UK Column News 11th May – 27 minutes of in your face truth!

I try to listen to every single edition of UK Column News. It’s that good. This episode is 27 minutes of in your face truth. I’ll say it again – if you’re a UK citizen who cares about right & wrong or crucially, yearn to learn more because you can no longer stomach the barrage of bullshit politicians & media feed us, then I cannot recommend this site more highly. I like to believe people are cognizant of the fact if I make a point of plugging something, it’s for good reason.


However, this time around, this particular segment is for the attention of my American friends, though it must be said, anything that occurs on the other side of the pond has to have a direct bearing on what occurs here. Listen to what these guys say about Hilary Clinton & ask yourself, are they exaggerating? Sure. They echo everything I’ve ever said about this crazy woman but please, believe me when I say the last thing I want or need is a pat on the back. As big-headed as it may sound, I know in my heart of hearts, whenever I write anything it’s because it’s the bloody truth.


It surprises me none their attack centers around a piece written by Paul Craig Roberts who I’ve featured on several occasions. This man has excellent judgement. Moreover, he’s not one to sensationalise. Like my good self, if he says anything, he bloody well means it! It’s not about opinions! As much as I want to be wrong about Hilary, I can’t help but feel this bitch will kill us all. The reference to America & Killary is 20 minutes in……



A dire future



UK Column News 11th may


It goes without saying I agree with everything said here. America, which right now is in the hands of Zionist bankers, is in the economical khazi. It’s only a matter of time for the dollar to collapse. Russia & China know not only will these Rothschild globalist power-brokers stop at nothing to ensure America maintains its top-dog status but THEY KNOW ONLY TOO WELL – THEY HAVE VIRTUALLY NO CHOICE BUT TO DO THIS! The alternatives hardly bear thinking about. So, off the top of my head, what are they……
1) US economic meltdown will lead to mass-incarceration & mass-murder of US civilians. Why else did arch Zionist Michael Chertoff build 800+ state-of-the-art Fema camps up & down America? Why else were the Patriot & NDA acts passed? Why else has the US police force been given an Israeli crash-course in how to be one murderous no-nonsense bastard? Do not for one minute think this is pie-in-the-sky. These people have prepared as well as they could for this eventuality. Bear in mind, the very same people 100 years ago engineered the 1917 Bolshevic Revolution where 66 million Russians were brutally massacred. 
2) The flip side to this is, in turn it could lead to a long-overdue revolution. Once again, the mere thought Americans could take their country back is something the current power-brokers can ill-afford to even contemplate.
3) For starters, plans for a New World Order, will at the very least, be placed on hold.
4) Israel will no longer be able to rely on America for its wholly immoral as well as outrageous financial support. That, believe it or not, IS THE GOOD NEWS!
5) A successful people’s revolution in the US inevitably will lead to the dismantling of the Zio-banking stranglehold. However, once this clear-out encompasses the mass-media, all bets are off for it’s inconceivable to even imagine how the horrific truth of Israel & the downright treachery of the dual national Zionists can remain hidden from public gaze. JFK, the USS Liberty, 9/11? If American en masse ever discovered the whole truth……


Why do you think I’ve bored people to death saying – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP? It’s because the point of no return was traversed yonks ago! Like I said – the power-brokers have no alternative. It’s shit or bust! There’s only one thing I can’t get my head round…… do these people fully comprehend what a full-blown nuclear exchange between the super-powers entails? Surely they do, so what the hell have they got up their sleeve? I know they’ve built a shit-load of amazing bunkers that are more like underground cities but still….. I don’t get how people like Hilary, & what bothers me is there’s so many of them, could be so cock-sure?


The mere thought anyone could even consider nuclear armageddon! Let’s give it a shot. See what happens! You’ve got to be joking! Thing is, we’re talking about everyone in the media & just about everyone in the upper echelons of US power. Surely but surely, they aren’t complete idiots! They’ve got to know pretty much all the grief in the world is down to America’s outrageously belligerent foreign policy. How can they not know Russia & China have done bugger all? Brinkmanship aside, how can so many people, who after all, have their own families, go along with this head-first stampede into oblivion?



  • Jack Tafoya

    Right on Michael! I talk about this in my book I have told you about that was published in 2007 HOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE CONTROLS THE WORLD but I cannot understand how you could leave England out of this conceived chaos. England got America into this WORLD DOMINATION to do Israels’ bidding. Obama is a part of the scheme, but it was Kissinger that got him the presidency. . The EU is starting to catch on while the dollar is crashing, and Putin is wise to ISIS, so China and Russia are the good guys now. You know that if I said this on Face Book, I would be in the same boat as you. I tell all my (thinking) friends about your column and can only hope they spread the word. Keep it up Michael.

    • That’s right Jack. These bastards have used every trick in the book to ensure as few people as possible see my work. It’s intensely annoying being cheated of ever knowing what kind of following I could have attained but this is why I refer to Zionism as a carcinogenic perversion. Everything they do is deceptive as well as inherently evil. Moreover, if the roles were reversed, they would positively detest it!

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