Two key 9/11 videos – Bin Laden’s denial & Rebekah Roth’s from Cheney to Mossad.

“I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people.”


There are still many brainless morons &/or the rank bone-idle out there who’ve no idea the media is controlled by Zionists. Morons yes indeed because frankly, how gormless does one have to be not to work out just how biased the media is simply by listening to their version of the news? I realised something was wrong when I was 10 in 1967. The news declared Israel had been attacked from all sides & the end result of this 6 Day War was they’d swiped the Sinai Desert from Egypt, the Golan Heights from Syria & while they were busy doing all that, they decided the 52% of Palestine they were donated 19 years earlier wasn’t enough so they snatched a huge chunk of the 48% the Palestinians had left, including Jerusalem. You see what didn’t make sense to me was the bit where Israel was attacked from all sides. It’s one thing claiming the spoils of war BUT CLAIMING YOU’RE THE VICTIM TOO? This would become a recurring theme with the Zionists.

Exposing the Khazars!

But what of folk who can’t be bothered to think – the rank bone-idle? That’s all I did as a 10 year old. You see even if you’re a bit dense what does it take to do a little research. In no time one will discover there are 6 major media conglomerates – CBS, COMCAST, DISNEY, TIME-WARNER, VIACOM & NEWS CORP. A little more research & one soon discovers the first 5 are all Zionist owned while News Corp. is owned by Neo-Con nutter Rupert Murdoch. Only the dumbest of the dumb aren’t aware Murdoch is very much in bed with the Zionist war-mongers. There. Was that difficult? Yet you’d be amazed how often people challenge my assertion both on my website & on Facebook, that the media is Zionist controlled…….. & I’m anti-Semitic of course! Let’s not forget that!

The day I started writing on FB one of my first posts was regarding media power. I said breaking this Zionist stranglehold would be the key to our success. Up to this very day it’s been the key to their success! I tried to emphasise the power of media control was only really complete & therefore able to be realised when all outlets worked as a cartel. It would be highly problematic, for instance, for the five Zionist companies if Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. told an entirely different story. I also tried to explain that the ability to make news & tell lies is but a fraction of media power. The ability to impose a media black-out on an item of news that normally would make front page headlines is where most of this power lies.

All the dots connect

Well on September the 12th 2001 Osama Bin Laden released a statement denying any involvement in 9/11. The problem was only Al Jazeera TV decided to air this earth-shattering news. now here was the man accused of a most heinous crime but each & every media outlet decided THE WORLD & ESPECIALLY AMERICA, HAD NO NEED TO HEAR WHAT BIN LADEN HAD TO SAY! Who the hell are they to make such a call? However an hour after 9/11, Zionists like Ehud Barak, Jerome Hauer & several others were all conveniently plotted up at each & every major news outlet & they were all singing like canaries & what’s more, like a well rehearsed choir they were singing the same tune! What occurred with these men & consequently Bin Laden should have alerted anyone with a modicum of intelligence that something was terribly amiss.

So we have a case hear where one side of a story is plastered across the networks while the man being accused is not allowed to protest that he’s innocent. There is no other way of looking at it. It is an undeniable fact Bin Laden denied any involvement yet the Zionists who owned the media decided it was imperative only one side of the story could be heard. Of course if Bin Laden’s denial was universally aired as it most certainly should have been, serious questions would have been raised as to how these Zionist accusers knew who to blame. Now just think about this – an hour before 9/11 those who should have known something claimed they knew nothing, yet an hour after the event, those who claimed they knew nothing, SUDDENLY KNEW EVERYTHING! How much longer are people going to remain in denial? 

Thanks to Natasha Ryan for sending me this video –

Just to put the icing on the cake Michael Allen sent me this video by REBEKAH ROTH who’s done some great work with her book METHODICAL ILLUSION & her video METHODICAL DECEPTION all about 9/11. Of course she was a flight attendant for over 20 years so she more than most people knows about aviation rules regarding flight procedure. This 8 minute clip makes your head turn from the jump & boy, it sure packs some detail. However, if you’ve ever seen the fantastic 1957 film ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ with Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich & the irrepressible Charles Laughton, you will know it’s nigh on impossible to be hit with a bigger surprise at the end of a film. Well, it was damn near how I felt when Rebekah ended this clip with an absolute mind-blower!  

This link is about Rebekah & her book –

The price for Greater Israel


  • I take it you have been informed about the Channel 5 Documentary, 9.00 pm Wednesday, saying the Plane’s aluminium coming in contact with water, was the explosions responsible for the collapse of the twin towers. It however, does not explain why Building 7 collapsed, with no such aluminium.

    • Duncan – I wouldn’t expect anything near the truth about 9/11 until Zionist influence is purged from the media. They have got to keep making up cock & bull stories. I’ve never watched one program on 9/11 on the TV because I know it’s got to be a pack of lies.

      • Sam

        This is a particularly stupid theory, even compared to the other official conspiracy theories : so the fuselages of both planes melted( despite the temps being far too low) then this impossible molten metal flowed downstairs and the sprinklers made it explode(??) this caused the near symmetrical collapse of both towers – brilliant mate, don’t know why we never guessed this before! Molten Aluminium cools very quickly as anyone who’s tried to cast things with it can tell you and it is silvery in color like Mercury and nothing at all like the yellow/white molten steel seen flowing from the towers
        The only way aluminum brought these towers down was mixed with iron and sulphur in a fine powder, you keep coming out with this shit guys and we’ll keep shooting it down!

        • I can’t understand why people complicate this issue. 9/11 is an open & shut case. Arguing the toss over detail is exactly what the conspirators want us to do.

          • Simon

            That is totally my thinking.
            It is as clear as daylight!
            What is impossible to understand is the ‘Official’ story.
            (love the puzzle meme btw)
            How i try and explain all the crap of Zionists to people is by finding
            the pieces of the puzzle and putting it together.

  • richard

    watch the 9/11 documentary by ryan dawson entitled war by deception… 9/11 was an obvious Israeli orchestrated false flag event…the evidence is so overwhelming that even the OJ jurors would find them guilty

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