UK Column News – 29th January 2016

This edition, as all of them are, is excellent. Here are some of the things they brought up in chronological order –


1) It is all but obvious the FBI unlawfully killed Oregon protester Robert Finicum. It therefore should be abundantly clear to everyone – the FBI, like the US Police, have been given the green light to commit murder. Why? Because the Israeli run administration in Washington DC wants US citizens to respond with violence. Since, up to now, common sense has prevailed, the authorities have upped the ante by allowing the indiscriminate killing of US citizens. It should be made absolutely clear to all in the law enforcement industry – THOSE WHO COMMIT MURDER WILL BE TRIED & PUNISHED ACCORDINGLY!
2) And how Cameron would love this here! Now we have policemen in the UK trumping the idea they should all be armed! 
3) The perpetual ramping up of the fear factor.
4) How the UK government is putting its foot in it by using social media to spread its lies.
5) Bent slush funds so the media can lie more effectively in Scotland.
6) The plans they have for our children & so on.


29 Jan


Family of slain Oregon protester challenges FBI account of his death


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