UK Column News 21 & 22 March

With lies reaching epidemic proportions, there’s no doubt there exists a growing awareness things are woefully amiss. Yet even though many good folk are trying to highlight how & why we could be heading for seriously dangerous times, I can’t help but feel we’re very much up against it & it’s all down to one thing……. media control.
From day one I’ve stressed that the ability to with-hold the truth is the key. This is the one power that was essential. Forget all the money, all the power, all the influence. Forget about false flags in order to manufacture conflicts. You see, a prerequisite for even thinking about establishing the kind of New World Order that’s knocking on all doors is possessing total control of the entire mass-media.  
Once established, it’s a power so immense, so extraordinary, merely stating it should not fall into the hands of a handful of people is inadequate for –
An integral reason this is so is because once one attains this power, few people will realise you have it! It’s not like Superman strutting his stuff – look what I can do. It’s Pandora’s box….. & the sky’s the limit. Not only can you make it up as you go along – anything that doesn’t help your cause can & is ignored. It goes without saying – if it’s not news, then it’s not news! One remains uninformed. Lamentably, only those capable of reading between the lines know what’s really going down.
UK Column news 21 March –


1) Rigging the upcoming EU elections.
2) Sugar tax but nothing on Aspartame which is infinitely worse! Genocide with a small G as Brian Gerrish says.
3) Corbyn being pressured for not speaking out against anti-Semitism.
4) Pedophiles deserve more protection apparently & how our Police have been forced not to investigate. All gone quiet on child abuse.
5) The UK has the largest prison population in Europe. Hardly surprising for there’s been an alarming rise in people being given ‘indeterminate’ sentences. They have no release date! What kind of a judicial process is this?
6) More garbage over Yemen. More garbage over Syria. All Russia’s fault. More sanctions…..


UK Column news 22 March –


1) More Bullshit with Hilary.
2) Google skulduggery. Connection to Bildeburg.
3) Overthrow Assad still very much part of the agenda. To actually support the creation of Greater Israel.
4) TTIP & staying in the EU.
5) Membership of the Tory Party has halved since Cameron.
6) How the war-mongers are trying to screw Trump because of his luke-warm support for Israel & NATO.
7) More on Pedophile cover-ups.

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