about cementing their position. This is why those who dare to question their obvious lies are now being pigeon-holed as potential terrorists. They’ve stolen all the money – now they’re only way out is to get rid of perhaps up to 5 billion unwanted human beings. A few year ago I said expect the unexpected. While they’re in power & we’re still here trying to expose what are potentially the greatest criminals in history, they’re going to try anything & everything. The media will dutifully cover up each & every one of their despicable acts. This is precisely what’s occurring today.

Chemical fire my arse!


So when I saw the first reports immediately I thought chemical fire? I mean the caption says it all – look at the devastation over a huge area yet the building, though burnt through, remains upright. No plane hit WTC7 yet this building collapsed at freefall speed due to a few office fires, so we were told? Incidentally WTC7 was also owned by Larry Silverstein yet the 9/11 commission felt that they had no need to include a single word about the collapse of this building, all on the same day! What a way to conduct an investigation – NOT TO INVESTIGATE!


Steel-structured buildings do not collapse into their own footprint at freefall speed because of fire or anything else. Whatever anyone says, fires burn between around 500 – 1100 degrees centigrade. Kerosene fuel’s maximum temperature is around 900 degrees C. If Kerosene fuel can bring down steel-structured buildings THEN HOW THE HELL DO PLANES FLY? Of course to maximise temperature the flow & density of the fuel has to be controlled. Even then, at these temperatures Grade A steel cannot possibly be compromised.


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dr Niels Harrit, a distinguished scientist who taught chemistry for 40 years at the University of Copenhagen a few times. He told me you would need well in excess of double if not treble the temperature for steel to give way. But if you managed to overcome these physical laws, to initiate a symmetrical collapse when there are 26 separate major support columns is simply impossible. There is only one way to do this – rig the building for controlled demolitions. That’s what they did; that’s what we saw – CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS & ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU ANY DIFFERENT IS EITHER INVOLVED, A LIAR OR SOMEONE WHO’S GOT THE BRAINS OF A ROCKING HORSE! 


Buildings may burn out but the structure WILL remain standing. Sure, the shell may finally topple over but symmetrically at freefall? Never in history have steel-structured buildings collapsed in such a manner, unless they’ve been earmarked for controlled demolition. If any journalist says any different it’s because they’re on the payroll. There is no argument over this. “Society’s laws can be violated – the laws of physics cannot” – Joshua Blakeney.


Talk about a mind-blowing, eye-opening link. I hope we don’t have too many more like this –


What the hell did this


  • John Miranda

    Another great article, indeed I suspected that China was indeed attacked with some type of small nuclear device, the story put out in western media could not explain the damage that was done.

    At least once in Syria and at least once in Yemen it seems similar weapons have been used.

    Make no mistake, all roads lead to Zionist Israel.

    • Definitely John – good to know there are others who see through all the Zionist lies. I’m sick & tired of people performing ostrich impersonations!

    • Christjof Ginkelski

      And if all roads lead to Israel – all roads lead also to the creator of Israel upon Palestinian soil – the one and only House of Rothschild (Bank of England) – Yiddish Royalty and their hofjuden with the aid of their colony the US of Rothschild-Rockefeller!

    • Ice

      Which came first, the problem or the souilton? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

  • I see you took a look into what VeteransToday and James Fetzer published last week. Great.

  • Looks like 9-11 all over again.

  • Sam

    Hi Michael,
    Yep, that’s a nuke alright, probably a W-82 of which the Israelis reportedly have many. Weapons of this size were designed as artillery shells or suitcase/backpack charges for nuclear demolition and they have an adjustable yield so could be dialed right down…. Looks like this genie is out of the bottle now unfortunately nobody is reporting it, present company excepted of course!

    • Hi Sam – you know, I’m not so sure. You can have a massive Chemical explosion. In the past China had several major incidents. They do things in a big way over there & us lot in the West have been desperately trying to catch up to their lousy safety standards.
      Above all, for me where’s the motive? I can’t think of why Israel or anyone else would have reason to do this. If people merely put this down to experimentation it’s not good enough. No one risks nuclear war by doing something like this. What would anyone have to gain?
      I believe it is far more likely something untoward occurred at Fukushima. Here, for me at least, the jury is still out. There has to be motive. With the Japanese there were two things that incurred the wrath of the Israelis – they believed Japan had agreed to supply Iran with nuclear material which may have been used to build a bomb. Of course other countries are allowed to buy this shit! Secondly the Israelis demanded Japan to wipe off all of America’s dollar debt. Needless to say the Japanese told the Israelis where to go. Apparently the word was the Israelis sent a message saying ‘we control the security at many of your nuclear power stations. The rest is history. When I first read about this I was skeptical. Then I received aerial data as well as photographs just as the Tsunami hit the shore. We were told an earthquake triggered the Tsunami but all the buildings were perfectly intact when the Tsunami hit shore. Photographs showed cars perfectly parked, buildings perfectly intact just as the massive wave of water came ashore. Jim Stone who conducted extensive research reckoned a tactical Nuke was used to trigger a Tsunami. There was no earthquake. Then explosives placed in the nuclear facility were set off. Aerial photographs conclusively show walls of the nuclear power station blown outward. Once you realise Zionists were responsible for 9/11, it is not beyond the boundaries of sanity to suggest the Israelis could have also been behind the disaster at Fukushima. One must bear in mind – it can only be a toss up between a genuine accident or an Israeli attack. No one else! Why? Because the media will only cover up for them or something that’s in their interests. If anyone else did such a thing, the Zionist controlled media would have their investigative boots on so fast, the perpetrators would be sweating blood!
      With Tianjin, as yet no motive has emerged. There has to be a genuine reason before I start properly pointing the finger,

      • Kurt Ballard

        I believe there is plenty of motive.. China’s relentless cyber attacks, stealing US military secrets, it’s anybodies guess on what they have stolen.. Has anyone compared the before and after internet activity coming from China to the US ?? Call up the geeks and find out.. The Chinese are sneaky little bastards, they could have stolen or seen something that could expose their diabolical plans, who knows.. Here in lies the problem, as well as the source of all the worlds anger, we don’t know shit, it’s becoming near impossible to wade through all of the misinformation, half truths and lies.. I for one am sick of it, I wished Cyrus the Great would show up and set WE THE PEOPLE free, and that’s exactly what most Americans are thinking, well to that effect anyhow.. We could do it ourselves if wanted too.. Anyway, China playing with their currency is also a possibility, China wants to dump our debt, they want their money, $21 billion I’d want it if it were owed to me.. No one wants to buy our debt even if China does decide to dump it, we’re fixing to see the effects of printing worthless money.. It can only be propped up until the weight is to much and it collapses.. The house of cards has started to crumble, it won’t be long, 3rd week of October at the latest.. That said, I hope everyone is ready, trains a comin..

        • I can surely understand your frustration. The trouble is Kurt the Zionist media tell so many lies how do I know all this talk of Cyber attacks is not occurring the other way round. The last thing I’d ever do is say the US aren’t doing the same thing to China. In any case, why would America be so angry? There are 150+ cases where Zionists have been caught bang to rights spying on America. None of these cases even went to court. If the Chinese are sneaky little bastards then what the hell are the Israelis?

          • I agree. Remember when we attributed a “Cyber Attack” to North Korea and it was more likely our own doing. I say “our” which is wrong because the heinous, war mongering bastards that have seized control only act in “our names,” while we helplessly watch there insanities unfold.

          • Exactly right Vernon. Time & again I say to people if you want the truth whatever the media says – BELIEVE THE EXACT OPPOSITE! In this case, once again we have the US ie the Zionists, making wild claims about the Chinese doing this & the Chinese doing that! Just ask yourself – HOW MANY COUNTRIES ARE THE CHINESE BOMBING? No. As you so rightly say Vernon – THE TRUTH IS IN ALL LIKELIHOOD THE EXACT REVERSE!

      • Sam

        All good points mate but you can’t fake the scintillating pixels on the Yemen and Syria explosions, they are caused by fast neutrons hitting the ccd chip in the camera, I’m not 100%sure on the Chinese one but definitely the other 2. These devices are a sort of neutron bomb where a lot of the blast energy goes in thermal neutrons and there is very little fallout… Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Fukushima was triggered by one knowing what these bastards are like! By the way I heard hat the IAEA said that the Yemen blast was likely a neutron bomb….

        • Thanks for that Sam. To be honest what a sick world we live in. We’ve constructed just about every type of bomb imaginable & even when they’re rendered illegal because they’re so damn nasty, such as White Phosphorous Cluster Bombs, some countries still use them on defenseless citizens & my Prime Minister for one can’t stop praising the guy that did this! As if this world hasn’t had enough of bombs!

  • why talk about nukes… when DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS ARE STRONGER

    what is a FREQUENCY ? <—–

    poof check out my facebook page youtube channel

    • How do we do that James? I typed your name in & nothing. I wonder. You’re not into that crap Dr Judy Wood came out with? If you are, I’m not interested!

      • Seeitall

        Hi Michael. I have read some of your posts and like to see other people seeing what’s really going on. Attacking peoples liberties under a terrorist bill. Fact.
        I see in the Chinese explosion that there’s a few high rise apartments. A growing indebted nation and companies expanding the property market. 😉 I will follow your posts. Keep up the good fight 😉 peace and respect.

  • Britton

    Anyone else notice the object flying out of the explosion RIGHT before it blows. Its right at the beginning, about 2-4 seconds in. I’m talking the tianjin explosion. Looks like a jet to me…..

  • Tony

    Ok, there was EMP, which means no nuke.

    Nukes also suck everything back up in an implosion (hence the mushroom cloud), however the Tianjin explosion did not…it just blew out and up.

    There was no nuke as there is no evidence or telltale signs of a nuke.

    Whether or not it was a purposeful attack is another question.

    • Yes. I don’t believe it was a nuke. If there are these tactical nukes then fine but I’m not sure. All I really am concerned with is whether skulduggery was involved.

      • Sam

        there wouldn’t necessarily be much of an EMP effect with the very small yield bombs, that’s more in the kiloton or megaton range, tactical nukes wouldn’t be much good if they knocked out all your tanks and planes too! The smallest ones have the equivalent of 20 odd tons of tnt so would be just the right size to explain this…. The thing that most makes me suspect this might be nuclear in nature is the melted car engines and radiators – I can’t see a conventional chemical explosion reaching these temps considering the cars were not exposed to the fireball very long…

        • I must admit Sam, I’m confused on this one. Apparently this is the 3rd explosion in China. Either something very untoward is going on or the Chinese really don’t give a damn about safety regulations.

  • Tony

    …meant to say there was *no EMP.

  • Yes, media plays a significant role in the “altering of our perceptions” about what we see.

    How can we sift through all this misinformation? By being aware of “how our eyes see.”

    We’re taught that our brain processes the images that the eyes record.. I found out that its through the “rods and cones” of the retina, that our body is being hacked (a piece of computer code providing a quick or inelegant solution to a particular problem) into.

    Rods are situated around the periphery of the retina. Its color is yellow. World War Two began and ended with Japan, a yellow race. The symbol for the Jewish holocaust was the yellow arm bands, and the Zionists are the Khazarians, of Asiatic Mongolian extraction, another yellow race. And only, one can be top dog.

    The challenge was/is to turn off (the rods,) keep them turned off and to not see the yellow color. Horrific images has been an extremely successful method of choice, because we instinctively turn away from horror. So, the latest China explosion would be just another NLP.

    Nature naturally heals and restores the cells of an eye, so it becomes necessary that the yellow color remain turned off. With the rods turned off, the cones are turned on. The color of the cones are red, green and blue and they are the ones that directly send messages to the brain which dictates the behavior of the central and peripheral nervous system. The cones for the central nervous system and the rods for the peripheral nervous system. This is why we don’t see the actual events, (because we’ve turned off the rods ourselves) but rather the filtered events.

    This is very basic interpretation, but I’ve found it to be an easier way of deciphering, and decoding misinformation. This is just one method, there are more.

    “In a situation, where everything is in motion, the ability to achieve ‘stillness’ is power.”

    • A very interesting comment Sylvia – thank you so much. The great Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle once wrote, I think it was in “the Study of Scarlet” where Dr Watson was amazed by Holmes’s uncanny ability to spot so much within but a glimpse. He said words to the effect ‘my dear Watson. We all see but so few of us observe!’ The media as Malcolm x so rightly said over 50 years ago “is the most powerful entity on earth!” When you combine this with Mark Twain’s famous quote “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled” one should be able to connect a few dots. Of course if one bases one’s opinions on what one’s read then one will inevitably end up with a terribly skewed view of reality. The Rothschild Zionists realised over 200 years ago controlling the flow of information was the key to everything. Without this no false flag events could ever occur……… which leads me to my final quote – “by way of deception, thou shalt do war” – MOSSAD!

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  • so little can be done

    if these chaps are arrested and prosecuted, the world’s economy will crush in minutes, their grip on world’s economy is so tight that if they sold half their shares or currency reserves, all major currencies will be valueless, see wat’s happening in major world powers, all the devaluation, the truth is, they have real power and there is so little the governments can do about it, eg, the annual US economy is estimated at 17trillion dollars, that of Europe is almost the same figure, if this cabal managing this amounts were arrested and their assets freezed or shit, then the us dollars, euros pounds all become valueless.

    • I often wonder about this SLCBD – but since the Rothschilds have anywhere between $300-500 TRILLION – they can support the dollar for as long as they want. It is my belief the dollar will collapse only when the Rothschilds want it to.

  • Inti Amaru

    Japanese investigative journalist Yoichi Shimatsu:

    “Security at Schiphol Airport is operated by ICTS, an Israeli-owned airport security company based in the Netherlands, founded by former officers of the Shin Bet intelligence agency. Its subsidiaries, including Procheck, Ramasso, and I-SEC, are also involved in key security functions there.

    The Israeli security company has a record of staging false flag operations, including the September 11, 2001 attacks. ICTS subsidiary Huntleigh provided passenger and baggage inspection services at Boston Logan Airport, where two of the four jetliners used in the 9/11 attack originated.

    At Schiphol Airport on Christmas Day, 2009, ICTS allowed the “Underwear Bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, armed with explosives, to slip past “sniffer” detectors to board a Detroit-bound Northwest flight – an incident that was a boon to Homeland Security and the global war on terrorism.”

    What a set of coincidences!

    More than one coincidence is wanted…

    • I agree entirely. Virtually all false flags events are carried out on the behest of Israel & there’s one crucial reason why – only those who own & control corporate media can even consider indulging in such events. If the media was independent & free to investigate in no time Israel & the dual national Zionist in America would justifiably be blamed for the Lavon affair, the JFK assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty, 9/11 & the downing of flights MH370 & MH17. An independent media would also conclude that the Israelis have committed crimes against humanity since 1948 & the 6 day war in 1967 was actually started by Israel. This is why I put nothing passed the Zionists because they have all the bases covered. I’ve no doubt you are correct about what you say as I believe Jim Stone Is right about what he says really occurred at Fukushima.

    • I agree entirely. Virtually all false flags events are carried out on the behest of Israel & there’s one crucial reason why – only those who own & control corporate media can even consider indulging in such events. If the media was independent & free to investigate in no time Israel & the dual national Zionist in America would justifiably be blamed for the Lavon affair, the JFK assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty, 9/11 & the downing of flights MH370 & MH17. An independent media would also conclude that the Israelis have committed crimes against humanity since 1948 & the 6 day war in 1967 was actually started by Israel. This is why I put nothing passed the Zionists because they have all the bases covered. I’ve no doubt you are correct about what you say as I believe Jim Stone Is right about what he says really occurred at Fukushima.

  • humanity at the mercy of fake democry

  • mhran

    There was a huge explosion in Texas could that have been revene for this could this have been a warning not to back Russia in Syria or else maybe…….

    • Very interesting thought Mhran. It certainly connects a few dots because one explosion can be an accident; two becomes suspicious but 4 of them? There’s definitely more to this than meets the eye.

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