Truth to Zionists is what Kryptonite is to Superman!

I was having supper while listening to RT UK 7.00 o’clock news & the presenter said something that almost sent me to my maker. Every so often you hear something so outrageous you instinctively react. I nearly bloody choked to death! Last thing you need when you’ve got a mouthful that you’re just about to send down the hatch is hearing…..


David Cameron is annoyed the Chilcott inquiry is taking so long. He wants to impose a time limit!!!!! 

Aaaahhhh BLESS HIM!

The little lying weasel!


It gave me a good laugh but joking aside, there’s more to this than meets the eye. Of course, first you have to realise this statement doesn’t make sense. For starters –

1) Are you telling me, Cameron, the Prime Minister, was unable to do a single thing to put the inquiry into hurry-up motion…….. IN FIVE YEARS? 

2) The same man thought nothing of engaging the UK military in illegal wars against Libya & Syria. He didn’t hang about there, did he?


Cameron the terrorist!


Is it not the case Cameron is stuck between a rock & a hard place? The best thing that could ever happen to the Chilcott inquiry is if its findings are never released because it’s a no-win situation for Cameron. I said this before the election & gave reasons why they’d keep a lid on it until after the election. Needless to say, the Zionists controlled media did all they could to protect Cameron by making out he was annoyed they were taking so long, when in fact behind the scenes he was doing everything he could to hold the damn thing up!


For the record – if the Chilcott inquiry lets that lying piece of shit Blair off the hook, even those with the brains of a rocking horse will scream WHAT A FIT-UP! The knives will be out & there’s little chance Cameron can side-step the inevitable heat. I say inevitable because THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN! Blair WILL be let off the hook. All this baloney today is merely part of the process to cushion Cameron yet again, after all, he’s their main man! But the Zionists know he’s unpopular as hell; they know he’d never have been re-elected without their concerted effort. They also know, what little support he has is diminishing fast. The trouble is, there’s plenty more the Zionists want from him ie LAWS THAT MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO CRITICISE THEM!


Why am I putting all my eggs into one basket by saying this will be the outcome of the Chilcott inquiry? BECAUSE IF BLAIR’S FOUND GUILTY OF BEING A WAR CRIMINAL, THEN WHAT THE HELL IS CAMERON? 


Truth & Kryptonite

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