Tribute to Fran Anderson-Scott RIP

My 30 day FB ban had my blood boiling for a week. Then I heard the terrible news Fran Anderson-Scott had passed away. I couldn’t believe it. I knew she was not well but she was in her forties for Christ sake! On Tuesday I went to her funeral. It was a very sad day but it was nice to see a great turnout. These are people we can ill-afford to lose.
Not that I was a close friend but recently we’d been discussing the possibility of making a series of videos where Fran would throw questions at me. It’s something I always wanted to do & Fran was perfect. As well as being a tireless activist, she knew how to set everything up, cameras & all.
We first met at Tony Rooke’s trial in Horsham Surrey regarding his refusal to pay the BBC TV licence fee. Thinking back now, though you wouldn’t know it & the fact she had serious health issues, her camera was always at the ready. We ended up having a little chat & before I knew it she was ready to go with an interview. I said ‘sure. Let’s do it.’ She was amazing; I was crap!
This is one of her presentations about a particular facet of 9/11 which has largely slipped under the radar – THE ANTHRAX ATTACKS. That’s not to say several aspects of 9/11 haven’t totally side-stepped the public scrutiny they warranted. However, even among 9/11 Truthers, this is hardly ever mentioned. I’ll admit, in the 12 9/11 videos I made, I never once referred to the Anthrax attacks. We all live & learn.
Not that Fran ever gave it the large but here she is talking at a Re-Investigate 9/11 event earlier this year in London which was attended by no less than founder of ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS FOR 9/11 TRUTH, Richard Gage. We’ll miss you Fran.



  • RIP Fran Anderson-Scott and hang in there Michael. I am sorry for your loss and the constant struggle to not only put amazing content together for us, but also the struggle to get past the censorship to get that news out.

    Facebook has turned into a nightmare for people who are trying to discuss real issues and take action against the rampant Zionist criminal insanity. The market will work out a solutions to all of these roadblocks. The main stream media has rendered itself irrelevant and social media is working hard to force a solution to their continued censorship and game playing with our posts.

    Love you! xoxo
    Nicky Nelson

    • Thanks Nicky but it’s not only FB. They’re playing games with my website now. It’a as if my subscribers have disappeared. Only 9 people have seen the tribute to Fran. Considering there were 550 subscribers this is impossible.

  • bazzy

    hi a real shock to the system to hear that the good angel Fran descended so soon with so much to give others with an abundant earth mother heart???!
    sorry didn’t go Tuesday as I don’t like seeing close friends being burnt. .??!
    where is the next fran any offers. .??!!!!
    I bow down to her greatness. …???!!!!
    ” brainwash da masses with the truth”

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