Time for a break – I’ll be back though

I’m sorry folks but I think I’ve gone as far as I can. Lately I’ve been struggling to put posts together. This October would be 5 years & that’s longer than I’ve managed in any of the jobs or careers I’ve had. I’ve tried to muscle my way through this but now, I really have hit the proverbial brick wall. My heart is simply not in it any more.
To be perfectly honest, I’m feel somewhat aggrieved with fellow activists. Way too many are tactically inept; some get too wrapped up in largely irrelevant detail; others are obsessed by those who may or may not be ‘controlled opposition.’ As much as I try to explain all this infighting plays into the hands of the Zionists, it falls on deaf ears.
And speaking of Zionists, what has put the final nail in the coffin is the fact way too many high profile activists stop short of naming them as the chief protagonists. Well, what the hell is the point of being an activist, on every topic talking a good game but when it comes down to pointing the finger, you merely allow those responsible to slip under the radar?
Small wonder their skulduggery is so out in the open now. Can’t people work out Zionists are bound to feel omnipotent if scant few have the balls to speak out? You cannot have more obvious election rigging in America. We even have the advantage of being able to say ‘screw all your bullshit anti-Semitic claims. We’re mad as hell Bernie Sanders, a Jew has been robbed of the Presidency …… yet still no one mentions the Z word!
It is this frustration that’s led me to feel I’m merely repeating myself. You might not be bored with what I write BUT I BLOODY WELL AM! I have a project in mind which involves making a series of videos. The only way I can do this is if I place my website & FB activities on hold for a while. I’ll be back. In the meantime I will still be looking out for messages. From the bottom of my heart thanks for all your support.


  • elaine

    pay no attention to what the other activists are doing. It’s actually good for you because people read what other activists say, realise something is missing, start looking for that, and find you!

    looking forward to your next report after you’ve rejuvenated…

  • Naimah Yianni

    Hey Michael, David Icke is about the only other activist who clearly points the finger and isn´t afraid to do so. Apart from him I don´t really see anyone naming names, which is ridiculous. Unless the wider audience finds out about who is really to blame then nothing will change. I don´t understand why they dont as it just makes their efforts virtually futile. From reading comments on forums about the NWO and politics generally I think that a lot of people are cottoning on to the realisation that being anti zionist is not being anti-semitic/anti-jewish, but for some reason there are many people who just haven´t got the balls to make the differentiation, probably because theýre scared of the ADL or whoever. I don´t know what the answer is, but please keep on keeping on once you have had a rest!

    • It’s all about overcoming fear & being able to look at the bigger picture Naimah. However there are many others who do – notably Ken O’Keefe, Christopher Bollyn, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Dr. Kevin Barrett, Joshua Blakeney & Philip Giraldi. The tide is turning but such is the Zionist power-base & the fact they have the entire Corporate media in their pocket, the fact that the ADL is nothing but a legalised mafiosi terror organisation, it is hard. But then what do we expect – Rothschild Zionism is a cancer that has been allowed to spread for 250 years!

  • Eva Nielsen

    You deserve a good rest, though many will miss your writings. Fortunately there are people out there , who are not afraid to mention the zionists. We must stick to them. But you were one of the best.

    Hope to see your writings again.

    • Thank you so much Eva. I have another project I would like to do – make a series of videos that explains our major problems in relatively simple terms. I also need a month or two break from writing. My brain literally feels as if it’s been fried. I intend to return with a vengance. xx

  • Jenny Goddard

    I know I will miss you, one of a rare breed who speaks the truth and I agree with the above post, only David Icke stands up to it. Come back soon.

    • Thank you Jenny. I just need to re-charge my batteries. There are others like Ken O’Keefe, Christopher Bollyn, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Dr. Kevin Barrett, Joshua Blakeney & Philip Giraldi – they all name & shame the Zionists & pretty much all of them rightly blame the Zionists for 9/11. This is what has to be said. Most people realise it was an inside job but more people need to understand they did 9/11. xx

  • Mia manners

    Rest dear Michael – it Aug 8th lions gate – an excellent time go with draw and stop worrying what others do or don’t do.
    Remain on point with truth and integrity and fill yourself up with love… Love…. Love….

  • Anthony Green

    Thank you Michael, for giving me such excellent insight into the skullduggery of the zionist network. It is sad to see so many decent people afraid to believe what is going on with this zionist control practically worldwide. Enjoy your rest , charge your batteries and I look forward to your video project. You are truly inspirational.

    • My pleasure Anthony. It’s not surprising people are scared to say a word because this is the one mafiosi that’s been allowed to prosper for over 200 years. What worries me is not enough people are scared because they have no idea our history is being decided by a handful of Zionists who have horrific plans for us. This is why it is essential to name & shame.

  • B

    A break is a healthy thing to do from time to time. So feel free.
    As a guitar player for 30+ years, I have found that when I put it down for awhile, I come back with renewed vigor and the passion that got me started with it in the first place.
    It’s kinda like getting your hands on an old girlfriend again 🙂
    So no worries.
    And we hope you find the downtime relaxing and clarifying. Maybe you’ll even find a way to come back even bigger, stronger, better…
    Best wishes.

  • Judi

    Michael Aydinian, Never stop learning and speaking out against evil. I think that the reason people don’t understand what is happening is because these things are not explained in simple form or terms. I even need some things dumbed down for me. And I am reasonably smart. So please consider this when you make your videos because most Americans don’t understand our history and what our government has done and will continue to do if they continue to go unchecked. Looking forward to watching anything that you post. I understand that it gets old when you beat your brain against the wall then get no results because they can only deny/attack and insult you at that point. Hope you that you have a good rest and come back stronger than before now. Take care and God bless!!

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