UK Column News 5th Jan 2016

This edition, particularly for UK residents, is a must watch. Unless we stop Cameron in his tracks, we’re in big trouble. This is not about exposing him. God knows I’ve been trying to warn people ever since he became leader of the Tory party 10 years ago. I’ve been telling everyone who he really works for ages. This is all about what’s acceptable & the future of how we live in our country. None of these draconian measures were ever included in any manifesto pledge but two years before he became Prime Minister, the man he cheated to become leader, David Davis, resigned his seat to fight a by-election based solely on the issue of the erosion of our civil liberties. The media made nothing of this. They never once asked Davis – 

‘Why are you doing this? HAVE YOU GONE MAD? What do you mean erosion of people’s fundamental rights? Cameron’s never said he was going to do this! Where do you get your information from?’


This should have been big news but were the people of the UK made aware of this? NO THEY MOST CERTAINLY WEREN’T! In fact the media went out of their way to portray Davis as a bitter man who’d narrowly lost out on the Tory leadership. Why? Because the same people who Cameron works for own the media. The last thing they want is to let people know what’s really on the agenda. David Davis was trying to warn us. This means this issue was in the pipeline long before Cameron won his first election. If this doesn’t mark people’s cards as to whether there exists a hidden agenda, then nothing will! Incredible as it may seem, today, one remains more likely to be killed by a Policeman than a terrorist, yet Cameron is giving the Police unprecedented powers on the false premise he is fighting terrorism.
He’s not! He’s been busy trying to create terrorism. All he’s managed to do though is bring hell on earth to the very people being blamed for terrorism – Muslims! This is why they’ve had to indulge in so many blatant false flag events, notably the two in Paris. Moreover, it cannot be more obvious that ISIS is an Israeli-run terrorist organisation that is only destroying Arab & Muslim nations.


Crime pays


I became a writer/activist when I started writing on Facebook in October 2011. Blair & Cameron were the catalysts but Cameron was the straw that broke the camel’s back! Since I’ve had my website though I’ve been accused of over-reacting. I’m not going to say what Zionists say because they know what they’re doing & I know what game they’re playing. All this nonsense about people inciting hate & fear. ZIONISTS ARE THE ONES DOING IT! Divide & conquer their speciality! I’m not one for paranoia, all this bullshit about being a conspiracy theorist. I’ve long since felt anyone using this derogatory term tend to be those who either think they’re smart or want people to think they’re smart. There’s paranoia & there are those who cannot be fooled.  


Hate laws my arse!

When Cameron surprised even his ardent supporters by declaring ‘he’d do everything in his power to eradicate 9/11 Truthers’, I did not hold back. In fact I went into overdrive making every week a Cameron the rat awareness week. But as a result of his infamous UN speech, I’ve had no option but to consider leaving my own country. I simply cannot live in a land where freedom of speech is not tolerated, not so much because I want people to hear what I’ve got to say; more because such criminal laws can only lead to a police state, mass incarcerations & mass murder. THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF CAMERON IS NOT STOPPED! 
Cameron or any other scumbag – if I feel I’m being told lies, not just about the Holocaust & 9/11 but ANYTHING, it is my right to say so. I will then be judged by my fellow humans. If you don’t like being criticised, there’s a very simple solution – STOP TELLING SO MANY PORKIES! It’s not for Cameron to say what we should believe. Who’s he anyway? He’s worse than a non-achieving nobody – HE’S A GODDAMN TRAITOR WHO’S IN THE BUSINESS OF SELLING OUR COUNTRY & IT’S PEOPLE DOWN THE RIVER!  

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WRITER BIO: Michael Aydinian is a political analyst, a freelance writer and a severe critic of corporate media. He is currently living in the UK.

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  • Linda

    Michael why not organize some rallies with some key speakers such as yourself to get the word out more. Hyde park? Anywhere get some flyers delivered and adverts everywhere for the event. Just a thought it’s such a limited audience on here. Call it Exposing Cameron and Zionism. It needs masses more exposure even if the media don’t cover it, plant the seed in people’s minds. Play them at their own game. Get your articles printed and delivered. If they can do it so can we.

    • Linda – while the idea is great – no 1, I’m not the ideal person to organise such a thing. This is hardly my strong point & even if it was, it would leave me no time to do anything else. What you say is 100% right but that’s for others to do. I wouldn’t know where to start & I would quickly lose heart. My skill is as a writer & perhaps as a speaker but all the stuff you mention I simply cannot do.

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