Turing Pharmaceuticals to roll back pricing for Daraprim amid fierce backlash.

GET A LOAD OF THIS SON OF A BITCH! I never used to wish death on my worst enemy but the things I was thinking when I spent much of today reading about this awful little germ. I mean what are hedge fund managers? They produce nothing; they do no work; everything about them makes me want to heave! In my world hedge-fund managers wouldn’t exist – period!


Oh but this mo-fo makes a killing, as these professional deceiver/manipulators tend to do. So what’s his next move? Instead of trying to give something back to society Martin Shkreli buys up Turing Pharmaceuticals which had acquired the rights to Daraprim, a drug which treats a parasitic infection. This pill which cost less than a buck to make was being sold at £13.50 – nice bit of business my boy but….. at least it did the job. It got rid of a nasty problem.


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I know why this evil little shit wanted to buy this company. He saw an angle where only this company produced this vital drug. So instead of shocking everyone by raising the price by 50% to 20 bucks a pop, no – he decides to go for a price rise that knocks everyone bandy – from $13.50 to a whopping 750 clams a hit – 

– an astonishing 5000% increase!


So what did I think? KILL HIM! Doesn’t matter. Someone just kill the piece of shit! Doesn’t matter how you do it – just kill the little runt! Is this hate speech? YOUR DAMN RIGHT IT IS BECAUSE I FEEL I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO HATE SCUM LIKE THIS! I’m not the one inciting violence; HE IS! How many 1000’s of people will suffer terribly because of him & the fact that politicians have sat on their arses & not safeguarded the public from greedy vermin like him. I know he’s since had to back down but the nerve of this guy. If they were testing the waters to see how far they could push, they bloody found out!


If you want to risk throwing up – a couple of links –






Pure Scum



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