Trump should be on guard. The Rothschilds have a habit of murdering Presidents who don’t follow their orders

Before you read the extract taken from the diary of the 33rd U.S. President & the accompanying piece by Mark Weiser, I’d like to firstly say I’m no fan of Harry S. Truman. Japan had lost the war & twice offered to surrender. This detail remained hidden from public gaze & only surfaced in the autobiography’s of two of Truman’s inner circle years later. The reason the atom bombs were dropped – Stalin had to be sent a message. Whether it was the case of paranoid military big-wigs fearing a Soviet invasion is unclear. What’s for certain is the decision to drop the bomb on civilians was a crime so heinous, even the death sentence would have seemed unworthy. First though I’d like to identify some of the major factors involved here whenever anyone speaks out against Israel & the Zionists…


Firstly, it’s hardly protocol for any world leader let alone an American President to roundly admonish one particular race of people. It’s simply not the done thing. Therefore, it goes without saying – if ever astonishing revelations are brought to light by heads of state, in normal circumstances it would not only make front page headlines but it’s a cast-iron guarantee the media would not let up until they’d well & truly squeezed the shock/horror routine bone dry. Yet, even though Truman’s assertion is anything but an isolated case, it is unequivocal –  whenever Israel or Zionists are at the centre of any controversy, the media goes into automatic clamp-down mode so that there’s zero discussion regarding what in all likelihood are very serious allegations. Then to add insult to injury, there’s the obligatory crass branding of the messenger an anti-Semite. The story is killed so swiftly a Cagney death scene in comparison would seem an eternity! 


Countless world leaders have felt compelled to speak out, each one voicing similar concerns. I say compelled because they know only too well that at best they’re on a hiding to nothing; at worst, they may be signing their own death warrant. Incredible as it may seem, Zionist intimidation is so obscene, vindictive & thorough, it virtually renders Sicilian mafiosi activity a minor inconvenience.  Making matters worse still is while Italian mafiosi strong-arm tactics often receives negative publicity, those who reveal Zionist skulduggery know the entire media apparatus is owned by the same people they’re accusing of foul play. Therefore, how can one not conclude Zionist whistle-blowers are merely folk whose conscience simply drives them to tell the truth? Why would they lie? Who, after all, in their right mind would put the boot in by openly lying about pathological liars & mass-murderers? Never have truer words been said when the great French poet Voltaire stated –



Of course often the end result of this form of Zionist censorship is sheer disbelief whenever such revelations are made. ‘How could this be true? The media never said anything.’ Well, if the media clams up in order to protect the greatest gangsters in history, how can the general public ever discover who they are? And to give some idea of their outrageous level of deceit & wickedness, what does the media do when the most vile specimen on the planet, Benjamin Netanyahu, makes highly dubious claims against other nations – THE EXACT REVERSE! What he says is plastered all over the papers yet there’s zero evidence; goody-goody TV news readers make sure their most solemn, serious look is in place in order to lend credence to Netanyahu’s bile. Then the media embark on a campaign to subliminally brainwash uninitiated folk by repeating the same lies over & over again! How often have I said, it’s the media who decide when people should get angry & what they should get angry about? What it all boils down to is we cannot be lied to more if they tried! It really is that bad!


As well as the chronic double standards & diabolical criminality, not to forget the sheer Chutzpah of it all, the most worrying aspect is even though most people now are largely convinced lies were told in order to invade Iraq, notably Saddam’s WMDs, has any mass-murderer been made to face the music? Have we even been able to bring about the desperately needed legislation so that such gargantuan crimes against humanity can never again occur? Has the media ever apologised to the people of Iraq? I mean such grave crimes surely warrant Nuremberg style prosecutions? HELL NO! So why should we be surprised when the same people think nothing of forging ahead with the identical foreign policies that have brought about chaos, carnage, death & destruction? 



Finally, I feel it’s also crucial to mention many Jews are aware & indeed horrified of Israel’s wanton disregard for international law, as well as the unbridled underhand treachery of all-powerful Zionist lobbies throughout the world. Their efforts to raise alarm bells naturally receive scant publicity. You see, another fact kept firmly under wraps is that Jews & Zionists are actually two altogether separate groups. Many Jews merely happen to be among the most brainwashed people on the planet. They’ve well & truly fallen for all the bullshit – Israel really is threatened & they are the victimised. Nothing could be further from the truth but try telling them that! Fortunately more are discovering how & why Judaism was usurped by Khazarians (Eastern Europeans from a region now known as Georgia) & then used by the Rothschild banking dynasty as a means for slowly but surely establishing a New World Order. This is why Zionists are desperately trying to control the flow of information on the Internet. This is why people like me are being severely censored.


Harry S. Truman wrote

“The Jews have no sense of proportion nor do they have any judgement on world affairs. The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as displaced persons as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog.”



This is what Mark Weiser wrote….

Anyone can see Truman’s statement is true just by looking at the Bolshevik revolution and how Zionist Jews took control of Palestine with violence making themselves the root of modern terrorism emanating from the Mid-East today. And it’s more than ironic that Truman was the first Western politician to legitimise Jewish terrorism by accepting the takeover of 1948 Palestine by Zionist terror gangs, as somehow being “legitimate”.

It’s no secret, saying things about Jews that are historically true often get  labelled as anti-Semitic statements. This is nothing more than an intimidation tactic meant to keep people from speaking and learning the truth with issues connected to Jews.



US politicians have spent Trillions of taxpayer dollars, directly and indirectly supporting Israel. Fighting their pre-planned PNAC wars, they pushed our weak U.S. politicians and the public by using 9-11 as the excuse for war crimes. Israel doesn’t really appear to want peace and they never did, otherwise they would acknowledge certain realities about all they’ve done as part of the process in achieving a lasting Mid-East peace. But if we can’t discuss the truth about the conflict because it was originated by Jews, then how can anyone ever hope for a peaceful resolution with the Palestine/Israel conflict? The conflict was planned by Jewish Zionists starting around the turn of the century 1900, after they decided they wanted the holy land for themselves and had determined that terrorism was the only way they could obtain it. They continue with periodic mass murders and land thefts to this day.


The media is fully complicit in what undoubtedly is a catalogue of Zionist criminality where if the truth were ever told, history books, notably the past 250 years, would require a complete overhaul. Here’s an excellent, eye-opening article directly pertaining to this. Just try & imagine how different history would have been had some of these great men not been murdered….

Rothschilds Murdered at least 7 US Presidents – by Henry Makow


I’m aware most people will think this is highly speculative. DON’T! All one has to do is take a step back & ask a few key questions like ‘how can so many U.S. presidents die in mysterious circumstances?’ Or ‘how can Presidents of the most powerful country be assassinated only for questions to remain unanswered?’ Better still, one that for me not only reveals the truth but makes it an open & shut case – ‘why to this day has the entire corporate media neglected to point out the glaringly obvious?’ JFK WAS SHOT BY TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE – ONE FROM BEHIND & ONE FROM IN FRONT OF HIM! Therefore, it’s undeniable – two people the same day shooting a President who was anti-war, anti-secret societies, opposed to the Rothschild stranglehold over the Federal Reserve Board & who openly stated Israel should never acquire nuclear weapons, means two things – THIS WAS A PLANNED CONSPIRACY; NOT THE ACT OF A LONE, CRAZED GUNMAN & AN 8 YEAR OLD SHOULD BE SMART ENOUGH TO WORK OUT WHO’S REALLY RESPONSIBLE!  


Finally, I wanted to include a video which pretty much confirms all I’ve put down here. I spent hours sifting through my library & it proved to be time well spent for I came across what I believe is the perfect clip – 

‘Only one political party today: the Nazis’ by Eustace Mullins

Like I said, ask obvious questions. When Hitler came to power Germany was bust. Everyone knows this yet within 6 years the Nazi war machine was bashing up Europe as if it was swatting flies! How in the blazes could this have happened? Who had the financial clout & why was Europe so unprepared? Of course if you’re idiot enough to believe people like Henry Ford, Prescott Bush & other wealthy individuals could have financed such an operation then dream on. Where do you think all this crap came from? Oh excuse me. Was it the Zionist controlled media? What’s their Modus Operandi I wonder? Errr – shifting the blame perhaps?….. YE GODS! Isn’t it obvious? Like I said, history would be so different. Imagine if everyone, most especially Jewish folk, were to learn & understand that the Rothschild Zionists were behind the financing of the Nazis. 





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