Timothy Kelly & Brandon Martinez: Zionism’s War on Conspiracy Realists

Since 9/11, the moment the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was uttered I’d think – IF ONLY YOU KNEW YOUR BRAIN’S USELESS! If you’re trying to get family members or friends to understand the truth about ISIS, Israel & the whole fiasco in the Middle East, this is as good as it gets! When a guy like Ken O’Keefe lays down a comment like that, what can I say but well done indeed Brandon.




If you really believe your brain works here is the test –


David Icke


Link below – US lawmakers to meet Netanyahu in Israel over Iran agreement – what does my head in is how these scumbags are so happy to show they are traitors! I mean you have got to be kidding me!



Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for the caption. If I was in charge, I would make this priority No.1 – war can only be declared if or when a country is attacked. If there’s any call for war otherwise, THOSE DEMANDING IT, HAVE TO GO & FIGHT!


Only fair


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