UK Column News – 24th November 2015

Here’s what yesterday’s UK news should have been – a perfect analysis of the outrageous shooting down of a Russian plane, which incidentally fell on Syrian soil. This proves one thing – what Obama said about Turkey having the right to defend its air-space came straight out of the Zionist manuel. We have this ‘right to defend’ line which we’ve become accustomed to hearing when IDF is wreaking havoc on Palestinian land. Quite how one can possibly be defending oneself as an occupying force is indeed a moot point.


But what I missed yesterday was the fact the plane came down in Syria. That means there’s a damn good chance it never entered Turkish air-space, which is what the Russians said. Since Turkey committed this heinous act why should we give them the benefit of the doubt? Whichever way, were talking miniscule distances. Turkey had no right to do this & in my opinion, our politicians in the UK have once again miserably let it’s people down. Cameron cannot have it both ways – he claims he’s combating terrorism. Well no one’s doing it better than the Russians. So why isn’t he condemning Turkey?


At least these two chaps give the proper lowdown on this terrible business, even going as far to say Erdogan is a complete lunatic. Also in this episode they touch on the fact our newspapers, who up to now have never admonished Cameron for doing nothing about the Pedophiles in Westminster, instead are trying to have us believe these pedophiles aren’t so bad! Yeah! Hardly surprising since the Zionists rely on these perverts to put Israel’s interests before ours! I was also pleased they pooh-poohed the very notion Cameron cares about our country.


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