Today terrorism is our common worry – Ayatollah Khamenei

Here’s an article I was sent the other day. Ayatollah Khamenei letter to the youth in the West. I’m sure the Iranians are secretly very worried because if Assad falls all the attention will be turned to Iran, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing articles like this. However, you can be sure the media will never say the truth about Iran.

Today terrorism is our common worry


Interestingly I was sent this from a different source. Needless to say we need more academics stepping up to the plate. Today I had the pleasure of listening to Professor Anthony Hall (see my penultimate post) for the first time. 

Canadian professor pens letter in response to Iran’s leader open letter to the youth in west


What a Wally


I can’t say I know exactly what’s occurring in Syria. Most people haven’t got a clue. At least I have a fair idea but since the situation has become at best muddled it’s hard to put one’s finger on what’s occurring in terms of is ISIS being defeated or is Assad’s position growing more perilous by the day. The very fact there’s been a lull after the storm bothers me no end. Think about this – 


A Russian passenger plane was sabotaged just when it seemed Putin had snookered the West & was destroying ISIS. Now we can easily assume this is the case because never once did the media or scum like Cameron ever praise the Russian effort. Instead we refused to lend any assistance, neglecting to even help on the intelligence front & the media continued to paint the Russians in a bad light. Apparently they weren’t attacking ISIS but non-existent moderate rebels! As if Assad would ask the Russians to join the fray only to do that! Laughable. With Russia destroying ISIS, all the West’s pro-Israeli plans were going up in smoke.


This is why I believe the Russian plane was sabotaged. This is why within an hour of the plane going down I pointed my finger at Mossad. The fact Cameron tried to pin the blame on ISIS aroused my suspicions even more. Of course if ISIS did do it, in my eyes that means the Israelis or the US gave the order. Of course plain logic tells me ISIS may be Western trained mercenary operatives but no way are they experts in sabotage, especially when it comes to evading airport security in a foreign country. This is the domain of Mossad. What Cameron was doing was obvious & the fact the Russians never bought into this tells us plenty. The fact too the Russians are yet to point the finger means they do not as yet have conclusive evidence. 


War & peace


Then with the Paris attacks one thing became obvious. The west could not allow the Russians to simply destroy their baby ISIS because as I said earlier, all Zionist plans would go up in smoke if the very terrorist threat they created was destroyed. How could Americans be stripped of their guns; how could Cameron bring in new laws on the pretence of security which in effect would label any dissident or one opposed to war as a potential terrorist? This is why the Zio-puppets got together with the media to prepare yet another false flag in Paris. By planting a Syrian passport on the scene the connection could be made that these people were trained in Syria & slipped into Europe as refugees. You almost can’t make up such garbage but since such nonsense worked on 9/11 & Charlie Hebdo, why give up on a good thing?


Of course no one in the media every stated how these refugees could so rapidly draw up such an elaborate plan while finding safe houses & state-of-the-art weaponry in order to execute the plan. No politician was ever grilled by the media – how come with all this extra surveillance & phone-tapping where warrants are no longer required, these terrorists could still operate at will, all in a foreign country? It’s simply inconceivable. Yet the outcome is exactly what the doctor ordered – the end result is the US, UK & France once again are able to bomb a country that has done nothing to incur our wrath. This is what they wanted before they even created ISIS! WHY DO YOU THINK THEY CREATED THEM? IT ALLOWS THE WEST TO ATTACK COUNTRIES ISRAEL WANTS TO SEE DESTROYED!


To be or not to be


So in the meantime it doesn’t take long for the Russians to discover both Turkey & Israel are buying ISIS oil! Of course none of this makes the Zionist controlled media headlines when if what they say about ISIS were true, it should be front page news. Then the Russians give the Americans incontrovertible satellite images which back up their claims only for them to say & do nothing. These reports appear on RT & all over the Internet there is proof both the Turks & the Israelis were helping to finance ISIS – IS THIS HOW WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE FIGHTING THEM? So time to teach the Russians another lesson – why not shoot down one of their military planes that was bombing these oil routes? 


– This was the storm & yet, what did we see today in Russia where Secretary of state Kerry took along of all people that great, big rat VICTORIA NULAND? A WHOLE LOAD OF SMILING FACES! – 


So when I say the situation is somewhat confusing, I do so with a heavy heart because I pride myself with having the ability to unravel all the ins & outs. The media, as we know, are a bunch of liars who will only tell us garbage that furthers the Zionist agenda. Sure enough Israel is allowed to bomb Assad’s forces. Now why the hell are they doing that? Assad’s army is fighting ISIS – you know the people who we’re told are responsible for all these terrible attacks. Well surely, this is counter-productive! Moreover, each day I receive reports that ISIS injured are receiving treatment in Israeli hospitals. So I can’t help but think Assad’s days are numbered. One thing for sure – I get the distinct impression a whole lot is deliberately being kept from us & I don’t like it one bit!


  • jill

    The Transparent Cabal. Stephen Sniegloski. There are your reasons and your answers. Please read the book.

    Once you know what the cabal has planned, the pieces of the puzzle make sense.

    America has lost it’s vision, it’s moral aptitude and it’s ethics due to the Cabalists influence and capture (by threats, blackmail, bribery or death) to once was a great nation. Our educational system has been corrupted, our morality has been corrupted and our vision has been brainwashed and distorted).

    • I agree entirely Jill. However I feel if someone has to read a book to discover how we’ve erred then they’ve been half asleep. To suddenly read a book & at the end declare now I understand for me just doesn’t quite sit right. If people don’t realise there is something inherently wrong with bombing another country when they’ve done nothing to us, then a book is not going to help these people. As you so rightly say “Our educational system has been corrupted, our morality has been corrupted and our vision has been brainwashed and distorted.”

  • Abubakar Dabo

    Yes indeed! The Americans cannot stride accross the face of the earth like giants of righteousness. It is a matter of understanding as well as solution. Terrorism is an international problem. Surely then, we should all be involved in the solution.

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