TRUMP: Death penalty for anyone who’s deemed anti-Semitic! Think I’m joking?

I knew we’d get here because for decades I’ve been aware of what occurred in the Bolshevic Revolution in 1917. Go back 100 years to the Congress of Vienna. Here all significant leaders from European & Asian states gathered. Unbenown to many, this assembly was a harbinger, the first steps toward establishing a New World Order. In anticipation Nathan Rothschild (not Jewish but Ashkenazi Khazarian origin) was on the verge of creating history, for his family would be the one at the summit, top of the tree; top of the world ma!

Tsar Alexander of Russia however got wind of the Rothschild plan & was horrified. He began informing others that they had been duped. As a result no agreement was reached & the Congress broke up. Moreover, the cat was now out of the bag. Upon discovering that Tsar Alexander had scuppered Nathan Rothchild’s plan to build the foundations for a NWO, he approached the Russian leader……

What proceeded was as near as damn-it the most brutal massacre in the history of mankind. Many years ago a Russian friend translated sections of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn book ‘200 Years Together’. You see even though the great Russian dissident had won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970, such is the power of the Rothschilds, they were able to impose a virtual worldwide ban on this book. The same censorship is occurring today.

The books’ contents are positively gut wrenching. Apart from Nathan Rothschild getting his wish, the Bolshevics, whose leaders were exclusively of Ashkenazi origin, were now free to systematically slaughter 66 million Russians. Do not for one minute think most of the slain encountered a swift demise. On the contrary, some of the methods of murder involved both physical & mental torture where the level of pain & anguish simply cannot even be imagined in nightmares.

Families were forced to watch their children being mutilated, one by one. Loved ones were buried alive with a dead family member placed on top of them. Intestines were cut & then attached to a pole. The unfortunate soul would then be told to walk round the pole & watch his insides fall out. One can go on & on & there’s even worse but enough already.

Over 5 years ago I wrote this –

The US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia & a host of other nations are effectively OCCUPIED TERRITORIES! The only thing separating us from the Palestinians is the fact we’re yet to discover their pain. It’s only a matter of time. However what people need to consider is the very same people who led the Bolshevic Revolution are the ones calling the shots today! I guarantee if we fail to act these people will relish the opportunity to make the 66 million Russians they murdered look like a simple warm-up exercise!


What we have here is a video which demonstrates one thing more than anything – hitting rock bottom. You cannot possibly sink lower than this – WE BELIEVE WE SHOULD MURDER ANYONE WHO DOESN’T SHARE OUR VIEWS! Thank you Debbie Lawrence for sending this. Don’t fret. Move the cursor to 1.55 & then listen for 5-10 minutes. You will hear the call to bring in the death sentence for being anti-Semitic from no less than the President of America.

Remember too, the media will do everything to help these lunatics & you can be sure they will never point out that what they’re suggesting is legalised mass-murder of those who’ve committed no crime. The problem is they are all so well paid & so naturally don’t want to lose their hallowed position. Also, apart from stepping over to the wrong side of the fence, they know if they don’t comply, replacing their sorry arses is a simple task.

A few questions:-

If I were to complain about Rachel Corrie’s death, a US aid-worker who was deliberately run over by an Israel bulldozer, is this anti-Semitic?

If I was to say these claims of Jeremy Corbyn being racist is mere propaganda, can this be construed as anti-Semitic?

If I was to say the BBC is run by Zionists, is this anti-Semitic?

So let’s get this straight: Any criticism of Israel or Zionists will be regarded as anti-Semitic. This effectively means Israel can nuke any country it likes; it can legalise pedophilia; IT CAN DO WHAT IT WANTS……. but if anyone says ‘hang on a minute. Is this right’ you can be labeled anti-Semitic & so warrant a death sentence?

By the way, is saying ‘I hate all Iraqis, Syrians & Palestinians anti-Semitic?’ WELL, IT DAMN WELL SHOULD BE!

Just like a serial killer evading justice, he doesn’t want to get caught because he has every intention to kill again. This is what it’s all about. They want to dominate the world & they’ll do anything to achieve this goal. They know thanks largely to the Internet, more people than ever are onto them. Therefore they cannot afford to stand still so there’s good reason for all this baloney regarding anti-Semitism. So the harsh reality is any dream involving world domination surely has to mean anything goes. Well, this has been the case for goodness knows how long. The only reason you don’t know about it is because these arch villains own the entire media apparatus. Here’s a list of what these people have done so far –

  1. Just about every single so-called terrorist attack since 9/11, including 7/7, all the school shootings & bombings have been orchestrated by the security services CIA & MI5 who take their orders from Mossad.
  2. 9/11 was entirely a Dual National Zionist/Mossad operation for the purpose of dividing Christians & Muslims in order to eventually spark WW III.
  3. The attack on the USS Liberty was carried out by Israel.
  4. The assassination of JFK & Bobby Kennedy were for Israel’s benefit & those plotting to establish a New World Order.
  5. WW I & II occurred in order to further this NWO agenda.
  6. An integral reason was to create Israel so that it could be used to initiate WW III.
  7. Most of the ancestors of those who carried out the Bolshevic Massacres killing 66 million Russians now reside in Israel. Not one of them are Semites.


  • Michael, Do you have proof that President Trump said this ???

  • Amazing & almost unbelievable to hear this being uttered by Trump !
    It certainly seems that he’s been both bought & paid for by the jews/Ashkenazi & of course his son-in-law Jared Kushner is part of that & it’s now become little more than an absolute disgrace to hear this type of thing from a POTUS !
    There is also his recent remark about finishing off the war in Afghanistan within 10 days & wiping it off the map,but he says that he does not want to !
    He seems to be getting more & more erratic by the day,inclusive of some of his comments about Iran,which he has uttered over the last few days.
    Many (including myself) were duped,when he took presidency in 2016,thinking that he was genuine in his stated desire to MAGA – he’s really done nothing of the sort,except to add to the coffers of the Pentagon/MIC !
    Now that many people worldwide have,and are beginning to see through him for what he really stands for,hopefully he will not achieve a 2nd term in office.
    Perhaps if this threat to impose the death penalty for anti-semitism within the US is carried out,there will be widespread resistance to it,as the US is internally currently much like a tinder box waiting for a spark to ignite it

    • Yep it’s so sad. None of us ‘fell for it’ though. We simply hoped & of course not only Hillary was not an option but initially Trump said all the right things. What a disappointment but that why I keep saying ZIONISM IS AKIN TO THE MOST VIRULENT CARCINOGENIC STRAIN> THAT’S WHY IT’S CURRENTLY RAMPAGING THROUGH MANKIND!

    • Keith Bartlam

      I suspect the Zionist use not only bribes but in Trump’s case Blackmail to get their “poodle” Trump to spout off. Evidence his erratic behaviours. He must be under a lot of pressure from his Zionist handles and the stress is beginning to tell!

      • Absolutely correct. This is wgy if you do way back to Adam Weishaupt’s plan for a NWO one of the major stipulation was to entrap high ranking officials & public figures by getting them to commit sordid sexual acts so that they are 1) earmarked for higher office & 2) always to be relied on for doing anything asked of them. This is precisely why there are so many perverts in Westminster & Capitol Hill. This is also why they are also jailing those who came forward to expose these political perverts.

  • Eileen Brophy

    I think that Trump was sincere in what he said before winning the elections, but, like other
    US presidents, he is just a puppet whose strings are pulled by those who want NWO, etc.
    Hopefully people will oppose this ridiculous law, along with others too. They are simply
    trying to provoke WW3 and force the NWO on the world.

  • Umrana Mozley

    When you watch his previous to being elected videos, it just doesn’t make sence that he changed so much. I just wonder if he was threatened or blackmailed by the Zionist to follow there orders. Bolton and Pompeo seem to be on his back most of the time.

    • Eileen Brophy

      I agree Umrana, look what happened to JF Kennedy because he wanted to change the system!!
      So if Trump wanted to change the system too, the Cabal will probably warned him to behave as
      they want him to do, or else…… .:-0((

      Seems all politicians are puppets.

      • I don’t think all politicians are puppets. What happens much of the time Eileen is they’re coerced into becoming puppets.

        • Eileen Brophy

          Yes, I agree 100% Michael, they become puppets because they are coerced into becoming puppets. The Cabal/Zionists blackmail politicians with dirt from their past, saying that they will make it public and destroy their lives and so they do as they are told, that is why I said that Trump is a puppet. Just look how much dirt has been made public about how he has abused women….. So many people hate and detest him now and before the elections he was so highly respected, especially after the Pizzagate scandals. I wonder if the plan is to destroy the US and create a civil war there……

    • Of course he was. It was the same with Obama. They cheated Ron Paul to get Obama in because they knew RP wouldn’t sell out. Obama effected the same U-turn as Trump. What I can’t understand is why can’t people accept that the Zionists have so much power they can literally go to any President & say DO WHAT WE WANT OR ELSE! They did 9/11. Why wouldn’t they use their mafia muscle to pressure politicians? They’re the only ones with access too. It’s obvious what’s happening.

      • Eileen Brophy

        MSM manipulates people´s opinions that is the big problem Michael and few people
        question their lies, how many know that the BBC is not at all what it used to be and is
        now under the control of IsraHell??!! :-0((

    • He’s definitely become a slave of the “deep state”,since taking office,but perhaps he knew that would eventually happen,even before he was inaugurated,which has made his pre-election promises ring hollow !

      • Hasn’t he just but now this Israeli arse-licking has gone way too far. I think before they get in they know of the rampant Zionist influence but when they enter the WH they then realise they control absolutely everything & there is nothing any President can do.

  • Eileen Brophy

    Michael, Zionism worships Satan, so they can only do evil things, unfortunately.
    It is predicted that they will be eliminated during this year, I hope and pray that
    prediction comes true!!

    • Sorry Eileen but I haven’t been feeling too well lately. I can’t seem to bring myself to write at the moment.

      • Eileen Brophy

        I hope this is not another of their techniques to silence you Michael!! Please, please take care of yourself.
        I have been feeling dead tired lately and haven’t been very active either, but we will have to combat this somehow I guess.

        Missing you Michael. ❤️ ❤️

        • I’m not sure Eileen. i just have no energy. Maybe soon I’ll be back xx

          • Venner

            Michael please be careful.

          • Look mate I really appreciate your concern but you know the reason I speak out. It’s because their intentions are obvious & it all stems from the fact THEY HAVE NOTHING IN THEIR HEARTS! It’s all viciousness & evil! They will not only show no mercy but if they ever have the chance to repeat what they did to the Russians in the Bolshevic Revolution, they will do so with relish!

          • Eileen Brophy

            A few activist friends of mine are having the same problem with energy, etc Michael. Maybe the best thing is to take it easy for a while and then get back to being active little by little. I am having the same problem too. I just wonder if the EFM waves are affecting us…… It is all very strange, maybe they have boosted to 5G in the area where I live without informing people about it…..

          • Yes I must admit Eileen I feel somewhat washed up but it’s also down to censorship & the fact these bastards can crush your post reach so easily & do so with impunity. It seems they can break the law & we have zero rights! This allows them to destroy any chance of earning any kind of living. How can one remain positive when they have all the jokers in the pack & we’re always playing with a stacked deck? You’re right though – I need a break to recharge my batteries.

  • Keith Bartlam

    Strange ( not really) how it is Trump has moved USA embassy to Jerusalem and had a new settlement named after him “Trump Mount” wonder when Johnson will move UK embassy… and what role does / did his son on law play?

  • Venner

    Michael, as you probably remember I was never exactly the biggest Trump supporter but really, that guy with the long hair who was editorialising that clip of Trump is a total piece of shit. What he did there is carefully cut that video clip to present it out of context, he also messed with the sound to blur some of Trumps words and then paused the video while Trump was in mid sentence to further misrepresent what Trump was actually talking about. What really happened is Trump was discussing the murder of several Jews in a mass shooting at a Synagog and Trumps actual words were,

    “Now when you have crimes like this, whether it’s this one, or another one on another group, we have to bring back the death penalty.”

    I think that guy with the long hair was a member of squad, they are a group of young democrats, not that I differentiate in any way between them and the republican party. They are all shit people in my opinion, they all believe this kind of deceit and blatent lying is acceptable. Here is the original video of Trump making that speech.

    • Great to hear from you again Venner. I take in what you say & I am in little doubt you are right. However, there are two things that have to be said loud & clear here – 1) When I put this piece together I was not deliberately attempting to deceive people in any way, which as you know is a Zionist speciality. Not that I’m saying you could be giving them any benefit of doubt but what is unequivocal is they are doing everything they can to crush freedom of speech. This in itself is an affront to democracy & our fundamental rights, so I feel it is open warfare with these bastards. After all, haven’t they got previous when it comes to mass-murder? THEIR M.O. IS MASS MURDER! 2) I, like you, know only too well what’s really going on. We know who is behind all the mayhem. The thing is, I don’t want to write about such things – all this goddamned doom & gloom. I’d rather talk about Physics, Nature, Einstein, Music & certain sports. I feel I’ve been pushed into doing this because of all the Zionist lies & deceit we’re subjected to on a daily basis. I’m sick of hearing their lies. Therefore, the gloves came off long ago with me. If the scum of the earth are going to fight dirty then I believe it is our moral duty to do everything & anything we can to expose these vile people.

      • The real problem is : you can expose these people all you like,but they such incredible financial clout,that they (as we all know) control the media/banking etc.
        So,how does one fight against them,when they even control the security services & the justice system/courts,where they can even buy the judges off !
        This particular type of (human) cancer has to be eradicated-but how ?!
        Answers to that are not really forthcoming & perhaps it’s therefore time for us “non-chosenites” to discern some type of strategy to deal with this problem,before we all succumb to it !
        Perhaps the final remedy might be a short list of those most virulent on the list of human “cancer” at the top of the chosenite elite & take action – through a rifle barrel – i know it sounds way too harsh & violent to some,but perhaps it’s now become the one & only way of dealing with this problem – after all,the chosenites would’nt hesitiate to do it to us goyim !

        • I’ve been trying to ram this down people’s throats for ages. There is a way. Just the other day 45 million Brazilians declared a GENERAL STRIKE! They brought Brazil to a standstill because effectively their leader is a Zionist puppet! The problem is – the media imposed a blanket boycott on this & never reported it! Can you imagine if 45 million Americans with their guns decided they’d had enough & called a general strike? Suddenly the Zionist stranglehold on power would not look so rigid. This is is why the media never mentioned it; this is why they are so desperate to disarm Americans; this is why, even though I’m against anyone owning guns, for years I’ve said if Americans give up their weapons they would be signing their own death warrants. We have one thing – strength in numbers. What we so desperately need to do is get organised because they won’t stop turning the screw.

          • Michael Otway

            The titular head of the Khzarian banking empire is none other than “Bibi”. His ego is wounded followed the failed Israeli moon mission, a cover for their project whereby they would put a nuclear powered energy weapon in space thus ruling the planet by brute force to go with the financial stranglehold they have over most of mankind.

            Don’t fear these bastards. They rely on the perception that they are all-powerful and do anything to anyone they wish with no repercussions. This is not true. In reality they are beginning to lose their grip on power, but like any cornered rats they will become more vicious. The more people like you Michael, speak out, the weaker they become. The truth is their enemy.

            In the U.S, they are represented by the Clinton/Bush crime family and their Deep State apparatus. The Trump Junta is not what it appears, and is in fact at war with the Khazarian empire and their familiars in the U.S. Clinton preaches lies as truth and truth as lies. GHW Bush is the closest person to the Anti-Christ on Earth. He was responsible,in part, for the explosions of hard drug addiction following the Vietnam War, organising for heroin from the Golden Triangle to be smuggled back to the States in the bodies of slain soldiers.

            They are an obscenity, but are destined for a place where they will no longer have innocents to prey on. A type of prison-world,in effect. Hell,to them.

            Good riddance!

            Mike Otway.

          • Thanks for that Michael. Spot on mate.

  • Is Jared Kushner a member of the Trump junta,who is also at war with the Khazarian empire,or is he a Khazarian plant,placed within the Trump junta,to spy on it & derail any of it’s positive advancements ?!

    • I think too many people attach way too much importance to this little wretch Kushner. To me he looks like a sniveling rat in a threshing machine. I just wish someone would stamp on him!

      • He is a snivelling little rat – however,i’ve always believed that he is somehow an intelligence asset for the knesset,(fortuitously placed,as he’s married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka) within the Trump circle.
        If so,he’s strategically placed in a position where he’s able to report back to the knesset (or even Mossad),on all of Trumps movements !

  • Lupulco

    It will be death sentence to criticise both Zionists [Political Judaism] and Political Islam. Both are different sides of the same coin.
    Zionist brains and Islamic brawn. now that the British empire is no more. Adapt, change and succeed

  • Yes. I’d go along with that. The only difference is Islam doesn’t possess anything like the influence & power Zionists have.

  • Eileen

    This website has a lot of podcasts that can be downloaded with a lot of information about the past, present and future. The podcasts are long, but very, very interesting regarding current affairs and how we reached this situation.

  • Eileen

    This website has a lot of podcasts that can be downloaded with a lot of information about the past, present and future. The podcasts are long, but very, very interesting regarding current affairs and how we reached this situation

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