Those who talk of Zionist power are now facing imprisonment. We should all be very concerned

When anyone tells a lie, sooner or later that person is found out. It’s a cast-iron certainty. Why? Because only truth stands up to scrutiny. You can tell so many lies before people en mass realise you’re a proper pork-pie merchant. Good liars can cover their tracks by spouting more bullshit but in the end they’re found out too. End result – you’re not taken seriously & often you suffer by losing the few good friends you may have. For those in positions of power & influence, one risks losing credibility. This is what generally occurs on an individual basis when you tell porkies.


The purpose of this post is to highlight how Zionists have managed to defy this. The reason is straightforward enough – I’ve said it a zillion times – they virtually own the entire corporate media. They may not own RT. Nevertheless, it’s clear they exert untold influence because the obvious Zionist role is never mentioned. For this to occur those involved have to be in no doubt – any transgression, at best, will result in the sack along with obstacles placed before you if you try to continue your career elsewhere; at worst, it could mean death! Countless journalists have mysteriously lost their lives. Michael Hastings, Serena Shim, Andrew Breitbart are but a few & the common denominator sticks out like a sore thumb – they’re all anti-establishment or anti-war.


So not only have they got away with telling absolute whoppers, criticism or even mentioning how Zionists control so much is slowly but surely being rendered a criminal act. Yet incredible as it seems, though it may not appear so, the harsh reality is Zionists have long since launched an assault on freedom of speech. Bear in mind Voltaire said these prophetic words 250 years ago – 


Over 50 years ago, Malcolm X, another great man much maligned by the media said –

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty & to make the guilty innocent & that’s power because they control the minds of the masses.



Bad enough being fed a pack of lies but anything concerning Zionist banksters simply cannot be told for so great are their crimes, even worse their intentions, it would open the proverbial floodgates. They know this. Therefore, there exists a hidden agenda to crush anyone speaking out, all this while they’ve the gall to constantly remind us of our wonderful democracy! Along with the media forever covering their back, all the coercion, bribery & assassinations, the law has already been corrupted in order to incarcerate those who merely exercised their fundamental right to question. The fact people have been ignominiously thrown in jail for daring to question the Holocaust means someone has something to hide. As I said, only the truth stands up to scrutiny. So why are they so worried about anyone conducting research? If the truth were told, all the scrutiny in the world would prove it! Not allowing people to question can only mean one thing – WE’RE BEING LIED TO!


The dilemma facing us is compounded by the fact the Zionist Rothschild goal to establish a New World Order passed the point of no return over 100 years ago. It’s shit or bust now. They cannot stop even if they want to! This is why the law is being perverted further still – they have to stop the truth getting out come what may. So along with activists being censored & their ability to earn a living seriously compromised, now we’re seeing prominent activists & the few good journalists hounded at airports. Most worrying of all though is the spike in court cases of not so well known activists. Of course the media will never publicise how so many are speaking out & in doing so prepared to go to jail. The last thing they want to do is highlight Zionist skulduggery.


For me, this is very worrying. By allowing this we are setting a terrible precedent & if we continue to do so, things could rapidly deteriorate. We should already be up in arms. How can this be happening to patriots whose only wish is to inform people of what’s going on behind closed doors? I believe as well as the media’s non-reporting, it’s down to simply not doing enough. This is hardly the first time Brendon O’Connell has suffered untold grief at the hands of the authorities. Thanks to Nor Hashimah Shafie for this clip (5.52).



Now check out this clip. Here is Jez Turner, a guy I’ve previously never heard of. He’s a Brit who’s merely concerned about the outrageous influence Zionists possess. These are hardly isolated cases. Earlier this year I was told of the case of Alison Chabloz. She too faces prosecution because she incurred the wrath of Zionists. Thanks to Tony Gratex for this clip (3.28) & the link below regarding Jez Turner’s case. We have to start throwing our weight behind these brave people.



Court decision on complex legal arguments will be made next month



  • venner

    Very disturbing indeed. I hope you are taking steps to protect your own safety Michael, seriously.

  • Karen Drum

    My prayers are with him. There is so much injustice and evil going on here in the USA. We still have 19 political patriot prisoners in prison who have been there for almost 2 years without due process and denied bail. One blind guy who never broke one law and was sentenced to 68 years for saying stupid things. Gregory P. Burleson.

    • Yes Karen. It really is shocking how the power-brokers have managed to turn the law on its head. Decent folk, totally innocent of any crime are being thrown in jail WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, while mega-fraudsters, Paedophiles & war criminals aren’t even arrested, let alone charged, despite the fact there exists shit-loads of damning evidence against these scumbags. I never realised humans could sink so low.

      • venner

        Yes it seens shocking until you really analyse what happened and then you realise, of course this was always going to happen, how could it not when it takes such a small number of people to win control of government.
        Once they used their wealth to take control of the media it was game over for democracy. They use the media as a propaganda machine to brainwash the masses and then they infiltrate existing political parties that already have the blind support of the entire population thereby reducing democracy to little more than a vehicle for them to take control of our countries and rob them blind of everything they can get their greedy hands on while at the same time implementing the draconian legislation they need to falsely imprison anyone who stands in their way.

        • I couldn’t agree more Venner. They are the worst type of mafiosi ever – they want it all!

        • Smitty

          “They use the media as a propaganda machine to brainwash the masses…”
          You would not believe how far back this sort of thing goes, and by “this sort of thing” I specifically mean the “Jew” Satans using manipulate whole populations into various forms of lunacy. The “Protestant” “Reformation” is a perfect example. The “Jews” had been fomenting similar heresies for many centuries— to shatter Rome’s theocratic grip on Europe, and also get a whole lot of goyim to slaughter each other— but all the previous ones withered on the vine. The “Reformation” is the one that finally caught hold, and the mass medium in question was the spoken word: highly organized armies of crypto-Jewish preachers spreading Jew brain-poison by the only means of mass communication in existence at the time. It’s how they’ve ALWAYS operated, going back thousands of years…

          • Thanks Smitty though since I’ve never had any interest in Religion, I have little idea of their true history before the Rothschilds (around 1770). However none of what you said surprises me one bit.

          • Mike


            You are correct to state that they’ve brainwashed the masses and now that they own virtually every media, broadcasting, recording, publishing, TV, film, and news outlets throughout the world, they have a strangle hold on all Caucasoid peoples (people of European origin).

            They have been determined to destroy Christianity for as long as it’s existed – and they are instructed to do so in the Talmud and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

            The New Testament of the Holy Bible records that the Jews were far more ruthless and dangerous than the Romans. They have, no doubt, been behind many of the schisms in the Christian Church and this is mainly because, for centuries, they intermittently manipulated and controlled the Vatican – I say this as a Christian who was brought up as a Catholic. God should never be blamed for the evil of men.

            However, it’s very unlikely that they were behind the Protestant movement, which was started by Martin Luther, who was very outspoken against Jewish manipulation. It’s more likely that the Jews were behind the deviant distortion of Christianity, by several Pope’s, including the Borgia’s and the Jesuit movement – of which they now have a Pope, who does not display an ounce of Christianity, and clearly favours brute force and homosexuality.

            The false prophet is already on the throne of Peter in the Vatican, so we are in the End of Days.

  • Diane

    The weapon that they are afraid of is the Faith in Jesus Christ and I am not referring to the false faith of christian zionist filth which is a disgrace to Christ. I am talking of true faith. A nation is a mountain and with our voice and our faith and our GOD and the true Christ it is time to move the nations.

    Matthew 17:20 King James

    “And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

    • Thanks Diane. I feel they don’t care for any Religion. They’ve merely used Religion as a tool to drive wedges between people

    • Mike

      Diane, you are absolutely right. And with regard to those who claim to be religious Jews…

      In Revelation 3:9 King James Version, Jesus says:

      “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

  • Patrick J. O'Brien

    God Bless You Jez Turner, right next to Brendon O’Connell on my prayer list. The Truth Will Set Us Free. Godspeed. PJO.

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