Two parties make up Labour: Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn & Labour Friends of Israel

The former has virtually all the Labour votes. It is undeniable – the party under JC has been transformed, support that had all but disappeared under Blair. What’s worth noting is JC has galvanised support at the all-important grass-roots level. If all was good & fair, there is no question Labour would win the next General election by a landslide.

The latter has literally no support in the UK. These are the 80 or so MPs who belong to Labour Friends of Israel. It wouldn’t be so bad had they rallied round Corbyn, after all, no leadership candidate had ever won outright on the first ballot. Blair didn’t yet virtually the whole party got behind him even though they became another version of the Tory party. Instead, LFI has been instrumental in undermining JC. So, with an election virtually in the bag, what earthly reason would these MPs have to do this?

I keep asking myself – what does it take for people to concede that our entire political process is being used & abused, moreover by those who never stop telling us democracy is the be all & end all? What more evidence does one require? I’m sick & tired of being labeled anti-Semitic simply because I point out JC is anti-war, pro Palestinian & above all, yearns to redress the balance between the rich & the poor ie WHAT MOST OF US WANT! That’s why he has all this support. Just because Israel doesn’t like JC’s policies is not my fault & it certainly does not make me a racist.

And this is what it all boils down to – the reason we are attacked so vociferously is because LFI MPs have to be protected because they are committing nothing less than Treason! Again, it is undeniable – THEY ARE PLACING THE INTERESTS OF ISRAEL BEFORE THEIR OWN PARTY…… & nothing is being said or done because the media is owned by the very same people who’ve ‘bought’ each & every Labour MP in the LFI. Yet the rules are perfectly clear – MPs are not allowed to place the interests of any foreign nation above the interests of the UK.

Yet what we continue to see is attack after attack on JC. Yesterday I responded to a post in the group JC fights mainstream media which featured this article –

Labour is broken to the core, says former Blair minister Jane Kennedy –

Every last Zionists agent is dutifully afforded all the publicity under the Sun by the equally treacherous media. As I said these people have literally no support. They would be far better placed as members or supporters of the Tory party. So I made a point of stating there had to be a definitive reason we were witnessing these incessant attacks on JC & significantly why this was happening even though each & every claim being made was highly dubious. Since they know they’re lying, why are they continuing to do this?

Just think: These people lied to go to war, so surely they’ll think nothing of rigging elections? The same people are involved here. So, I believe they’re going to rig the next general election so that JC does not obtain power. What they’re doing now is simply manufacturing a false belief that all is not well within the Corbyn camp. This is for the media’s benefit so that when they cheat, immediately they’ll put the defeat down to this alleged discord & bullshit claims of anti-Semitism while ignoring every report regarding blatant election fraud. This is their MO & it explains why they’re instructing all on the Zionist payroll to lie through their back teeth. Do you honestly believe Jane Kennedy doesn’t know what she’s claiming is fabricated nonsense? It’s all about setting up a belief that JC can lose when the truth is he should win with an overall majority, regardless of the media’s bias.

I thought I’d also include these two RT pieces –

London’s mayor says Indian businesses & students ‘deserve preferential treatment’ ://

Of course the only reason Sadiq Khan holds this lofty position as London’s Mayor is because he too is bankrolled by the same people who the LFI have sold out to. This explains why the media offers Khan all the support they can. So why are they telling us this? Surely everyone who lives in the UK deserves the same treatment? Why should any group receive ‘preferential’ treatment? The answer is as sinister as it gets. This is for the purpose of dividing the people of the UK further still. This is the media’s Modus Operandi – DIVIDE & CONQUER – for it can only make people furious! In the meantime, news that should make the headlines is virtually ignored –

Susan Sarandon, Pamela Anderson & Roger Waters question silence on OPCW report on Douma ‘attack’ –

I feel if we lose out to NWO warmongers an integral reason would be down to the sad reality that even after it’s virtually been proved both the media & politicians told lies by claiming Syria’s President Assad gassed his own people at Douma….. yet nothing! We’re talking about the gravest of issues & it’s deemed not to be a worthy news item. How can there be a crime more despicable than deliberately manufacturing a reason to go to war? One can only conclude the power-brokers know they can commit any crime because decent human beings simply don’t care enough.

Here it is in a nutshell – we receive all the garbage news, all the lies regarding Jeremy Corbyn but anything genuinely news worthy is cast aside without so much as a by-your-leave! It is imperative people start realising precisely what the media is playing at because while it may be presumptuous to assume JC is the answer to all our problems, one thing is certain – he’s not just a step in the right direction, HE’S THE ONLY CHANCE WE’VE GOT!



    Friends of Israel are no friends of genuine honest policies , and should swear alligence to the UK and support BDS or be expelled

  • The main problem here is that JC never gained control of his party from the very start,after having been elected as leader.
    When the LFI & certain other traitorous elements within the party saw this,they immediately rebelled quite early into the start of his leadership.
    If he had fought with them and immediately put his foot down & assumed control of Labour,it is highly likely that the current scenario which we now witness within the Labour party might never have taken place,or at least to a far lesser degree !
    However,the other problem in British politics is Brexit & the fury caused by the betrayal of the 17.4 million by May & others around her within the Tory party.
    The Brexit party under Farage is of course now feted to sweep the floor on May 23rd & that now changes a great deal of the political spectrum as it now exists.
    For the first time,we are perhaps coming close to seeing an end of the 2 party stranglehold of old within British politics.
    Hopefully this will happen,as both Conservatives & Labour have by now (realistically speaking),outlived their political usefulness & service to the British peoole.
    The old former & present set of political brand-loyalty in Britain must eventually come to an end & it certainly seems that this might happen during the EU elections.
    Faew in both Labour & Tory can cry foul here,as they have brought their own problems down on their own heads,by being despicably dishonest & treacherous towards the British electorate over the last 3 years since the 2016 referendum.
    We have extremely interesting imes approaching !

    • Yes. I agree Terence. Sadly from the beginning I wrote articles pleading with Corbyn to take the gloves off. Goodness knows how many posts I did on this. But rest assured – they are going to cheat big time when they count the votes & the biggest loser will be Labour. They’ll make it seem that the Tories & the Lib Dems are not that far behind Labour.

  • Fredi Hazeem

    Friend of Israel should be outlawed, and their members charged with treason. Also, BBC, The Guardian and other israeli mouth pieces should be held accountable, and criminals prosecuted for treason and lies.

  • Boasy

    There is no left or right In politics. It’s all an illusion. Either way the masses gets slapped by the right or left hand which both belong to the Zionist federation of isreali Jews.

    • Maybe not now but I’d have voted for Corbyn all day long. He had the right policies but as you say the Zionists have control. I’ve said it a million times – WE’RE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES!

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