UK Column News – 26th November 2015 “the war no-one wants to discuss”

Since today I featured a piece regarding the exploitation of Africa, I thought I’d include UK Column News segment which today featured another story which has also been pretty much ignored by mainstream media as well as politicians. I know there’s plenty to follow right now but this debacle has been going on for quite some time & it’s an absolute disgrace.


Once again here we see another terrible consequence of the illegal war in Iraq. It set a precedent in that it paved the way for the strongest countries in the world to do what the hell they like. What right does Saudi Arabia have to bomb Yemen? Sickening enough that the richest Arab nation by far is bombing the poorest one but what the hell’s happened to the sovereignty of nations? 


Mike Robinson speaks to Kim Sharif of Human Rights for Yemen, and Vanessa Beeley of the Syria Solidarity Movement about “the war no-one wants to discuss” – Yemen



  • Abubakar Dabo

    What to do about neighbors who interfere in others internal affairs is a serious matter than merely analyzing the causes. The Yenenis and pcifists around the world have made their position on this clear: there is absolutely no excuse for such interferance by Saudi Arabia.

    The Kingdom should have done its best to have continued the strong and friendly relations that existed between it and its impoverish neighbor on the basis of mutual respect and candid dialogue. This step should have helped in averting the current situation. One issue which preoccupies the minds of many commentators from the Middle East, perhaps because they themselves feel affected, is that of the nature of the war on Yemen-it’s a proxy war with the face of war on terror and freedom.

    But it’s not only the Yemenis, who need liberating. The Saudis, too, need to be freed-perhaps more so. Unless they see it this way, then they will end up liberating the Yemenis and leaving the Saudis unliberated-and that would be another problem to deal with!

    • I agree. It’s the Saudi people who are oppressed – not the Libyans & Syrians. Gaddafi & Assad were not anywhere near as bad as the despotic regime in Saudi Arabia.

      • Fredi Hazeem

        Gadfly created the highest standard of living in Africa for his people, and it was a nice place for business and pleasure could be found. Syria under Assad was a country where people did not walk in fear, where one could eat, drink, dance, where there was no crime, free travel throughout the country, free internationally accredited education, medical, no beggars, no sectarian violence, where all people lived and worked together. Saudi has played a big part in the regional barbarism and destruction. Saudi beheaded 50 people yesterday – Friday the Saudi day of worship

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