Trump inauguration: just what America needs – less talk; more action

Forget comparing this speech to Obama’s rapturous inaugural message. You can’t. There’s no comparison. At the time, Obama’s speech alone instilled me with some renewed optimism but these hopes were soon dashed. From the word go it became obvious dual national Zionists had dug their claws into him & his administration. As a result what occurred was 8 years of what amounted to a continuation of the very policies Obama lambasted GW Bush for. Don’t listen to anything the media says regarding Obama’s relationship with Netanyahu. This is all a bluff. The truth is Obama ended up doing virtually everything the Israelis wanted.



1) He willingly participated in election fraud to rob Ron Paul of the Presidency twice.
2) He allowed the US police force to receive ‘special’ training in Israel. This resulted in a sudden spike in indiscriminate US police killings.
3) He did nothing to stop two Israeli incursions into Gaza which led to the mass-murder of 4000 innocent civilians.
4) He aided & abetted in the creation of a mercenary army which later became known as ISIS & Daesh.
5) These killers were then used to destroy Libya.
6) They were then used to destroy Syria.
7) His administration oversaw a spate of false flag events for the sole purpose of ramping up fear in the hope Americans could be disarmed.
8) He did nothing to improve the dire situation in Iraq & Afghanistan.
9) He destabilised relations with Russia, playing ball with the media’s lies thus making Europe a far more dangerous place.
10) He became a willing participant in the media’s character assassination of Donald Trump. 
11) Most importantly, what he said in his inaugural speech turned out to be a pack of lies….. In other words, HE DID EVERYTHING ISRAEL WANTED!


I can tell you now Trump’s speech did nothing for me but then who isn’t fed up with speeches & promises. Not that this wasn’t the case with Obama. I’d had enough of politicians long before him but I’ll admit, Obama sucked me in good & proper with his inaugural speech. Today, it really is a case of less talk; more action. Trump stressed his goal was to give power back to the people & to put America first. Crucially, he stated his foreign policy will be non-interventionist. Now, there’s only one group of people who do not want this – the Zionists! I’ll be looking to see if Trump honors these pledges. Before anybody opens their mouth again…… SO SHOULD THEY!
But we have heard this all before. Therefore, should I have any reason to be optimistic? Yes but not for the normal reasons. I don’t know if people noticed but I’ve the distinct impression the media are still trying to pull the rug from under Trump. For crying out loud, where’s all the talk of ‘let’s give him a chance & see how he goes?’ NOT A SNIFF! I mean this is just so ridiculous, far as I’m concerned, this is actually good news. Let the media show out even more. Soon, the only people who won’t know who owns the media & what their motives are will be blithering idiots! I mean just listen to how resigned & subdued Larry King was on RT – it was as if the little wretch was at a funeral!
Also there was anything but the sickening pomp & ceremony which regularly occurs when a new President is sworn in. Significantly, where were all the Trump supporters? Again, correct me if I’m wrong but this doesn’t seem possible. Either audience microphones were deliberately tripped or the audience was carefully selected by the you know whos! I find it hard to believe Trump preferred it this way. I felt this was all too low key but then I’m glad Trump kept it short. Let these bastards play their nasty little games. Action speaks louder than words!


Check out RT’s link – ‘We will not impose our way of life, but we will shine for others to follow ‒ Trump’ – which includes Trump’s inaugural speech



  • Ron Wright

    I was inspired by this inaugural speech in the same way that you was by Obama’s. Lets hope that I don’t become as disillusioned as you did as quickly as you did.

  • Ron Wright- correction; “that you WERE (not was) by Obama’s”. (the English Language was meant to be confusing). That is why I wrote THE BOOK HOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE LANGUAGE CONTROLS THE WORLD.

    As Michael said; “Obama didn’t finish what he said in his inaugural, because the Zionists controlled him”. the masses don’t know who and what the Zionists are and what their end agenda is…..the OWO!

    Sooner or later we’ll see just how much power the Zionists have over Trump. The main issue I have with Trump is his selecting the military and money people to his staff. Remember: What made America GREAT was war. What do you think will MAKE AMERICA GREAT again? Right now, U.S Tanks are practicing on Russia’s border. I predicted the selection of Ukraine – by the Western Alliance – to be the location of the next COLD WAR between Russia and the U.S. That is why I was invited to represent the U,S. in the International Psychic Challenge in Ukraine, and anyone – who is not blind – can now see why the Tanks are there. Read what Michael has to say, and send it to all your friends. WAKE UP AMERICA! WISE UP AMERICA!

  • Lynne

    Thanks Michael. I think we are in for some interesting times and outcomes. Give the man a chance is what I say.

  • Jenny Goddard

    Excellent remarks and I have to say I am on the same page as you Michael, even down to Larry King, who talks a load of BS.
    All that pomposity, with these people coming down the steps to watch the inauguration proceed…who the heck were most of them? apart from the paid Zionist puppets and what about the amount of religious prays said….even a Jewish priest gave a prayer,
    Give Trump a chance, thats what I say, he is not like anything we have seen before, that may actually be what we need., and thats why the people voted him in,, and without hid ego, and determination, it would not have happened.

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