Trump is right: Bushes, Clinton, Obama ‘all killers’

“It is beyond propaganda at this time. It’s like watching a really bad cartoon on some really bad LSD.”

These are the final words of author & radio host Don DeBar in this 2.16 clip for Press TV & he’s so right. This is how low the media has sunk. Yesterday a lady asked me what we could do about this. I said, ‘I’m not quite sure. Even if we don’t buy newspapers & switch our TV’s & radios off, the Zionists have untold resources. Therefore, the MSM will continue lying right up until they’re either removed by a revolution or by the lesser likelihood of a politician taking them on.’ A few years ago I wrote an article about this & said –
“the chief protagonists of 9/11 had 3 main goals
1) To manufacture an enemy out of thin air.
2) To initiate the greatest financial fraud in history.
3) To open the way for the creation of Greater Israel.
This is what 9/11 was all about. Of course anyone with any brains knows the only way such an act could be successful is if those responsible for planning & executing it could totally rely on the media to cover up their heinous act of treachery.
The problem was with so many glaring errors in the official account, it was inevitable ever-increasing numbers of folk would realise the media was not just lying but complicit. Therefore, we had effectively reached a situation where the media had passed the point of no return.
Well, it goes without saying – when there’s no turning back, the lies can only come in thicker & faster. No surprise. The MSM was destined to be anything but a news outlet designed to inform the masses. What we weren’t being told WAS THE NEWS! 


And so this is where we are now. We have the nonsensical situation where a media that criminally turned a blind eye to outrageous war crimes of previous Presidents, only to continue to undermine Donald Trump who hasn’t been in office for a month! I can safely say all those protesting against him fall into 3 categories –
1) Scum who’ve merely been paid to cause trouble.
2) Zionists.
3) Basically the thickest people on the planet.
It matters not whether you like or loath the new President. What’s essential here is realising those who refuse to give Trump a chance are people who are saying –


And I don’t give a shit about what anyone likes or doesn’t like about Trump. IT’S IRRELEVANT! How can we even listen to people who say  ‘when our man wins, everything’s sweet but when your man wins we’re not having it?’ We’re not talking about a two-bit councillor or a Senator from Rhode Island. This bullshit is against a democratically elected US President & the media is unashamedly spearheading the onslaught. 


Though the media is increasingly showing out, not nearly enough people for my liking understand firstly, what we’re hearing, day after day, is what the Zionists who own the media want people to think & secondly that we’re ONLY hearing that story. The MSM never permits the other side of the story no matter how illogical their side of the story is. Talk about the Israelification of America!





    • Very sad times Jack. It can’t be more obvious yet these bastards are still at center stage, deciding policy. It just doesn’t seem possible. There’s too many people that are either asleep or they simply don’t give a shit!

      • Paulo

        Hello Michael, my Fbook friend!
        I think americans simply don’t give a shit about foreign policies. Most americans don’t think or don’t realise, that in the last years american policies turned 180 degrees into the “other side”. The darkest side of relations between countries and human beeings.
        All values preached by the americans are “dead”. Sadlly, it’s obvious that there’s an elite, a tiny group of psychopaths, very very powerfull and “well” connected guys, that are leadind not only america, but also the world into another and surelly deadlly confrontation. Probablly the deadliest ever.
        People no longer trust in “american democracy”, “american values”, etc, etc…..
        Some years ago, the world trusted in america. Now, if something came from america, people fear. Why??? Becouse whenever america is involved in something, we can only have two guarantees. War or regime change be aby means and the world must stay quiet or join, becouse if not, it will be treated the same way. America don’t even respect other ancient cultures, peoples of other nations will, nothing. I may even say, america is dangerously turning to a totalitarian country and pointing the fingers to others to try to throw sand into worls peoples eyes.
        Sorry for some wrong writting on the text. I’m in the middle of heavy traffic and writting at the same time. But i know you get what i want to say.
        Greetings to all of you and specially for you Michael.

  • flitter

    the problem with that is that the Israeli govt loves Trump and probably were the ones who got him in against all odds. I think we are seeing 2 different branches of zionists/NWO’s who are competing for power. But Netanyahu and co perhaps are closer to “pure” zionists, ie mostly want greater Israel, whereas Soros, rothschilds etc are more about NWO although also are zionist. perhaps they see a different “liberal” version of Israel.
    The only alternative to this that I see is that the whole election campaign and current anti-Trump protests were staged, and perhaps Killary was used to fraudulently get rid of Bernie to make way for the Trump victory.

    • You make good points Flitter but I can’t help feel it’s incompatible for the Israeli govt to love Trump if the media so loathe him. To date you’ve given the best explanation as to why that could be.
      Your alternative doesn’t quite hold water because I can’t imagine Hillary wouldn’t have been the perfect Zionist puppet. Why so obviously cheat Bernie & in the process show out by bringing election fraud out into the open finally, only to concede to Trump. Something doesn’t quite add up.

    • Dag nabbit good stuff you whepripsnappers!

  • Your posts are good but marred by the constant references to Zionism – making sharing out of the question. You do not define Zionism or show how it connects with your points. And why would the “Zionist MSM” be so critical of Trump who supports “Zionism” or least a form of it. It makes no sense. If by Zionism you mean “Jews” just say Jews.

    • No I don’t mean Jews Peter. Jews & Zionists are two different animals. I’ve actually defined Zionism a million times. In short Judaism is a religion; Zionism is a political ideology originally promoted by Yehuda Bibas, a Sephardic Rabbi (1789-1852; Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795-1874), an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi; Judah Alkalai (1798- 1878), a Sephardic Jewish Rabbi, though Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) is often credited as being one of the fathers of modern political Zionism. Quite how I can explain this every single time I write a piece I’m at a loss. Perhaps I need to put this up on my homepage because you are not alone.

      I can understand new readers finding it offensive but then 200 years of hard work & incessant lying via the Rothschild Zionists have fooled most people into thinking Israel, Jews & Zionists are one & the same thing. I find it particularly interesting, as well as nauseating, how people do not take offense when the media refers to Muslims but do so when people mention Jews or Zionists. This anomaly typifies how the Zionist controlled media operate. They know humans are programmable.

      All one has to do is discover who owns the 6 major media conglomerates, each & every major newspaper, the radio stations, magazines etc. The lkist is way too long to publish. I have one somewhere. If you insist I will endeavor to dig it out. You will perhaps be surprised to find 90% of media barons are Zionists ie Ashkenazi fake Jews whose ancestors originated from Khazaria. Pretty much all of them answer to the Rothschild banking dynasty. Pretty much all of them do as they’re told. This region is now known as Georgia. Between 80-90% of Israelis are Ashkenazi; each & every Israeli Prime Minister has been & is Ashkenazi ie void of even a drop of Semitic blood.

      Jews on the other hand are Semitic folk ie of Middle Eastern origin, as are Syrians, Iraqis & incredibly Palestinians. In short Judaism has been hijacked by Rothschild Zionists who are using the Jews good & proper. Quite how therefore I should say Jews, as you say, is beyond me. I hope you can understand the dilemma I have. I’ve done my homework. All it takes is for others to do their’s! Furthermore, I put myself up there to be shot at. Let someone try. I guarantee not many do & the few that do inevitably end up scarpering with their tail between their legs.

      As for the point you make about Trump supporting Zionism, in the great words of Voltaire “TO LEARN WHO RULES OVER YOU SIMPLY FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE!” Trump is no fool. He knew what he had to say when he was electioneering. I’ll merely finish off by stating actions speak louder than words Since the media is so opposed to him, let’s wait & see what he actually does.

      • Michael; I can see that new people to your post here do not know about the Ashkenazi, and the fact that the Zionists are actually rich Jewish bankers who own and control the MSN. Notice how, now that Trump is in, the media is being careful of how they handle him, when before, all the media was pro Hillary and anti Trump. I can remember back when I actually believed the Main Stream News Media, UNTIL I came upon Aljazeera, (did I spell it correctly) and soon it was off the air. Trump does not support Zionism! He is cautious, that’s all Let’s wait and see if he has the balls he claims. Right now the BAN has him by the balls.

        • Yes Jack – I spent an hour putting together my response to Peter Kellow. I often feel with this issue especially a perfect explanation will not do the trick because people have been so brainwashed by the media they just don’t want to know. Small wonder the Zionists feel omnipotent. If they can get away with assassinating JFK, attacking the USS Liberty & being caught bang to right & 9/11, then what can’t they do? As soon as you say Jew or Zionist the floodgates open. But the Zionist media can use the term Islamist at will! It drives me nuts.

      • Thank you for your reply. But Theodor Herzl’s definition of Zionism is the creation of a Jewish state – he did not say it should be in Palestine. That is what Zionism is and was. Personally I support Zionism in its proper sense. But the Zionist state should never have been created in Palestine – a region that was unfamiliar to the Ashkenazi Jews who originated in Eastern Europe and spoke Yiddish not Hebrew. It should have been carved out of Germany after WWII when Germany had surrendered – somewhere on the Baltic coast would have been fine. Israel was created by “Christian Zionism” which put a biblical interpretation on Zionism using the Bible as a legal text which it clearly is not. Its aim was not pro-Jew but a western geopolitical aim of destabising the Arab world – and in that it was 100% successful. You use the word Zionism to mean international Jewish conspiracy – a corruption of language and history. If Jews like the Rothschilds are engineering an international conspiracy [which may be true] this has nothing to do with their being Jews in today’s world – they are merely part of the global financial elite which includes plenty of a Christian background. Your use of the word Zionism to mean something completely different from its original meaning devalues your posts – which is a pity because you make some very interesting arguments

        • Thank you for that Peter. You know more about the topic than I do. I merely know who’s responsible for some of the most outrageous acts in history. I merely want to name & shame the bastards responsible. If other people construe this as racist ranting then what can I do? I can assure you there is not a racist bone in my body but then I’m sick & tired of telling people this. If you tell me what label I should apply for these gangsters, I will be only too happy to accommodate. But you have rather confused me for I’m pretty certain the Rothschilds are Ashkenazi so how can they be Jews? Jews are among the most brainwashed people on the planet. They’ve been fooled by these very people. Who after all do you think financed Hitler? Nobody ever talks about that! Please tell me. You say my use of the word Zionism is erroneous; pray what label should I use.

          • The word “Zion” is a “key” word made up (and explained) due it’s spelling. Ion is Infinity as opposed to Eon; a time factor less than Ion. The letter Z is the 26th letter of the Alphabet which is 8. and 8 is the number of “Man” that plays God. SO, Zionism is a belief system that portrays certain men as GOD, and these men are the money people who own the banks AND the MSM. THEY are the Zionists who use MKUltra to control the minds of the masses. THEY are the New World Order (introduced by Bush senior) that are now known as the One World Order……..first known as the Illuminati. One cannot expect the “masses” to comprehend this. My book HOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE CONTROLS THE WORLD composed in 2009 explains all of this.

          • I can’t say I understand this Jack but thanks all the same.

          • The Jews are normally divided into two types the Ashkenazi and the Sephardi. Broadly the Sephardi Jews are descended from the Jews of Iberia that were expelled from there in 1492 by the Christians when they took the peninsula from the Islamic Moors. The Sephardi settled in the Balkans and other places around the Mediterranean and Western Europe. Because they enjoyed good tolerance and self-development under the Moors and often in western Europe they are often thought of as more sophisticated than the Ashkenazi Jews. The latter are the Jews of Eastern Europe who suffered badly in most countries there with pogroms and expulsions. It was the Ashkenazi that fled to the USA in the latter half of the nineteenth century and were among America’s “huddled masses”. The Rothschild’s originated in the Jewish ghetto of Frankfort and so are Ashkenazis. I have said what the term “Zionism” means but I am not sure what you are referring to when you use the word. It seems to be International Jewish conspiracy or something like that. The Israelis spread their tentacles into the UK, France and the US with powerful lobby groups collecting funds and influencing and buying politicians. The western countries created the Israeli state in Palestine in order to destabilize the region and keep supporting Israel to undermine the Arab and Muslim world. This is why these western countries remain pro-Israel and anti-Iran. Iran the Israelis consider their main threat. In my view the dominant group in the world today are the global financial elite who have such vast wealth they can control even the biggest states. Certainly they control the USA and Britain by buying the politicians. This group includes the Rothschilds and no doubt many Jewish interests but it is far larger than these. And so you cannot describe it as Jewish or “Zionist”.

          • Thank you Peter. One thing you shouldn’t say is that I cannot! I can & I damn well will for it is unequivocal – I can produce mountains of evidence that literally proves 9/11 was a Mossad, Dual National Zionist operation. Here are the real terrorists. If you have a better way then by all means say. In the meantime I will endeavor to wake people up the only way I know how – give them the facts & let them decide. We are fast running out of time.

          • You still haven’t told me what you mean by Zionists. So you posts remain incomprehensible to me

          • Well then – DON’T READ THEM! 99% of the people understand me. I’m amazed you don’t realise your ability to waste my time has ceased. I see the game your playing. You ignored what I said about JFK, the USS Liberty & 9/11 & instead chose to defend these gargantuan criminals. I suspected this as soon as you had to make out you’re a smart-arse, asking me about things you were well aware of. Think you can make me go around the houses. I now see you are nothing but a trouble-maker. All it will take is one more word! Please, just give me that opportunity & I will block your sorry arse…….

          • Michael; It was heartwarming to see how you handled that smart-ass jerk who tried to come-off as an intellectual. I even took the time to try to explain the definition of the word ZION…as “ist” is a suffix meaning :doer of. He is a trouble maker, and I was hoping you would straighten his ass out. He wasted a lot of your time and energy. The word ZION has no dictionary definition, but it infers “FOREVER”. Keep up the good work man.

          • He didn’t waste that much of my time Jack. Firstly I have a whole file of bits & pieces which I use for the likes of people like him. Often I just have to copy, paste & then edit. Secondly, I smell these people a mile off. I answered his original query but when he replied it was obvious he knew more about this than I did, so it wasn’t hard to work out he was a messer. I’m not sure if he was a Zionist troll or anything like that. He didn’t seem to fit that group of scumbags but I could be wrong. However, it was great to have someone else in the fray helping out so thanks Jack.

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