Trump Invades Syria – Disaster awaits!

The deployment of US ground troops in Syria has nothing to do with killing off ISIS. This is all Netanyahu’s doing. He, Israel & the Zionists want turmoil in Syria & ultimately regime change. Now US & Russian forces are in the same theatre of operations. This is the worst piece of news since the same bastards declared they’d invade Libya.
As much as I’m aware of how unfair & unjust this world is, when I come across an albeit unsurprising, awful piece of news, it still unsettles me. And so it was a few days ago when I saw this link from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity – Trump sends ground troops into Syria. As I tried to make head or tail of this, the only conclusion I reached was Netanyahu, the quintessential Ashkenazi mafiosi thug, had got to the President. It ties in with the timing of his visit to Washington DC & the fact I’ve always maintained Israel controls US foreign policy. Crucially, I’ll never stop saying – this mayhem can only stop when Americans take their country back.


I’ll admit, I’ve given Trump all the leeway I can. Of course those who’ve insisted Trump was always part of the elite will say I told you so but that argument falls flat on its face when one considers how the media from day one has set about trying to destroy Trump. Why would they create a rod for their own back if Trump was the warmonger Israel so desperately required? The notion this is all part of a convoluted double-bluff simply doesn’t hold water for the last thing the globalists need is to further erode the credibility of their flagging propaganda outlet the corporate media.
Moreover, what’s happening to Trump is a carbon copy of what occurred to Obama. Before he was sworn in, Obama lambasted GW Bush’s foreign policy, only to effect an incredible U-turn the moment he entered the Oval Office. This was the mother of all flip-flops which surely demanded scrutiny for if there was one reason Obama was elected, it was down to his non-interventionist stance on foreign policy. The media, however, not only dutifully played it’s role never once mentioning this outrageous anomaly but they then proceeded to give Obama an easy ride.
Not that I make a habit of believing what politicians say when they’re on the campaign trail. Far from it. So why do I think both Obama & Trump were being entirely genuine when they spoke of America’s shameful foreign policy? Because I can recognise an exception to a rule, I attach no bias & above all, I try to connect all the dots. Therefore, I trust my instincts. Why, after all, would Trump antagonise the many Jewish business partners he had all those years ago by telling Wolf Blitzer on CNN, ‘these wars have been disastrous for America’ if he didn’t mean it? These guys never get involved in no-win scenarios. No. Trump meant it & so did Obama.
But why go easy on Obama only to throw the book at Trump? If the new President is under the Zionist thumb, this doesn’t make any sense unless that is, one concludes Trump is being seriously leaned on. Please don’t even attempt to tell me mafiosi threats of this kind are not part of Netanyahu’s repertoire. Also, from here one can probably assume the dual national Zionists must feel Trump is a far harder nut to crack than Obama.
So back to this horrible development. Each time Syria takes a step forward, it seems outside forces are determined to ensure it remains a quagmire. Up to now I’ve felt US involvement there has been all about supplying & aiding ISIS & other terrorist groups solely for Israel’s benefit. Of this I’m in no doubt. What worries me is these US forces are there because they know the Russians won’t risk a confrontation with them & so America can resume it’s quest to remove President Assad. Even though the last thing I expected was the Zionists to back off, I’m nonetheless so disappointed Trump has caved in like this.
It’s so annoying how chaos is being manufactured deliberately. None of this could happen if the media was doing its job. The Russians all but defeated ISIS & brought about peace. What earthly reason does America have sticking its nose in now? IT’S BECAUSE ISRAEL DOESN’T WANT STABILITY IN THE REGION! So thanks to Netanyahu, the world once again has to hold its breath because the prospect of a confrontation between Russian & American forces is now a very real one. Whether it’s because the Zionists don’t want Trump becoming too pally with Putin I’m not sure. What I do know is the Zionists are masters at engineering conflicts.
Immediately I contacted the one person I know who possesses a solid understanding of what’s going on in Syria – Vanessa Beeley. She shared my concern but added the situation in Syria is rather complex, especially with the Kurds. She said, after negotiations between Russia & Turkey, the Kurds handed over Manbij to the Syrian army, in defiance of US instructions. This in itself is rather surprising because the Kurds & the Turks have not been seeing eye to eye. What it indicates is the Turks are listening to the Russians more than the US & this explains why the West tried to get rid of Erdogan.
However, my good friend Nicky Nelson told me a while back – the Kurds are in bed with the Zionists. The Turkish leader is opposed to the creation of a Kurdish state while Israel yearns for yet another strategic foothold in the region. The Russians however, do not want to see the break up of Syria. It’s a mess alright.


Here are some of Nicky’s fabulous posts about the Kurdish dilemma & their albeit secret connections with the Zionists – 

My article is becoming more and more timely by the day… it’s the reason we are ramping up to get control of Raqqa in Syria and going full-force in Iraq again, so I guess the answer to this question so far is NO unfortunately…

Kurds – Breakthrough Research on the “Greater Israel” Project – Cracking the Code

Kurds – Breakthrough Research on the “Greater Israel” Project – Cracking the Code


Race For Raqqa: Major US Escalation In Syria – 




Syrian Kurds Will Get Raqqa as Reward for Being Loyal US Allies – 


This is from an article from 2011: Syrian Kurds Will Get Raqqa as Reward for Being Loyal US Allies

“The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies, including Russia, or the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

At the moment, the SDF, comprising Kurdish (People’s Protection Units or YPG) and Arab fighters, appears to be better positioned to go through with the offensive. If so, a liberated Raqqa will most likely become part of Rojava, or Western Kurdistan, an autonomous region made up of several self-governing cantons.”



Rothschild Scion Takeover of Kurdish Iraq Oil Co –


Why is the U.S. Military helping build a second Israel? We have a direct link from Rothschild to “Kurdistan” another fake state like Israel, but in Iraq and Syria “Western Kurdistan” all part of the Greater Israel project… Christopher Bollyn has reported on his oil ventures in Kurdistan and that is why the U.S. is ramping up their ISIS organization and U.S. Military in Syria’s Raqqa and Iraqi “Kurdistan” Wake up people, this is genocide of the Iraqi people and another attempt to takeover Syria… all for the Jews of Israel. Kurdistan is Israel 2.0… The Kurds supply Israel with 3/4’s of their oil and Erbil “Kurdistan” is the fastest growing city and economy in the world! Trump has said on two occasions that I have seen that he is arming the damned Kurds!!! Why? He said he wanted peace and he said it was good Russia was there and we should leave it to Russia, what changed????

Rothschild Scion Takeover of Kurdish Iraq Oil Co.
Posted on September 21, 2011 by therearenosunglasses

[SEE: Anglo-Turkish oil giant seeks N Iraq domination]
From Klosters to KurdistanFrom Klosters to Kurdistan

Iraq-Erbil: Nat Rothschild’s world stretches from the coal mines of Indonesia via the aluminum smelters of Siberia to a legendary wine estate in France. And it just got much bigger.

Last week, Mr. Rothschild made a huge bet on the oil fields of Iraqi Kurdistan, one of the last great frontiers in oil exploration. His investment vehicle Vallares PLC said it will merge with Genel Energy International Ltd., a Turkish firm that pumps oil in Kurdistan, to create a $4 billion

Rothschild Scion Takeover of Kurdish Iraq Oil Co.


BREAKING NEWS! Regime Change Thwarted in Syria – Now what?



While we have to wait & see, hard as I try, I can’t think anything good can come of this. Under Obama, Russia was allowed to take ISIS apart. Netanyahu goes to DC & I could see the body language change. It is clear Ashkenazi mafiosi thuggery remains firmly in the box seat whether the President likes it or not! Vanessa Beeley rightly said, “the US has lost the war on all fronts including hearts & minds.” There can be no question this is the case but the fundamental problem remains – Zionist warmongers remain in control in America.



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