UK Column News 27th May – GERRISH IS BACK

Great to have Brian back. He may not be a Ken O’Keefe but he’s the man, believe you me, he is the man! There are those like Ken & my good self who unashamedly tell it how it is. We don’t hold anything back. It’s in your face, no nonsense, full frontal assault. Tangle with us at your peril …… & that’s why few ever risk taking us on because 99 times out of 100 we send them packing with their tails between their legs.
Sadly, as understandable as our emotional outbursts are, we live in a world where folk care predominately for what directly concerns them & so have scant knowledge of what’s really going on. Hardly surprising. This problem is compounded by the fact what news they receive from the MSM is a concoction of Zionist lies. Much as they may suspect they’re being told the odd porkie, nevertheless, generally, unsuspecting folk do not respond positively when hearing alternative views from ranters & ravers like Ken & myself.
If only these people would tune in to UK Column news & listen to Brian Gerrish. He says all the things Ken & I say but does so in a cool, calm, collected manner which is perfectly suited for those who have little or no idea of the unimaginable level of lies we’re being told.


The UK Terminator!


I’m so pleased UK Column news is now providing a chronological breakdown of what they discuss. Thanks guys. This helps no end. If you’re a Brit you’ve got to listen to ‘profound lies’ at around 8 minutes. It certainly perked me up because these guys are using my lines. Years ago I wrote an article about pork-pie merchants – I said Cameron was a cut above Blair because only the comatosed weren’t aware that Blair was telling absolute whoppers. Cameron though, can do it KEEPING A STRAIGHT FACE! It’s all worth listening to but the one other segment that’s a must is at around 29 minutes where there’s no holding back –


The good news – OUR LEADERS ARE CRIMINALS. The bad news – the only threat facing ordinary folk & you’d be well advised trusting my judgement on this one because this threat is far, far greater than any terrorist organisation. In fact, there’s no comparison. Please. Allow me to try & qualify this –


Imagine being trapped in a prison cell with another creature. Only one can emerge. The threat of terrorism is akin to locking horns with a bumble bee! DON’T LAUGH! I’m 100% serious. In fact, if anything, I’m ramping up the terrorist threat here because it’s undeniable – more people die from bee stings than terrorists every year!
So, in order to convey this message in a manner where one can gauge the true threat we face, imagine being trapped in a cell with a Black Mamba, a Hyena or a Nile Croc? HERE IT IS! THIS IS OUR REALITY! You see, the real danger comes from those we’ve entrusted with government. Exacerbating the situation further still, the very people our politicians are subservient to also control those who’s job it is to inform us of what’s going on. The enemy – OUR POLITICIANS & MAINSTREAM MEDIA!


Start – immigration used to drive people towards voting to leave the EU
3:40 – the incremental establishment of the European Superstate
7:50 – profound lies from the sociopathic G7 ‘World Leaders…’
12:50 – United Nations climate agreement fails to gather traction
16:00 – elections in the US : the relentless corruption of the Clintons
20:20 – the Constitution Party is one alternative in the American system
23:10 – sadism and exploitation of the vulnerable in Syrian refugee camps
25:50 – illegitimate governments lead a reign of extreme domestic terrorism
31:20 – Libya is being fostered as a Mediterranean source of flexible chaos
36:20 – NATO expansionism targets Russia via Bulgarian reinforcements
45:00 – renewed campaign to erode press freedoms in the United States


UK Column News – 27th May 2016 –


I lie more than Netanyahu


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