Trump vs Hillary – it’s a no-brainer

Before I present my latest offering I’d like you to watch this one minute clip Linda Wal kindly sent me but please……… do not say if only more soldiers stepped up to the plate like this. THEY ARE! The media is simply not reporting it. Oh but they have the gall to accuse Truthers of being unpatriotic yet consistently ignore pleas of soldiers who one after the other say ‘colossal war crimes are being committed. The world needs to know what is REALLY going on!’ Make no mistake – our greatest enemy is the media. The fact more US soldiers die by suicide than in the theater of operations should have everyone thinking what the hell is going on –
VIETNAM – 56,000 US soldiers killed & M.I.A. 110,000 Vietnam veterans have committed suicide. 4 MILLION VIETNAMESE KILLED!
AFGHANISTAN & IRAQ – 7,500 US soldiers killed in action. So far over 12,000 have returned home only to commit suicide! SO FAR 2 MILLION AFGHANS & IRAQIS HAVE BEEN KILLED! THE LIST IS RISING EACH & EVERY DAY!



My latest rant came about because of yet more fools who are incapable of differentiating between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton & so what could be in store for us. YET IT’S AN ABSOLUTE NO-BRAINER! The very fact the hierarchy are so blatantly cheating to get Hillary into the White House; the very fact they’re not reporting any of her outrageous crimes; the fact Trump has said ‘THESE WARS ARE DISASTROUS FOR AMERICA; the fact he wants dialogue with Putin should be ample. Sometimes I wonder just how few of us really do possess the ability to think so as to arrive at the correct conclusions. I’m beginning to think this is our greatest problem.


1) Look what’s happening in Syria now even though we, the people were dead against military intervention.
2) The Middle East is in dire straits – HILLARY WILL MAKE THINGS INFINITELY WORSE!
3) Only the Russians are fighting ISIS & the terrorists.
4) The West had to get involved in Syria………  TO SAVE ISIS!
5) If the media criticise Trump, THEN WE WANT HIM!
6) When the media talk, it’s Israel talking. THE MEDIA IS OUR ENEMY!
8) Hidden tier of power – war-mongering Zionist bankers. Israel runs the US government.
Finally a word from the one man who’s standing up to the West’s Zionist bullshit. This is the truth. We’re not fighting terrorism; WE ARE HELPING THEM FOR ISRAEL’S BENEFIT! The Russians are fighting ISIS; WE ARE THE TERRORISTS! The most annoying thing about all of this…….. IT IS SO OBVIOUS!



  • Not that I didn’t expect it; but every major News Channel reporting the Presidential debates sickens me with their obvious downplay of Trump attempting to throw him off constantly. It has become obvious that the News Anchors are being told – or possibly threatened loss of jobs – to help Hillary in the debates. And now the 3rd party candidates are being threatened that their votes will help Trump. This scam that “the system is rigged” as Trump stated in the beginning is so obvious it makes me angry.. Putin knows what is going on with the (so-called) enemy ISIS that was created by the CIA and the Mossad. Middle Eastern countries are being wiped out to create a GREATER ISRAEL.. As Ariel Sharon said long ago “America does what Israel orders”. My concern is; when will the worlds masses wake up to this farce? I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am a person searching for truth. In politics, there is no truth. I like Trump mainly for that reason; he is not a politician, and he knows THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED.

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