Trump administration supports ‘free and independent press’: VP

US Vice President Mike Pence says the Donald Trump administration supports a “free & independent press,” days after the president described the media as “the enemy of the American people.” Do you hear this folks? THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! And you best believe all these protests, which incidentally are nothing less than an affront to democracy, HAVE BEEN ORGANISED BY THE VERY PEOPLE WHO OWN THE MEDIA…. the very people who’ve been lying through every orifice while condoning, even supporting mass-murder. So let’s break this down. What exactly would an independent media mean?



1) For starters, it would bring an end to the incessant lies.

2) It would bring an abrupt end to all these illegal wars.

3) It would even bring an end to this fictitious war on terror & we’re only scratching the surface. This is where it gets exciting….

4) An independent media would mean finally we’ll hear the other side of the story regarding 9/11. It’s a thing called the truth.

5) In no time the finger of blame will be pointed at the REAL CONSPIRATORS ie the Bush Administration, dual national Zionist & Mossad.

6) No more of Netanyahu & Israel’s bullying tactics. The Palestinians, finally would see a light at the end of the tunnel.


I can go on forever listing all the wondrous developments an independent media would bring but I’d rather just post this comment I made a few days ago –

I’m not sure why so many people harbor so much doubt. If 5 years ago you’d said there would be a President who openly states, “THE MEDIA IS THE WORST. THEY ARE THE WORST PEOPLE, REALLY!” He also said “THEY ARE LIARS”, everyone would be excused in thinking you’ve completely lost your marbles. Yet this is precisely what has occurred. I frankly cannot believe our luck. This is a major result. Okay, so people don’t see it because like a stuck record they think it’s the same old, same old. I mean I can be cynical but some people really are too foolish for words because while they put their worst foot forward & slag off the only person who might turn things round, (they don’t KNOW Trump is bad. No one does) they don’t mention the alternative would have been a disaster & worse still, they come up with zero alternative.


In the meantime, all I say is let’s be positive & throw our weight behind him simply because the media is not letting up & they definitely are our enemy. What people fail to understand is if we stay united the media would effectively be digging a massive hole for themselves. This is what we need more than anything for I’ve always believed breaking down the media is the key. It allows the greatest crooks in history to tell lies to go to war; massive deception & manipulation, election fraud, pedophilia going unpunished, suppression of ground-breaking innovations that don’t suit the energy & pharmaceutical industries, victims are labeled aggressors while aggressors make out they’re the victim – one can go on & on. The reason they get away with it is because the entire mainstream media is owned by the REAL ESTABLISHMENT!




In short, if the Zionist controlled media dies a death then so does the Rothschild /Illuminati plan for a New World Order. The sky is literally the limit. This is it here. Why do you think Trump is receiving all this grief? Unlike Obama & GW Bush, two massive war-mongers, Trump won the election fair & square & did so under an unprecedented media onslaught. Moreover, it’s now become common knowledge those opposed to Trump committed Treason by giving Hillary untold millions of fake votes. It’s shit or bust for these crooks now. In another comment today, this time regarding ‘all these Trump protests’ I said – 

These people are either the biggest idiots in the world or they are paid by Zionists to cause trouble. If only the British public treated GW & Obama like this the moment they stepped into the White House. Trump is opposed to war & the morons are out in force. When are people going to realise whoever the media doesn’t like IS OUR FRIEND & VICE VERSA!

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but this one time I’m going to put my foot down. This is simply way too important & I believe I’ve made more than a reasonable argument as to why we should throw our weight behind Trump. I’ve even stuck my neck out & said Muslims should vote for him! Those who’ve been as stubborn as hell have merely posted the same videos while ignoring the crucial points I’ve made – my way we have a shot; your way we don’t even have Bob Hope! No more. You either support Trump or shut up & give him a chance! Anyone who posts a derogatory video or tells me he’s part of the establishment I will block immediately. I will also tell you this – you people deserve to go down the pan because frankly, quite how you cannot see there’s a major opportunity here & Trump is crying out for your support, is beyond me. We’ll never have a better chance than this! IDIOTS!


Here’s another link pertaining to this – 

• The Mainstream Media must be shut down.
• The Central Intelligence Agency must be dissolved.
• The Federal Reserve System must be taken over by the U.S. Treasury


And here’s just one little example which clearly shows just how much mainstream media is lying. Just look at this independent poll of 2500 people – 

Who Would Win A UK Snap Election?



By the way – I STILL HAVEN’T PAID MY BBC LICENCE FEE! Just for posterity here’s one of my most popular articles – 

Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No. 40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago

Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No. 40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago

Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No. 40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago

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