Turkey shooting down Russian plane: Just another nail in the coffin of the myth that we’re fighting terror.

What excuse does any country in Europe have defending Turkey’s actions in shooting down a Russian plane. Everyone knows Russia is bombing ISIS targets in Syria. They are not threatening Turkey. It will be interesting to see how much more support the West is going to give Turkey for upping the ante in such an irresponsible way.


When you’re bombing terrorists it goes without saying the last place you want to have to bail out is over enemy territory. However, I’m still very surprised & confused as to why they killed the pilots (see video) like this. Surely having these pilots as leverage is infinitely better than just having two dead bodies?


People like Cameron can lie through their back teeth but we simply cannot afford to let this man have it both ways – he keeps telling us how ISIS is this terrible threat but so far every last one of Cameron’s actions tells us an entirely different story –

1) When Blair left, the last thing the UK public wanted was Cameron to continue the identical foreign policy. This he has done with zest – to me it looks as if we’re trying our level best to inflame Muslims & thus create Islamic fanatics.

2) He insists Assad must go – yet Assad is fighting ISIS.

3) He bemoans the fact ISIS terrorists could mingle among refugees & make their way into Europe – yet his actions were instrumental in creating this awful refugee crisis.

4) When he finally wangled his way into bombing Syria (something which the UK public & parliament opposed) on the premise of combating ISIS – all that happened was ISIS went from strength to strength leaving Assad no options but to ask the Russians for help.

5) So when the Russians took up the challenge & started bombing targets ISIS was being routed – not only was it abundantly clear ISIS were sitting ducks. For the world it seemed the West was helping ISIS.

6) This became even more obvious when the Russians asked for cooperation & help with intelligence – IT WAS NOT FORTHCOMING!

7) Instead of the media & Western politicians heaping praise on the Russians for the way they were so effectively dealing with ISIS – all we ever heard was Russia was attacking non-existent moderate rebels & we even had the gall to say hospitals were targeted.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black –



Even if the Russian plane entered Turkish air space, SO BLOODY WHAT! IF WE’RE FIGHTING TERRORISM WE SHOULD BE HELPING RUSSIA – NOT START WW III. Initially I thought it would be interesting to see how the West could talk their way out of this one but then I thought they’ve got away with so many outrageous lies, what difference another one. By now everyone down to a 10 year old should know we’re not fighting ISIS or terror – WE’RE CREATING IT! 


Here is a clip of rebels shooting at the Russian pilots who parachuted out of the plane that Turkey shot down.


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